Brandon Crawford: Paralyzed By the J&J Vaccine.. Now Dead?

Brandon Crawford: Paralyzed By the J&J Vaccine.. Now Dead?

A man named Brandon Crawford posted a viral video on TikTok last year revealing his severe reaction to the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine.

He showed and explained how the shot had paralyzed his legs, making him immobile, along with other less severe side effects. He also detailed how his doctors were stumped on a diagnosis and wanted to keep him there for several weeks longer.

While Brandon had posted an update nearly a week later from inside the hospital, TikTok and all other known social media have now been erased and he has gone dark.

It is not known rather he is okay or even alive. This is especially concerning as in some of his last remarks, he stated how the doctors told him he had been given Guillain-Barré Syndrome by the vaccine. His doctors also told him that if they could not find a solution, he would most likely die.

Brandon was 31 years old at the time of the video. Little is known about him otherwise.

If you have any information regarding his status, please do not hesitate to post a comment down below or contact us by sending an email.

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