Joe Biden Literally Can’t Stop Shitting Himself

Joe Biden Literally Can’t Stop Shitting Himself

People were waking up the morning of July 26th to hashtag #MyButtsBeenWiped as a top ten trend on Twitter. If you were to guess that it involved Joe Biden, congratulations on coming to the same obvious conclusion I did! A clip of Joe Biden allegedly yelling “My butt’s been wiped” at reporters has been working its way around the interwebs.

It sounds like he says “my butt’s been wiped.” If this had been Donald Trump, that would be the end of the story for the mainstream media. If this had been Trump, the media would report Trump said “very fine people” wiped his butt. To be fair, IF it were Trump, he would only have the best people wiping his butt for him.

But this is Joe Biden. He needs to be protected from criticism and himself at all times. Here’s the extended footage.

Then, just a few days ago, during a meeting with Boris Johnson, appeared to have Biden crapped his pants, making his handlers clear the room. They cut the Prime Minister off literally mid-sentence. Aggressively. Hysterically even. Odd to say the least.

They’re going to have to start keeping him under wraps in the afternoons as he goes into the sundowners thing.

To be fair, it’s probably worth noting that older people can have incontinence problems without having dementia.

This Wouldn’t Be the First Time..

Sure Joe Biden may have filled his appearance at G7 with gaffs, but he also filled our hearts with warmth. And yes, while standing on that platform by the beach (now known as ‘brown zero’), people also noticed his pants were filled with warmth too. Sure, it’s easy to make fun of Joe Biden soiling himself on the world’s stage, but The Glorious American has chosen to be classy and point out how this actually shows the leadership Americans desperately need.

1.) Vladimir Putin is now on his heels. Joe Biden literally has months remaining as President and many summits with the Russian President are forthcoming. Reportedly, Vlad is very rattled at Joe pooping his pants and he’s already changed the venue of their meeting—a clear sign of weakness. “I don’t want him near my furniture,” Putin offered as an excuse.

2.) Biden put all toilet paper hoarding anxiety to rest. “Whatever would I do without toilet paper!” millions of Americans were screaming in 2020. What a great service Joe did for us by pooping his pants and putting those fears to bed forever. If the leader of the free world could so easily be hosed down by the secret service—why should any of us worry? 

3.) Joe Biden handles his presidency the way a graceful and carefree horse would. Be honest, you’ve never once driven by a field of horses without seeing one slowly lift its tail and begin dumping massive, softball-size poops all over the place. Think of how comforting that is for millions of Americans to know their president has that same beautiful, carefree demeanor.

4.) Joe Biden doesn’t take any s*** from anyone–even himself. A petty man holds on to stress and baggage. But Joseph sent us all a powerful message.  “Just let it go, man,” was the chunky lesson we needed in these stressful times. Donald Trump, in an effort to be viewed as a ‘macho man’, would have totally held it in. 

5.) The Biden administration will always drop little opportunities for the working class. Moments after he pooped his pants, low-level G7 employees were seen running to brown-zero with pressure washers and hand scrubbers. It was a sight to behold. No matter how high Biden climbs in this world, janitors will always have a special place behind him. And let’s not forget the dry cleaning team that accompanies the president 24-hours a day.

This Wouldn’t Be the Second Time Either…

Alex Jones just dropped some crazy information about Joe Biden crapping his pants, roaming the halls of the White House, not knowing who he is at 3 am and being injected with all sorts of drugs.

We’re not sure if it’s true or not, but at this point, is there anything that would surprise you after what we’ve seen the past few years?

“I’ve got these notes right here that I’m going to go over. I mean, I know what hotels he was in on a winning crapped his pants. I know when they removed him. He was ever having to have a doctor with a giant Pelican case of drugs. He’s running around the White House at 3 am, not knowing who he is. So this is all the information. Remember, it was the Secret Service. They told us back in 2016, two months before the election, they said, you just got to follow him in the ambulance that follows Hillary.” – Alex Jones

“We had conversations with individuals, let’s just say on Biden’s detail on September 10, September 11th, inside the Secret Service, and I’m gonna leave it at that. And they confirmed to us that they’re really concerned about the country and that the people controlling Biden are basically Communist Chinese agents. And this is directly from the Secret Service inside the White House and the details separately. And that Biden, when he said, I just got my butt wiped, it’s true. He’s defecating all over himself because he has dementia, and they follow him around with a whole Pelican case that’s about two feet long and about a foot wide, full of drugs he’s on that he’s injected with, and that Biden doesn’t know who he is at 3 am at night and roams around the White House, yelling at people and not knowing who he is and defecating on himself. And then when he was in New Jersey, to survey some of the damage there on the 10th, that he had to change clothes, repeatedly, because he kept defecating himself, you can see those days he did this. And this is a very sad thing. They put this puppet in, so they can commit all these crimes, destroy the border, bankrupt the dollar, launch all these wars, engage in all these crimes, and then basically it will be seen as America doing it. That’s the globalist model. So I have all that news directly from the Secret Service that they’re just the foundries in total peril. Biden is completely off his mind, out of his mind on drugs. Just like JFK, he’s being injected with pharmaceutical-grade methamphetamine. He could die at any moment. Then we have massive, massive news that I’m going to cover the last segment today. I actually was able to write notes when these individuals gave us information to me. Two different individuals. And I’m just going to leave it at that, but involved in the White House and involved in his protective detail when he was in New Jersey surveying the flood damage from the hurricane and then on the 911 ceremonies, much of which we saw him running around unknowingly was acting weird. Just incredible information about him defecating on himself constantly and not knowing who he is in the White House at night. They’re really scared. He is completely out of his mind. That’s why they cut his mic off. He’s definitely setting America for a fall. Then they’ll blame him and blame America when it’s literal, triple agents, global Chicom New World Order agents. Some of them are Islamic agents. I mean, it’s a consortium like a Legion of Doom of all these America haters. They’re in control of Biden right now. We’re literally seeing the end of America.” – Alex Jones

I’ve got these notes right here that I’m going to go over. I mean, I know what hotels he was in on a winning crapped his pants. I know when they removed him. They have a doctor with a giant Pelican case of drugs. He’s running around the White House at 3 am, not knowing who he is. So this is all the information going. Remember it was the Secret Service that told us back in 2016, two months before the election, they said you just got to follow him in the ambulance that follows Hillary. And soo here we have the Secret Service are nice. And I’m not gonna say much more than that, but I mean, the people on his detail, and the people in the White House. And this is 100% confirmed on my children, folks. Like we told you, Hillary, and it happened two weeks later. This is all going on. They told us that he just likes to crap his pants, and then he likes the staff cleaning it off of him. And that he refuses to wear diapers. And I’m gonna do a whole report on this. I’ve got notes. I’ve got everything. I met with these people. I mean, this is gonna cause a huge deal and that they don’t care anymore. In fact, they’re probably going to just start going public that Biden runs around at two-three in the morning speed bombed out of his head that the doctor has a huge Pelican case with all these drugs in it. They’re injecting him with stuff. And then, like you saw him, in fact, let’s play the clip in a moment where he says they wipe my butt, they wipe my butt, they wipe my butt. He literally, people have dementia, get into their butt and into pooping snd into writing on the walls with it. He hasn’t gotten to the writing on the walls yet, but he’s obsessed with his poop. And if they make him mad, he’ll just start defecating all over himself. He throws temper tantrums. So this is directly going on, and you can see how they kept changing his clothes. On September 10th was a particular day where they believe he crapped his pants multiple times. Okay, so we’ve got all this information for you here he is talking about a month ago about getting his butt wiped.” – Alex Jones

Here’s a video of one of the events Alex mentioned where Joe got heckled while surveying storm damage:

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