The Isaac Kappy Mind Map

The Isaac Kappy Mind Map

Written by Cory Daniel at thephoenixenigma

I’d like to start this article with some personal words. The information contained within this article is that of a metaphysical or indeed occulted nature and is not meant to take away from, trivialize, or minimize the reality of what happened to Isaac Kappy. The point of this article is not an attempt to turn anything into a circus or inject mis or disinformation. And as a researcher, I understand that nothing contained herein would be admissible in court. Nor is this information presented with the intent to hurt any surviving friends or family of Isaac Kappy. 

My website, work, and channel are based primarily on occulted knowledge and how and where it intersects with the underpinnings of our civilization including, government, media, entertainment, education, economics, politics, etc. Here we deal with false flag events, mass shootings, high profile murders/deaths, as well as numerology, religion, ancient sequestered knowledge, and so forth.

I dove into the Isaac Kappy investigation upon the request of several of Isaac’s friends following a video I did about driving past the scene of the event on the morning of May 13th, 2019. I did my absolute best to conduct a real and honest investigation including, acquiring all available official records and evidence, interviewing Isaac’s friends, interviewing the witnesses who were at the scene the day of Isaac’s death, photographing and documenting evidence at the location before it was destroyed, acquiring Isaac’s last bank records, interviewing everyone Isaac spoke with his final days, constructing several timelines, acquiring the 911 call records, etc, etc…

As I’ve stated, I conducted a tangible, transparent, and fact-based investigation, making sure to separate any metaphysical, occult, or supernatural leanings or rabbit holes. I can tell you, this wasn’t easy, as at the time of his death Isaac was involved in the Qanon movement attempting to expose pedophilia, child trafficking, Epstein, satanic sacrifice, etc. Topics that overlay regularly with the occult and metaphysics. I wish to say I remained objective the entire time, but I know I was not. Especially near the beginning. Between the many personal attacks on myself by online disinformation and chaos agents, and the highly emotional nature of the subject matter surrounding Issac, including speaking with his surviving friends who loved him very much, it was an extremely volatile ride. Still, I did my absolute best, taking nearly 6 months off of work to complete it. And if I had a chance to do it all over, I’d definitely do a few things differently.

This being said, there is a component to this investigation that I can not and will not ignore; the metaphysical component. And that is what this article entails. The following information is presented to demonstrate the numerological and ritualistic foreshadowing present in Isaac’s acting roles as they relate, for whatever reason, to his death. I do not present this information in any way to cheapen or make a circus out of Isaac’s life or death. Nor is it presented to profit off of. I presented this information on a live broadcast on the evening of August 5th, 2021 beginning around 7:30 Arizona time on six platforms. Like all the other information pertaining to Isaac I’ve disclosed over the past few years I did so free of charge, with no solicitations whatsoever. Please note that all the pages on my website dealing with Isaac Kappy have been demonetized. 

I truly believe there to be a metaphysical/occulted component to Isaac’s death and the information that follows isn’t the first time I’ve come across it. There is an entire section of the Isaac Kappy Mind Map devoted to this aspect of the investigation. For Isaac’s surviving family and friends, please know that I present the information with the utmost respect. Through our past conversations I know where many of you have settled your final beliefs as to what happened to Isaac, but please know that tens of thousands of others have not. With this, I present the following.

Buckle Up!!!

At this point, I shall not attempt to make this a stand-alone piece, in regards to the background information of Isaac Kappy. If the reader wishes to know who Isaac Kappy was, his life, goals, & mission please see the Isaac Kappy Mind Map, which I have spent nearly 2 years building. It is a complete and transparent presentation of the investigation myself and others conducted in the wake of Isaac Kappy’s untimely death in Bellemont, AZ on May 13th, 2019. At the time of his death, Isaac was terrified that people were out to kill him and was on his way to Albuquerque, NM to see his parents and perhaps hide out for a little bit. Up to that point, and for nearly 2 years prior to his death, he was extremely outspoken about specific persons in Hollywood whom he swore were engaged in organized pedophilia and child trafficking, several of whom were his close friends Seth Green and Green’s partner Clair. Others he named included Tom Hanks, Stephen Speilberg, James Gunn, and dozens more. 

How could a guy from Albuquerque, NM know so much about the dark underbelly of Hollywood you may ask? Well, Isaac was an actor/singer/songwriter and had spent nearly 10 years acting various minor parts in several Hollywood movies, TV shows, and local Albuquerque, NM film projects including, Terminator Salvation Thor, Breaking Bad, Time Cougars, Beer Fest, The Night Shift, Klown Kamp Massacre, Lemonade Mouth and more.

During my investigation I obtained official records, contacted and spoke with many of Isaac’s friends and family, visited the location of his death several times, spoke with and interviewed 4 of the 6 witnesses in the official report, contacted all official agencies involved in the official state investigation including the Coconino County Sheriffs dept, AZDPS, Medical examiners office, etc, as well as the towing company that towed his car, the hotel he checked into the night before his death, and interviewed several locals in Bellemont who had a different story than the official version. At no time did I ever think to go back through Isaac’s filmography though. There never seemed a reason to do so, not even when I was de-occulting the numerology surrounding his death.

HOWEVER, while rewatching the Breaking Bad series with Alicia, Isaac’s scene eventually came up, S2 E1. Isaac plays a random guy in jail screaming for his phone call. This is when a few things caught my attention and I realized some chilling connections and numerology. I’m not ready to say there is a grand conspiracy involving the writers/directors/producers of the Breaking Bad series or its offshoot shows as there is no proof of anything of the sort. I am willing to say that there is quite a bit of symbolism, narrative similitude, and parallel subtext, however.  What does this mean? I do not know. The possibilities and my theories follow the article…

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