It’s Time to Cut Off China

It’s Time to Cut Off China

Back in May, President Donald Trump threatened to “cut off the whole relationship” between the U.S. and China and that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic proved that he was right to seek the restructuring of global supply chains in a wide-ranging interview that aired on Fake News Fox Business.

“Look, there’s nothing good about what happened with the plague, OK? Especially the death. But the one thing is, it said Trump was right,” Trump told Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo. “These stupid supply chains that are all over the world, where you have a supply chain where they’re made in all different parts of the world and one little piece of the world goes bad and the whole thing is messed up. I said, ‘We shouldn’t have supply chains. We should have them all in the United States.'”

Trump floated the idea of taxing companies that produce products outside of the U.S., boasting of the “billions of dollars in tariffs” that have rolled in throughout his presidency. Several studies have shown that the costs associated with higher tariffs have translated into higher prices for American consumers.

At that time, nearly 1.4 million people were supposedly confirmed to have been infected with the coronavirus in the U.S. More than 84,000 people in the country were supposedly confirmed to have died. Data from the Labor Department that was published had also shown that more than 36 million Americans – nearly a quarter of all people employed in the U.S. in February – had filed jobless claims just in the past few weeks before Trump’s remarks.

Despite his administration weathering criticism from the main stream media, calling him a racist for attempting to prepare the nation for an incoming Chinese virus, they pursued. Unfortunately, when push came to shove, the left-wing media and even some “right wing” outlets (Talking to you FOX) hounded the President for not taking the outbreak seriously enough in its early days and for pushing to reopen parts of the country before the advice of the same public health officials whom told the public and President that there was no imminent danger for COVID or preventative measures like masks that would actually stop the virus.

He also insisted that a payroll tax cut should be part of any future coronavirus aid package. And Trump again proposed the idea of sending financial support to Democratic states struggling with substantial unemployment burdens – considering the mass spiked in unemployment and states like Illinois battling pension sustainability issues.

Democrats have made state financial support a key tenet of their plans for additional economic stimulus in the crisis they helped promote, unfortunately while also using this as an opportunity to make some major gains for themselves, financial partners, and colleagues in enemy nations.

“You’ve had a lot of states and cities that have been very badly run for a long time. A lot of them are trying to use the COVID problem – you know that – for making up what’s happened over 25 years of bad management,” Trump said.

On the subject of China, Trump claimed to have a “very good relationship” with Chinese President Xi Jinping but that “I don’t want to speak to him” as the coronavirus outbreak threatens China’s ability to meet its obligations from its partial trade accord with the U.S., which was signed earlier this year.

“There are many things we could do. We could do things. We could cut off the whole relationship. Now, if you did, what would happen? You’d save $500 billion, if you cut off the whole relationship,”

Trump said, suggesting that the erasure of a bilateral deficit would save the country money, essentially bringing jobs and consumer products back to the American market or at the very least, Western allies not promoting a Communist agenda to takeover our nation.

Chinese and American officials have spoken in recent weeks in an effort to smooth over tensions. But the Trump administration has repeatedly sought to blame China for the global coronavirus pandemic, as Chinese officials have maintained that the virus may have originated elsewhere and that they were simply the first to detect it. Of course, who actually trusts officials from the Chinese Communist Party? Certainly not this guy.

The U.S. has also caught Chinese and Iranian hackers attempting to steal domestic vaccine research, sending tensions with Asia’s largest economy to a boiling point and leading some analysts to compare the escalation to the beginning of a new Cold War. A Cold War that has already began.

Ken Berman, founder and CEO of Gorilla Trades, wrote in a note during the week that

“the threat of a tit-for-tat trade skirmish between the two countries is still high” and suggesting that “Beijing is already preparing some form of punishment for the ‘anti-China’ push.”

“Besides the proposed sanctions due to the human right abuses against the Uighur minority, Republican Senators are also reportedly proposing an investigation into the possible legal responsibility concerning the pandemic, which would be another blow to the U.S.-China relations,” he said.

The president expressed his disappointment in China over the coronavirus, revealing the pandemic response has him skeptical of maintaining a long-term relationship with the populous country.

“I’m very disappointed in China. I will tell you that right now,” Trump said.

He said, “China… I made a great trade deal. The ink wasn’t even dry when the plague came over. But the ink wasn’t even dry.”

Later in the interview, Trump discussed international trade, mentioning his disappointment with China a second time.

“They should have never let this happen. So I make a great trade deal and now I say it just doesn’t feel the same to me. The ink was barely dry and the plague came over. And it doesn’t feel the same to me,” Trump said.

When asked if he thinks China will “renege” on the deal, Trump made it clear that because of the alleged mishandling of the pandemic, he has no plans to renegotiate the trade deal.

He said, “They said somewhere I see they’d like to renegotiate the deal, we’re not going to renegotiate. Look, I’m not happy about anything having to do with that particular subject right now.”

Mulling over the idea of no longer doing business with China, Trump said, “You could also stop doing business with them. That’s one thing.”

Trump went on to argue that the United States has “lost a fortune” dealing with China.

He went on to point out the failures of previous administrations — singling out former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden — for China ripping off the United States. Recent research, information, and declassified information from our administration and military prove that once again, the President was right. Not to mention Hunter Biden.

“The people sitting in this seat have allowed China to rip us off like never before. That includes President Obama Biden — ‘Sleepy Joe.’ He allowed them to rip this country off. We spent hundreds of billions. We gave them hundreds of billions of dollars, year-in and year-out.”

Asked about his relationship with Xi Jinping, China’s president, he noted that they are amicable but he has no interest in speaking with him right now.

When Bartiromo alluded to the idea of cutting off Visas for Chinese students, Trump suggested that it may be beneficial for the United States to sever the entire relationship.

“There are many things we could do,” Trump said. “We could cut off the whole relationship. Now, if you did, what would happen? You’d save $500 billion if you cut off the whole relationship.”

I agree with Trump and have to say.. It’s time to cut off the Chinese Communist Party for good.

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