Are We Headed Towards WWIII?

Are We Headed Towards WWIII?

U.S. Military Briefed on Possible Invasion by China & Russia

In the video below a patriot claims that his military family members told him they have been briefed on a possible invasion by China and Russia. Chinese nuclear submarines are supposedly approaching the United States, and Russian navy and air force are also on the move. In response the U.S. Navy has gathered their fleet all around the borders of America, to defend our homeland.

U.S. Aircraft Carriers Strategically Positioned

Many of the Navy’s largest aircraft carriers, along with several battleships, have indeed been strategically positioned at both sides of the United States, allowing them to defend the entire coastal border.

West Coast: Along the Oregon/Washington border is the USS Carl Vinson.
West Coast: Off the coast of Los Angeles is the USS Theodore Roosevelt
and its Strike Group.
East Coast: Off the Coast of Connecticut is the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.
East Coast: Off the coast of New Jersey is the USS Gerald R. Ford.
East Coast: Off the coast of Florida is the Iwo Jima

The following official map by the United States Naval Institute shows the approximate location of the navy vessels. Notice how most of them are protecting America, while the remaining fleet is very close to China.

Military Transport Aircraft Filling U.S. Skies

Large numbers of military transport aircraft were also observed in the skies of the USA, on December 5th. For example 25 of the massive C-17 Globemaster aircrafts and 12 of the slightly smaller C-130 Hercules troop and cargo aircraft all went into the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. 

12 Boeing C-17 Globemaster III arrived at Nellis AF Base in Nevada
25 of the Lockheed C-130 Hercules military transport aircraft were observed

Statement by Commandant of U.S. Marine Corps

A strong statement by the Commandant of the United States Marine Corps General David H. Berger was posted on Twitter:


‘Be very confident that all your Navy and Marine units that are deployed around the world… they’re ready for any crisis, any contingency, and we are working very hard to make sure that we’re going to stay in front.’

The lawyer Lin Wood, who is currently fighting the election fraud, urged to keep a very close eye on China. His tweet got an interesting reply...  


‘Pay special attention to the CCP’s nuclear submarine. The nuclear submarine formation will sneak out of the submarine fortress beneath the man made islands and reefs of the South China Sea and creep into mainland America’s reach, threatening our national security.’

U.S. Navy: ‘Time to Execute’

The U.S. Navy posted a meaningful tweet as well: ‘Time to execute’. Officially they are talking about an exercise, but the names of the operations may reveal something else: ‘Steel Knight’ which – when spoken – sounds like ‘Steal Night’. Remember what happened on election night? That was one hell of a ‘steal night’. Does this operation refer to that? The other name is ‘Dawn Blitz 21’. The dawn is a new day that comes after a dark night. Once Donald Trump is inaugurated as the president again, at the beginning of 2021, that will indeed be a Dawn Blitz 21, a powerful bright new day in 2021

Then he can continue what he started: end government corruption, defeat the Deep State, and restore freedom to America… and the world. 

As military operations are always highly confidential, and even soldiers from different units have no access to information from other units, it is always a challenge to find out what is really going on. However… the signals, statements, and troop movements all point in the same direction. 


There is an increased activity of the Chinese, Russian and U.S. Navy and even Air Force. The strategic repositioning of the U.S. Navy all along the West and East coast of America, speaks volumes. 

Unusual Number of Russian Battleships On The Move

The British Royal Navy issued an official statement that they have been closely watching an unusual high number of Russian battleships, who passed by the United Kingdom and even entered their territory. This is an excerpt from the official statement:

Every move made by the Russians – a surfaced submarine, destroyer, corvette, patrol ship and their supporting tugs and supply ships – was watched closely by eight RN ships from the English Channel and the Celtic Sea to waters close to the west coast of Scotland in a concerted operation over the last two weeks.

Russian Military Air Craft
Intercepted by RAF

The Russians are also on the move with bombers and other military aircraft. According to the Daily Mail:

‘For the third time in a week, Royal Airforce (RAF) Typhoons were scrambled to intercept Russian aircraft encroaching on UK airspace. Today’s interception is the latest in a long list of times RAF jets were forced monitor Russian aircraft patrolling the edge of UK airspace.’

The Tupolev Tu-142 is a Soviet/Russian maritime reconnaissance and anti submarine warfare aircraft derived from the Tu-95 turboprop strategic bomber.

Question: Why are Russian anti-submarine warfare aircraft entering UK airspace? 


Russian Air Force and Navy are suddenly moving into the Mediterranean.

What is their objective? 
Whose side are they on? 

Chinese Troops in Canada

The past years rumours have been swarming the internet about Chinese troops gathering on the Mexican and Canadian borders. As usual these posts were dismissed as ‘conspiracy theories’ by the mainstream media, and labeled ‘incorrect’ by so called ‘Fact Checkers’. A few days ago however Rebel News released 34 pages of secret military documents that prove how Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau has personally invited Chinese troops to come to Canada, supposedly for training purposes.

The Canadian Army stated on Twitter that, indeed, Chinese military were invited to observe winter survival training in Petawawa.

As we know, official statements usually cloack the real agenda behind certain operations. The question is:

Question: Why would the communist Chinese military need to come to Canada, for ‘observation’ of winter survival training? They have severe winters in China too. 

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, even signed a treaty with China in late 2019.  In January, 2020, the Canadian Independent Press Review reported it as follows:


Under the terms of the Foreign Investment Protection Act (FIPA), a bi-lateral treaty ratified with China by the Trudeau government in 2019, Chinese security forces can be stationed on Canadian soil to protect vital Chinese investments, without the knowledge or consent of local authorities.
– Canadian Independent Press Review, January 15, 2020

Chinese Troops Along Canadian Westcoast

During the quest for evidence of Chinese troops actually being stationed in Canada, the following eye witness account was found, along with a testimony from a Canadian police officer. This was published by Kevin Annett, a renown Canadian human rights activist.

Mr. Annett had received information that Chinese troops were stationed temporarily at Stanley Park, a 405 acres island that borders the downtown of Vancouver in British Columbia).

He decided to go check it our for himself, to see if the rumor was true. This is part of his story:  

I only got as far as the Park entrance before I was stopped by a sober Vancouver policeman who happened to be Chinese. He told me the Park was closed. “There aren’t soldiers in there, are there?” I asked. The cop turned away.

Kevin continues his account with a conversation he had with a police officer named Leo, who has been dropping inside information now and then:

“Everybody downtown is going nuts” Leo began, his eyes more haunted than normal. “They’re in a meltdown. Every cop’s been told he’ll get axed and replaced the same day if he doesn’t enforce the quarantine and curfew that’s coming down.”

“What about the soldiers?” I offered, going out on a limb. Leo stared at me startled for a moment and then looked even bleaker. “You don’t mess with them. They’re not some reserve weekend wanna be warriors.” Leo said quietly. “Those PLA types are killers.” It was my turn to be startled.

“PLA? You mean, Chinese troops?” Leo confirmed: “You got ‘em all over the coast, man, based outta Prince Rupert.

“A bunch of their military intel people work outta their consulate in town and they can airlift the assault troops here in an hour, is what I been told.” “What about Canadian soldiers?” Leo snorted. “All we got are some field artillery units downtown and at the Seaforth Armories. And out in Chilliwack. The rest of our guys are back east. That’s how that fucking traitor Trudeau’s arranged it with Bejing, man.

The west coast is theirs. They’re gonna be the ones managing the curfews and all the other shit that’s gonna follow. They’re the power now.”

CHICOM Hiding In Canadian Native Reservations

The presence of thousands of Chinese soldiers in Western Canada was confirmed by Sarah Westall, host of the Canadian syndicated show, “Business Game Changers”, which features leaders in business, government, society, and science. Sarah reported that Chinese troops are hiding in Canadian Native reservations. According to her information, CHICOM troops are taking and protecting resources from the reservations under the authority of Trudeau & the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). 

CHICOM troops now move freely in Canada under the cover of COVID-19 lockdowns as well as legislation from the Canadian government which allows the CHICOMs to use their military to “protect” CHICOM assets in Canada.

Reporter Dave Hodges from the Common Sense Show further confirms this:

Yesterday, Paul Martin contacted me on the same subject because he knew I was actively covering this. His source, well known to him, claims that there are 6,000 CHICOM troops ready to attack from the North. Last night I interviewed Paul Martin about this.

Earlier in the day, my best source, a retired high ranking ARSOF source told me the same thing as Paul, except the number of troops are far greater and there are mechanized elements involved as well as some airborne capabilities. It is this source’s belief that the CHICOMS are waiting until the military, under the presumed control of high ranking Democrats, were going to forcibly remove Trump from office.

China Owns Huge Areas of Land Inside the U.S.

A Chinese company recently bought 130,000 acres of land right next to the U.S. largest Air Force training base in Texas, according to Foreign Policy. The Blue Hills Wind development project, located not far from America’s border with Mexico, is being proposed by GH America Energy, a subsidiary of Guanghui Energy Company.


The owner of this company is a former army officer of the Chinese Communist Party.

The purpose is to build a massive wind farm, but this project is raising red flags about national security concerns and potential espionage. Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Steven Kwast said:

“We believe that this project and all future projects of a similar nature will result in unacceptable risk to national security of the United States.”

China Can Shut Off the Entire Texas Power Grid

This is not the first time China buys up large areas of land inside the United States. Guanghui already purchased several properties including nine ranches. China now owns hundreds of thousands of acres of land in America. 

Not only does the close proximity to a critical Air Force base open possibilities for espionage, the huge windmill farm and other large scale operations run by the Chinese, allow them to shut off the power grid of entire Texas.

Republican Representative Will Hurd of Texas, a former CIA officer, said they could easily trigger a statewide power outage, by deliberately overloading the grid.

Chinese firms already have the ability to hook into America’s 5G telecommunications network.


China has been strategically positioning itself to obtain an ever increasing presence inside the USA, which enables them to sabotage both telecommunication networks, and the power grid.

China Possibly Caused the Wildfires Along the West Coast

In the following video the Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, declares that China and Russia both have Killer Satellites and Direct Energy Weapons in space, which can be used to attack the earth at anytime. These are his words (listen from 1’40”):

“Moscow and Beijing have weaponized space through Killer Satellites, Direct Energy Weapons and more.”

Interestingly enough, that is exactly what happened, during the recent wildfires along the U.S. west coast. Multiple photographs were taken by locals, showing Direct Energy Weapons in action, which caused the fires.

These high energy beams even melted cars, something normal fire is not capable of doing. In this photograph you can see how the green leaves of the orchard right next to the vehicle are untouched, while the car is completely burned to the ground, with even the aluminum wheels melted. This is undeniable evidence for the use of direct energy weapons that in this case were directed at the vehicle. There are multiple similar pictures on the internet.

The same phenomenon is apparent in the next photo, where multiple houses are not only burned to the ground, but even totally wasted as if they had been bombed. The trees and bushes surrounding these residences however are untouched. Again solid proof for the use of direct energy weapons.

The question is: Who did this? China? Russia? Corrupt entities within the U.S. government? We can’t confirm anything right now, although China does have Direct Energy Weapons pointed at the USA, and we all know how closely China is working with the Democrat party to end freedom, and install communist socialism under the guise of a ‘sustainable’ New World Order. China even owns the Dominion system, which was used to rig the 2020 presidential election.

Meanwhile California governor Gavin Newsom insists on spreading the fairytale that all these fires are the result of global warming 😂 

A more absurd excuse is unimaginable. The fact that Newsom deliberately spreads such an idiotic reason for melted cars and shattered buildings surrounded by untouched foliage, shows me that he is in on this crime. No man in his right man would ever attribute that kind of extreme and uncommon devastation to ‘global warming’.

Question: So what is Newsom hiding? 

China May Be Plotting an EMP Attack on the USA

Peter Pry is an expert in electromagnetic pulse weapons, known as EMPs. He was the chief of staff to the Congressional EMP Commission and was a staffer on the House Armed Services committee. In The Hill he warned that China may be planning an EMP attack on the U.S. and added that America is vulnerable to such an attack. An EMP attack is a strong electromagnetic pulse that damages everything electrical, and shuts down the entire power grid.

It means losing electricity, gas, water, communications, transport, everything. It basically throws us back into the Middle Ages.

F-16 Fighter Jet Destroyed by Chinese Lasers

The next bit of information suggests that the first acts of war have been committed, by both the USA and the Chinese. This is extremely serious and I have thought and prayed long and hard if I should share this or not. After all, there are no official sources for this info, which is however normal for these kinds of sensitive operations. I spent many hours searching for confirmation, and have found several clues that suggest this may well be true. Decide for yourself…  

On December 11, 2020 an F-16 fighter jet from the U.S. Air Force crashed in the state of Michigan, before the pilot was able to warn his base. Steve Quayle, a researcher who claims to have direct connections to military sources, says he received the following message from one of his military informants:

‘The F16 was shot down by a Chinese laser jet which sliced open the jet.’ 

Steve reveals this in an interview with investigator Doug Hagmann from the Hagmann Report, which you can view here.

Underground Military Facility with 50,000 CHICOM Destroyed

Two days before this Chinese attack on the F-16 there was a sudden earthquake in the state of Maine, in the area of Robbinston.

An earthquake of magnitude 3.0 occurred in the morning on Wednesday 9 December 2020 at 7.31 am local time near Robbinston, Washington County, Maine, USA, as reported by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). According to preliminary data, the quake was located at a very shallow depth of 4.8 miles.

50,000 CHICOM

According to Steve Quale’s military source, this tremor was the result of bunker buster bomb being dropped by the U.S. Air Force on a large underground military base, on land owned by the Biden family. This underground facility supposedly contained 50,000 Chinese troops that were preparing to attack America.

The military source wrote the following to Quayle:

‘A B52 indeed dumped a deep penetration bomb on an underground facility.’

Quale continues to explain:

‘There is a 200 billion dollar infrastructure of secret bases along the Canadian US border to the North, among specific areas in this country, in the United States CONUS. These are absolutely unknown to most people.’

‘There is a HIVES of basically pre stationed revolutionary war troops from China that would enforce a Biden presidency.’

‘The president of the United States is doing the right thing. He has ordered the destruction of every underground military base filled with Chinese in their pre-attack on the United States, which was to take place next week (December 14-21, 2020).’ – Steve Quayle

Possible DUMBS In Maine

In the following video from 1995 the existence of DUMBS all throughout the USA and also worldwide is explained by Phil Schneider. This man used to work for the government, and was involved in the construction of these Deep Underground Military Bases.


Phil Schneider confirms that there exist a minimum of two underground bases in each state. So Maine indeed has DUMB bases that could potentially house Chinese troops.

Why Would China Invade the USA?

Why would China want to invade the USA anyway? The answer is that China is a mere puppet of far greater powers, that always operate behind the scenes, and use politicians and entire nations to work out their agenda.

All the public sees is the surface, which is nothing but a theater being played out before our eyes. 

For example: centuries ago the Rothschild family started lending large sums of money to royal families, for their wars. That gave them control over these royal families and consequently over the land. Throughout the centuries the Rothschilds gained an increasing level of power and control in many nations. Now they own central banks in 165 countries, making them some of the most powerful people in the world. (A central bank or reserve bank oversees the commercial banking system and possesses a financial monopoly.)

The desire for world control is as old as humanity itself. History shows how countless dictators craved world domination.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of how these superrich mega criminals are using for example the recent pandemic (and the coming pandemics which they have planned), I encourage you to invest some of your valuable time to read more on this website. You will see tremendous evidence that the pandemic is nothing but a historically unprecedented global operation, with the purpose of submitting mankind to a new level of totalitarian control. This new era of control is called the New World Order. 


The Australian Health Minister literally said Covid is the New World Order.

The New World Order has been announced countless times by former president George Bush, and many other world leaders. Basically it means taking away all freedom of humanity, and placing the world under one universal dictatorship where freedom of speech, freedom of bodily integrity, medical freedom, and every other freedom is taken away from us, all under the guise of ‘sustainability’.

In this short clip you can hear world leaders talk about the New World Order.

President Trump is known for his bold stand against this world dictatorship. He has been resisting and exposing the plans of these globalists, and is their main obstacle.

First they tried to destroy him with numerous false accusations, impeachment, and massive media attacks. Then they tried to remove him through unprecedented, historic election and voter fraud. Now that it becomes obvious this last plan may fail as well, their last resort could be war.


America is their main obstacle. If America is taken down, the whole world falls into the hands of the most wicked beings the earth has ever seen. Beings that don’t hesitate to murder the majority of the world population, through organized pandemics, deadly vaccines, planned wars, poisoned food, toxic medicine, etc.

Agenda 21 signed by 174 nations

The Rothschilds, Rockefeller’s, Kissinger, Gates, Soros, the Wise from Zion, the Jewish Mafia, the Luciferians, the Cabal… all these are names of those who have been collaborating for a long time to seize control of the world.

In 1994 more than 170 nations signed the agreement to proceed with Agenda 21, the plan to submit every resource on the planet, including humans, to the tyranny of a small group of super rich entities. 

Now is their time. They own all the mainstream media, Big Tech, Big Pharma, mostly all governments worldwide, most health organizations, they control virtually every judge in the world (so their crimes are never punished), they have positioned the prime ministers and the ministers of justice and health in many countries, etc.

In short: they prepared meticulously for decades. All their puppets are in place, and now is the time to go for it.

The covid pandemic is their main plan to weaken humanity and force the world to accept their tyranny. They are planning follow up pandemics, to finish the job. Covid-21 is already in the making, Bill Gates guaranteed pandemic 2 to arrive soon, and Prince Charles said there will be more and more pandemics, until the world accepts their ‘Great Reset’. 

More and more vaccines will be mandated, that will kill countless people, and bring the others under their control, through vaccine ID’s that are connected to global control networks. 

President Trump is however not playing their game. By testifying how he got cured from COVID-19 by medical treatments, he has effectively removed any legal basis for a vaccine mandate, because vaccines can only be legally enforced, when there are no cures.

In many ways Trump has been a massive obstacle to the wicked. The plan to remove him through a rigged election failed, so now war may be their last option.

Invasion by
the United Nations

Once a war erupts in America – be it full blown civil war or an invasion by China – the United Nations could move in as well, acting as the crooks they have always been: presenting themselves as the ‘peacemakers’ while they in fact simply seize control, and establish their wicked agenda of the New World Order. 

The United Nations is at the very heart of the New World Order. Everything they do, is for the purpose of increasing their global control.

We pray the war will not happen, but there is no guarantee. The global Cabal or Deep State is desperate and Trump MUST be destroyed, no matter what. They cannot afford to lose, so they will do whatever it takes. Therefore we need to be prepared: spiritually, mentally and physically.

Spiritually: make it right with God, who is the sole savior of us all, and who alone has the full ability to rescue us from the claws of these demonic ‘humans’ who have sacrificed everything on the altar of money. 

Mentally: know that every attempt for world domination in the past has always failed, because good always wins from evil, in the end. Stay positive, and see beyond the dark clouds, into a bright future where freedom will only increase in this beautiful world.

Physically: Eat healthy and exercise, so your body is fit. Make sure you have enough food, water, and back up power. Be prepared to help your fellow humans, in times of need. Don’t turn into a predator, but become a shepherd.

Is This World War 3?

“Is this indeed the beginning of World War 3? Time will tell. There are however enough signals that show us we are in a critical time in history, and personally I believe it is wise to be prepared for the worse, while we pray for the best. As a researcher and publisher, I could ignore all this and decide to leave my audience in the dark too. ‘Why upset people? After all, nothing may happen in the end.’ The number of signals are however far too concerning for us to ignore.”

Stop World Control was set up to reveal how the world is under attack by super rich criminals, who have meticulously planned the pandemic, with the purpose of implementing the tyrannical New World Order.

You can see all the evidence for this claim in the full report.
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