The “Illuminati” Has Gone Public

The “Illuminati” Has Gone Public

The international event, attended by world political and business leaders, starts every year now, in the Swiss Alps. 

Officially, the WEF is a Swiss non-profit foundation, set up in 1971 to “improve the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas”.

British Prime Minister Theresa May will meet US President Donald Trump and share the stage with Tony Blair and Angela Merkel, to discuss the global economy and the future of Europe after Brexit.

But, according to conspiracists, who believe a secret Illuminati of global leaders actually run all world governments, the WEF is actually part of a sinister plot to create a New World Order.

The Illuminati conspiracy theory claims a secret elite runs the world from behind the scenes and is attempting to install the New World Order upon the Earth, which would ultimately be one global Government controlled by them.

The truth is unfortunately that the conspiracy theorists aren’t crazy after all..

Theresa may setting out her Brexit plan at Davos, which conspiracists claim is an Illuminati meeting.

“The world leaders that control the economy of nations not only want to create a One World Government, they also come with a religion as well.”

Conspiracy theorist Titus Frost said in a YouTube video:

“The WEF is an annual meeting of a bunch of world elite Illuminati who all come out to tell us what exciting things they have planned for us.”

Conspiracy theory website describes the event as “the Illuminati’s annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland”.

Arch conspiracy theorist David Icke also believes the WEF is an Illuminati gathering, and in an article on his website claimed the global elite were running scared of the so-called populism of Brexit and Donald Trump which threatens to de-stabilise the “New World Order” plot.

Icke wrote:

“The great and the good of Davos agree they have a problem with populism. Finding a solution is the hard part.

On the second day of the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting (2017) in the Swiss Alps, delegates disagreed on how best to address the upending of the western political order, a debate made doubly urgent by the string of elections in Europe this year where anti-establishment parties could gain more ground.

While International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde urged a list of policies from programs to retrain workers to more social spending, others fretted that the turbulence is only starting.

Hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio warned on a panel chaired by Bloomberg Television’s Francine Lacqua that ‘we may be at a point where globalization is ending, and provincialization and nationalization is taking hold'”.

Conspiracy website wrote an article on how it was disturbed by the fact that the WEF discussed meditation being good for business at the 2015 meeting.

The article, entitled ‘This is a very unusual event at the World Economic Forum, and it’s diagnostic of something much larger that is happening’, said:

“World leaders are actively creating a one world government and religion and it is going full steam ahead!

These world leaders OPENED THEIR MINDS willingly to the satanic powers of this world!

The world leaders that control the economy of nations not only want to create a One World Government, they also come with a religion as well. 

It is a pagan religion based on idols and the worship of self, and it has begun to openly manifest itself at the highest levels of business. 

That is why this year at the Davos conference, the world’s most-powerful money men and women silenced themselves and handed over control of their minds to the gods of this world.”

But according to fellow conspiracy theory website, the WEF and the annual G8 Summit, are “mere sideshows” for the Illuminati, with the major event being the annual Bilderberg meeting.

Set up in 1954, the Bilderberg Group holds a global top-secret meeting for world political and business leaders, and is seen as the public face of the Illuminati.

It has been described as the world’s most secretive gathering of global leaders and elites, with prime ministers and presidents, bankers and former heads of the CIA and MI6 topping the guest list for 2016 in Dresden, Germany.

The claims are completely denied by the organizers of both the WEF and the Bilderberg meeting, who say they are just talks designed to help improve the world as a whole.

The Great Reset

What is the Great Reset? And, what will it mean for you?

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic came in 2020 and spread across the world, leaving death and draconian restrictions in its wake, weary people have been looking forward to the end of it. Governments and world leaders point to this ending as a new beginning, calling this coming new chapter in history — the Great Reset. What exactly is involved in the Great Reset and what will it mean for the world?

The WEF (World Economic Forum) has announced its plan for a “Great Reset” driven by the vision of CEO Klaus Schwab that introduce a shift that intends to change how we live, work, and interact with one another. We expose the inside intentions of this agenda connecting the dots as we always do.

The World Economic Forum holds an annual meeting bringing together international business, political leaders, economists, and other high-profile individuals to discuss global issues. The new agenda driven by the vision of CEO Klaus Schwab calls for a utopian idea for a “great reset” to change how we live, and how we work, and how we interact with each other.

The statements given by the WEF both in its trailer and on social media promote the idea that you will have everything YOU NEED; basic survival given. In the outline it states, “You will not have privacy, you won’t own property, but you’ll be happy.” What you “want” will be delivered by drones; little travel necessary; the U.S. won’t be a superpower; Western values will change; and you will receive a universal basic income. But this is basically Communism, or in the very least Socialism where the State distributes your needs and demands your participation for it.

The agenda requires citizens be horded into resilient cities and live in a communal setting, which is why privacy will be surrendered. Food provided according to the herd. A creative industry movement will embed a positive environmental shift that will be the “NEW NORMAL.”

Hints have been given previously before the COVID pandemic, which is why we can say we have proof that the pandemic was not the blame, but only the opportunity given to introduce such drastic shift. Biden called it “Build back better,” whatever that means. Code words for an agenda.

Agenda 21 author Maurice Strong said in 1997 and previously that the industrialized civilizations would need to collapse, as the “group decides,” in order to save the planet. Save it from what? They are environmentalists who share in occult philosophies, so no telling what they intend. But we do know the plan involves Depopulation and detainment (elimination) of resistance.

The plan in my estimation is simply the continuation of the Illuminati plan to abolish governments, abolish private property, abolish Christianity. And these are mirrored by the tenets of Communism.

All Humans ID’d and Tracked

A new promo by the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF) describes post-industrial changes they have planned for humanity, including biometric surveillance and digitalization of work and education.

The WEF website asks, “What are the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic? These 5 trends give us a glimpse.”

The most alarming “trend” is the introduction of biometric surveillance using an individual’s heartbeat as their ID signature.

“Digital acceleration has also put the limelight back onto security issues. Much of the world’s move to online – whether for work or your weekly shop – involves sharing personal or business information remotely, with an ever-wider number of entities. Not only that but when people started wearing masks, facial recognition security systems were stumped,” the WEF states.

“One solution to this conundrum may be the unique pattern of your heartbeat. Developed by the Pentagon and NASA, ‘cardio ID’ devices can detect an individual’s unique cardiac signature using an infrared laser. The technology is already available for licensing, and security is only one possible use. Another application could be identifying opted-in shoppers as they enter a store, for example, to personalize their visit.”

The other three “trends” describe a general shift away from a socializing in-person work and school environment: repurposing office space to create “neighborhood hubs,” cultivating a personalized “cloud market” home delivery system, and leaning more heavily on digital Zoom schooling for students.

As we’ve reported, the WEF social engineers are eager to impose their vision of the world on humanity.

WEF founder Klaus Schwab explained how the COVID-19 pandemic presents the elite with a unique opportunity to usher in the final stages of the New World Order system.

“What the fourth industrial revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity,” Schwab told the Chicago Council on Global Affairs in 2020.

In his book “Shaping the Future of The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” Schwab asserts that humanity will merge with technology to participate in the Great Reset economic system.

“Indeed, some of us already feel that our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves. Today’s external devices—from wearable computers to virtual reality headsets—will almost certainly become implantable in our bodies and brains.”

Agenda 2030

The United Nations and its mostly autocratic member regimes have big plans for your life, your children, your country, and your world. And those plans are not limited to the coercive “climate” agreement recently concluded in Paris.

While the establishment media in the United States was hyping ISIS, football, and of course “global warming,” virtually every national government/dictatorship on the planet met at the 70th annual General Assembly at UN headquarters in New York to adopt a draconian 15-year master plan for the planet. Top globalists such as former NATO chief Javier Solana, a socialist, are celebrating the plan, which the summit unanimously “approved,” as the next “Great Leap Forward” — yes, the old campaign slogan of the Chinese Communist Party.

The master plan is comprised of 17 “Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) with 169 specific “targets” to be foisted on all of humanity — literally all of it, as the plan itself states explicitly. “As we embark on this collective journey, we pledge that no one will be left behind,” reads the UN manifesto, entitled Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. But if you love liberty, self-government, free markets, or the U.S. Constitution, you will almost certainly be wishing that the UN would leave you behind.

Officially dubbed “Agenda 2030,” the UN plot, as its full title suggests, is aimed at “transforming” the world. The program is a follow-up to the last 15-year UN plan, the defunct “Millennium Development Goals,” or MDGs. It also dovetails nicely with the deeply controversial UN Agenda 21, even including much of the same rhetoric and agenda. But the combined Agenda 2030 goals for achieving what is euphemistically called “sustainable development” represent previous UN plans on steroids — deeper, more radical, more draconian, and more expensive.

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