Here Is How We Take Back Our Freedom

Here Is How We Take Back Our Freedom

No action against lockdowns will be effective as long as the majority of people blame the government for COVID-19. The extreme actions of governments against coronavirus contagion have their root in the public’s expectation of their governments to control the virus. People point their fingers at their political leaders for every single case of COVID-19, especially the fatal cases. The media is particularly guilty in this regard.

It is hypocritical to encharge one’s government with fighting the virus while simultaneously complaining that we don’t like the actions that they are taking towards that end. The only role of the government in a pandemic is public education about the virus, enabling individuals to take protective action for themselves, and expanding health care capacity as necessary. Beyond those three functions, our governments are not responsible for anyone getting coronavirus, the flu, a broken leg, or any other health condition. The scientific reality of herd immunity will keep infection rates very low once infections reach a certain point.

“One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Ignore Social Distancing Rules

Civil disobedience is a virtue in the face of a corrupt government. Many people have indeed won Peace Awards for unlawful behavior. Nelson Mandela, 1993 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, served 27 years for economic terrorism.

The entire independence campaign of Mahatma Gandhi was one of civil disobedience and opposition to the government. Gandhi was himself imprisoned for 6 years for fighting for freedom.

Politicians have been able to get away with lockdowns only because they have been blindly obeyed by virtually everyone. If enough people continued to live their lives normally, there would not be enough police officers to arrest them.

Neither would there be enough jail capacity to detain everyone. Politicians would be forced to abandon lockdowns. Businesses should also disobey lockdowns to the extent that they can withstand government retribution. It is unfortunate when a business is fined or shut down by the police for standing up for its patrons, but like individuals, if enough businesses disobey the lockdown at the same time, the government may back off.

Spread the Message that Lockdowns are Worse Than COVID-19

The government-media lockdown propaganda machine has convinced most people that lockdowns provide a net benefit to society. The drawbacks of lockdowns, according to this deadly alliance, are necessary to save lives from coronavirus. Most people do not realize that drastic social distancing causes far more suffering and takes more years away from people’s lives than does coronavirus. It is important to educate others on the harms and politics of the pandemic response. Policy change begins with a change in public opinion. Talk to your friends and share this website on social media. Challenge people who spread the myth that lockdowns save lives. People will not regain their freedom until a large number of people raise their voices.

Exposing government fraud does not make you a conspiracy theorist

It makes you a responsible parent and citizen


Peaceful protest is valuable for any group fighting for their rights. Protests get the attention of the media and let others know that they are not the only ones who are against lockdowns. They give others the courage to speak up. To maximize the number of people involved in a movement, it helps to have a basic message that many people can get behind, such as “restrictions do more damage than they prevent.” Too much talk of coronavirus being imaginary or vaccines being Bill Gates’ method of ruling the world can alienate people who don’t share those beliefs, not to mention pull the public discussion away from the health imperative of easing restrictions.

Politicians will see that there is a growing fierce opposition to lockdowns and come to understand that their political careers depend on protecting civil liberties, not taking them away.

Write Letters to the Government

Letter-writing is an easy way to influence the government. Amnesty International recommends to its members that they write post letters, rather than emails, because they find that they are taken more seriously. Emails are also effective. Referencing this website can help, as it shows that you understand the situation. Letters can be directed to individual politicians or government agencies at the federal or state level. They will have the most influence if they have a professional, intellectual tone and it is clear that the writer thoroughly understands the issue. Displays of anger are effective in protests but backfire when it comes to writing letters. Ironically, the more professional the tone of the letter, the more intimidating it will be. 

Write Letters to Civil Liberty and Human Rights Organizations

Where have advocacy groups for civil liberties or human rights been since lockdowns began? Basically all of them have been too afraid to confront this issue. When these groups were needed more than ever, they abandoned their own missions to join the pro-lockdown parade. The legitimacy of these groups has always been questionable. Each rights advocacy organization has a culture which values certain rights more than others. For instance, Amnesty International fights for the rights of terrorists but not for the rights of people to be protected from terrorism. The ACLU fights for the right to abort babies, but not for the rights of those unborn babies. Civil liberty organizations may not have moral authority, but many are powerful and well-resourced. Please write to rights-related organizations in your area and educate them on the relevance of their missions to lockdowns. They can make good allies in the fight for liberation. 


The courts are an indispensable tool in protecting society from the crimes against humanity perpetrated by government and news media. A municipal, state, or federal government can be taken to court for violating the constitution. There have been successful legal actions taken against governments on the grounds that lockdowns violated the constitution. No government measures infringing upon constitutional freedoms should go without a legal challenge. Law firms can be hired that specialize in constitutional law. There are also charities that take up public interest constitutional battles for free. In Canada, for instance, the nonprofit Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, has taken a few provinces to court over lockdowns. 

News media firms can and should be sued for constantly inciting hysteria and spreading misinformation. They have consistently, intentionally, and knowingly deceived the public about SARS-CoV-2 and social distancing. Thus, they are legally responsible for the ensuing mental, social, and financial devastation. Did you or your business lose money due to pandemic restrictions that arose from the pressure that the media placed upon your government? If so, you deserve full compensation from the media corporations responsible. Are you one of the hundreds of millions of people suffering anxiety as a direct result of the media’s incessant panic-mongering? Those news companies definitely owe you financial compensation if that applies to you.

A major drawback of litigation or constitutional challenges, regretfully, is that cases can take years to come to a conclusion.

Arm Yourselves

The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting and the type of guns that should or should not be allowed to be carried by hunters. As Beck pointed out, the founders did not sit around and decide to put in this critical amendment to keep the hunters happy. Adkins did not hesitate to say it was to protect against government tyranny.

It’s not a long amendment so lets break it down in the language of the day. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Key words are linked to the 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language. (Get in the habit of studying with this dictionary and you will gain better insight into the intent of the founders.)

The militia are not regular military but instead are citizens free to pursue their usual occupations yet when called upon for defense they gather their arms and answer the call. Pay attention to the fact the founders were referring to the militia of a country. Those who insisted this be an amendment to the Constitution understood a state to be, as the 1828 dictionary and other historical documents of the day support, an independent nation. The 2nd Amendment was in place to remind the newly formed federal or general government each state’s citizenry would be armed and ready to defend themselves should the need arise. The United States was a plural term, one nation was not formed.

If the founders had no concern the federal government could grow tyrannical there would have been no reason for them to put in the 2nd Amendment as part of the contract being formed between the sovereign states and the newly formed, limited federal government. Tyranny was a major concern since the founders knew the habit of man was a habit of seeking power and authority over their fellow man. The rights of citizens of a nation to keep and bear arms was necessary!

This is only one example of the many ways our Constitution was crafted to protect the people from an out of control government should it attempt to break the chains of the Constitution. It was, as a whole, developed so the people could control government, not the other way around. Armed militia, citizens of a country, were to defend against tyranny.

There is no doubt how serious our founding fathers were about this line of armed defense. The last four words shout their seriousness. They did not say may or should not be infringed. The declaration that it shall not be is absolute. Infringed meant the right was never to be broken, violated, or transgressed. It does not matter what precedent has been established by any court since the time this amendment was ratified. Any ruling that breaks, violates, or transgresses this right is unconstitutional and citizens of a nation have a right to keep and bear arms. Why is something so simple so hard to understand?

Because many of our political critters and special interest groups want it to be. Don’t get fooled by their rhetoric. Just study our history and our founding documents word by word for the true intent and arm yourself with knowledge to defend against their lies and misguided precedent.

Remember our history, not our modern traditions that are moving us toward representative democracy. Here is some recommended reading to help begin the stirring of our memory. Study these with friends and family as if you were studying the scriptures of your religion or the stats of your favorite sports team.

Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson’s Account of the Declaration

Independence a Solemn Day by Richard Henry Lee

U.S. Constitution and Amendments

Federalist Papers

Anti-Federalist Papers

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