Ontario Premier Ford Says He Will “Use Force” and Pull Residents from Their Homes to Be Vaccinated

Ontario Premier Ford Says He Will “Use Force” and Pull Residents from Their Homes to Be Vaccinated

On the April 29th edition of the Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan said “Canada’s fucked” because the country is “so locked-down and I don’t understand why they think that’s good.” Speaking with Canadian chef Matty Matheson on the podcast, Rogan agreed with his guest that Canada is “juiced” and “fuck” because of the lockdowns. Matheson told Rogan there’s a lot of overreaction when it comes to the coronavirus. He also called Ontario Premier Doug Ford “a piece of shit.”

“You can’t do that to Canada,” he said. “You can’t do Canada where you have Gestapo pulling people over for your papers. ‘Why are you out of the house? There’s a cold floating around. Why are you out of the house?’”

Rogan then compared Canada’s handling of the Coronavirus to the United States, noting how successful the state of Florida has done things. He said he was just in Florida where it seems like “nothing’s happening” in terms of COVID-19.

“Like maybe you’ll get sick, maybe you won’t,” said Rogan. “But we’re out here with no masks on, 15,000 people in an arena for the UFC fights. It was madness. It was powerful.”

The gabby Rogan then gives Canadians some health advice: “Take your Vitamin D. Sleep. Drink Water. Let’s go.” Source: Toronto Sun

Ontario (Canada) Premier Doug Ford recently came back from a personal ten day self quarantine and promptly told Ontario citizens that he will use the police to pull people out of their homes and churches to get vaccinated in Toronto area ‘Hot Spots’ for COVID transmission. Are your citizens living back in Nazi, Germany Comrade Ford?

“We are going into high priority neighborhoods, literally knocking on doors to pull people down … to get needles into people’s arms.” – Premier Doug Ford, Ontario, Canada.

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