COVID Vaccines Cause Prion Diseases

COVID Vaccines Cause Prion Diseases

There is no doubt the mRNA vaccines are causing prion diseases. People didn’t have these diseases before the shot and suddenly they develop them after the shot. There is no other explanation for this. None of the “fact checkers” can explain the cause of the excess rates. Prion diseases are incurable and always fatal. You can die as soon as 6 weeks after COVID vaccination (see within 6 weeks and within 6 months examples).

However, far-left establishments like Twitter believe this is not true, but they refuse to tell anyone why they think that of course. Other fact checkers who claimed to have checked this out never did a VAERS query and are unable to explain away the “excess” number of reports other than doing a blanket dismissal that everything in VAERS is fraudulent without providing any evidence of that claim (other than one report out of 1.6M reports).

None of the fact checkers will debate on this to set the record straight.

On November 24, 2021 writer Steve Kirsch posted the following message on Twitter:

Twitter suspended his account hours later. There was no appeal available. All content spanning 12 years was removed. All his 75K followers were zeroed. His messages were removed. There was no opportunity to download his content.

The only thing left: that his Twitter ID was @stkirsch.

Twitter Refused to Tell His Readers What He Said That Was Misleading?

They are still deliberately withholding their definitive analysis on this extremely important scientific issue.


I really want to know. Obviously, Twitter fact-checkers (all of whom I presume must have PhD degrees or MD degrees to be able to assess his claims) were able to quickly read all the medical literature and determine without a doubt he made an error and should be terminated for making a mistake. Yet.. they won’t tell us the mistake?

If they want to fight misinformation, why didn’t they post a link to their research proving his post wrong when they terminated the account? They obviously invested hours of time in the research before they terminated the man. Why not provide a link to that research so everyone can learn from it including him?

Here’s the Evidence for His Claim

Back in May 2021 when Professor Byram Bridle was disclosing the FOIA request on the Pfizer vaccine bio-distribution data he mentioned that the spike protein was associated with Lewy body formation which is linked to prion diseases. He expressed concern that the vaccines could cause prion diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD).

What do you know. He was right. Now we have proof.

Check out these VAERS query results. These searches are over all 30 years of VAERS and all 70+ vaccines. See anything unusual? Yeah, for less than 1 year of the COVID vaccines, the results were off the charts.

This is a worldwide search result (not US only):

And for CJD which is extremely rare:

Remember, these are 30 year searches for all vaccines. Clearly there are excess reports. And we know VAERS wasn’t being “over-reported” last year which I’ve shown many times before (events not caused by the vaccine are reported at rates comparable to other vaccines).

If It Wasn’t the COVID Vaccines Causing This, What Was the Cause?

Nobody can answer that question, not even the all-knowing Twitter fact checkers.

For further reading, check out these articles:

And compare them to some of the “fact checks” which claim there are no instances in VAERS which as you can see from the queries above (which you can replicate yourself):

You decide who is telling the truth.

And note that the “fact checkers” never did a single VAERS query. Wow. That’s the first place you’d look to prove the claim is false.

More from Stephanie

By the way, I just found a remarkable paper about prion proteins.

G-quadruplexes within prion mRNA: the missing link in prion disease?

This is extremely relevant to the mRNA vaccines, because the codon optimization that they do to greatly increase the amount of spike protein cells produce also ends up increasing the number of potential G quadruplexes that the mRNA can form.

The combination of more spike protein and more availability of G quadruplexes would be devastating for the potential to cause prion diseases.

Someone in France also shared this link where a man recounted the horrific experience of his wife:

And McCullough is an author on this preprint which shows the additional G quadruplexes formed from the modified mRNA in the vaccines:

Also, check out this study published On Jul 10, 2009, by R. Levy and others regarding the dangerous side-effects of HIV vaccine development such as Prion diseases.

Lastly, I highly recommend watching this interpretation of data by Mike R. on why many of the vaccinated are beginning to experience cognitive decline, increased paranoia, aggression and memory loss related to prion disease.

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