Kyle Rittenhouse Is an American Hero

Kyle Rittenhouse Is an American Hero

On August 25, 2020, a 17-year-old teenager from Antioch, Illinois traveled a few odd miles across the state border to Kenosha, Wisconsin in the wake of riots and protests sparked by the shooting of Jacob Blake. The unrest in Kenosha was part of the greater wave of the racially fueled movements in 2020, many of which led to looting and destruction of property.

Exercising his 2nd amendment right, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse joined up with other vigilantes to patrol the streets of Kenosha in order to maintain a semblance of order, and administer medical aid. On the night of the 25th, Rittenhouse was involved in two confrontations that resulted in him firing his gun (a Smith and Wesson AR-style rifle) in self-defense, killing 2 men and wounding another.

An article by the NY Times tracks Rittenhouse’s movements on the day of the unrest.

Here in this clip you can see that Rittenhouse was on the defensive. He was chased, attacked, and jumped on by the mob. He used his gun to protect himself, he did not use his gun to just kill people.

After Rittenhouse was attacked, and the incident had occurred, the 17 year old approached the police with his hands up to explain what had happened.

On the following day, Rittenhouse safely returned back to his home in Antioch. That same day, he turned himself in to the police and was then charged with unlawful possession, two counts of homicide, and two counts of reckless endangerment.  

Rittenhouse’s trial began earlier this month and was also live streamed. The trial was a complete disaster for the State, as the Prosecutor even pointed the AR-15 at the crowd in the courtroom with his finger wrapped around the trigger.

Quite the summation of the quality of this team of dimwit lawyers.

All things considered Rittenhouse is innocent, he didn’t do anything wrong in this particular case. He did not act illegally, or in any way incriminating on that day in Kenosha.

He went to Kenosha to defend the city from the rioting, and to administer medical aid to injured citizens. A sense of righteous duty and bravado for his country that we rarely see today, especially in the leftist circles.

That is why the Left is so confused that Rittenhouse went to Kenosha with his gun in the first place. He retaliated in self-defense in an act to preserve his own life. He was chased and attacked by the mob despite his attempts to flee and escape further confrontation.

As of November 19, 2021, Rittenhouse is found not guilty on all charges. This is an outstanding victory for America and the American people. I commend the jury, and Rittenhouse’s defense council for defending a young American’s right to bear arms and defend his country (internally) and act in self-defense when attacked.

Kyle Rittenhouse was willing to risk his life in order to protect his community. Luckily, he was not punished for having the courage to defend himself.

Kyle sets a shining example for Americans everywhere. When our public services were too afraid to step up, Kyle Rittenhouse stood up. He defended his city, his life, and the lives of his loved ones.

Freedom and the Second Amendment Live to Fight Another Day

Kyle Rittenhouse is not necessarily just a hero for his actions on the night of August 25, 2020. Those events are in my opinion, a tragedy all around (excluding the dead pedo).

Kyle Rittenhouse may, however, be a hero of a different sort, one whose heroism falls more under the domain of the First Amendment than the Second. By taking the stand and testifying at his trial, Rittenhouse showed the world the falsity of the narratives that had been set up around him, and in doing so did a service to us all.

One gets the sense that many of Rittenhouse’s detractors would have been happy if he really was a sullen, brooding school shooter type, one of Michael Kimmel’s “angry white men.” Instead, Rittenhouse had the audacity to show himself to be an ordinary and seemingly well-adjusted young man, and his refusal to conform to the allotted script is the source of much angst to some.

Rittenhouse’s testimony alone was impressive. Save for a few awkward stumbles, he bore up quite well under withering, and at times flagrantly disingenuous, prosecutorial cross-examination. This was made all the more remarkable by his clear lack of legal acumen. His display of emotion on the stand was a call to the recognition of common humanity, of the individual soul beneath the identarian narrative.

It is difficult to sift through the media narratives and put together a picture of the real Kyle Rittenhouse, the person and not the culture war focal point. We know that he was, like one-fifth of boys these days, the child of a single mother. According to The Washington Post – a source which can be taken on its own merits – Rittenhouse idolized law enforcement, and he felt it his duty to “protect people” and run “into harm’s way.”

The picture of Rittenhouse that emerged throughout the trial was one of a teenage boy who is, in many ways, a model citizen and a pillar of his community. He was a firefighter cadet and lifeguard who went to Kenosha to clean up graffiti, put out fires, and treat the injured. Whatever the results of his actions, the intentions were wholesome.

Rittenhouse exhibits a certain masculine self-assuredness, a lack of neurotic baggage, that many of those lambasting him seem to despise. He is intelligent, sociable, empathetic, and adventuresome, willing to face danger and take risks. These latter traits led him into trouble on that fateful night, but taken alone they are inherently admirable. Rittenhouse is the sort of boy whom many people would be rightly proud to have as a son, one to whom, in past generations, the moniker “all-American” might have been applied. He is of the same breed as the boys who stormed Omaha Beach.

This is why Rittenhouse has become the object of such popular opprobrium. It is simply too much for some people to believe that a boy like him might still exist somewhere in these United States, a teenager whose impulse on seeing a riot might be to put out fires rather than set them.

For years now, we have witnessed the notion of heroism, particularly white male heroism, denigrated repeatedly in academia and popular culture. Statues of our Founding Fathers are torn down. Cultural heroes like James Bond are reframed as racist and sexist and all the rest. We are told that we have to see the dark side of everything, to look at all narratives with a jaded eye, to avoid unrealistic ideals. The values of traditional manhood, embodied in everything from Rudyard Kipling’s “If” to the Boy Scout Oath, are degraded and diminished at every turn.

As a result, we face a so-called “boy crisis,” with staggering numbers of young men dropping out of college and falling into the sand traps of video games, porn, and pot smoking. The inevitable endpoints of such a cultural miasma are men like Joseph Rosenbaum or Anthony Huber, deranged messes who feel it their prerogative to go around destroying other people’s property. The actions of these men may be abhorrent, but their stories, as products of our culture, are tragic.

Kyle Rittenhouse, born in 2003, has imbibed this worldview all his life. And yet he was able, to some small degree, to rise above it, to aspire to the sort of manliness shown by generations past. If his youthful idealization of law enforcement could be called somewhat simplistic, at least it can be said that he had an ideal. This alone makes him nobler than many. One need only ask oneself whether one would prefer to live in a city of Rittenhouses or Rosenbaums in order to see the truth of that.

Some have asked why the Rittenhouse case has been framed in racial terms, despite all of the people involved being white. Here is why: because some people in our culture cannot bear that a white boy under attack still has his head held high. Rittenhouse, like Nick Sandmann and Brett Kavanaugh before him, has become, against his will, the face and voice of white males everywhere. Like the white whale, he has had “the sum of all the general rage and hate felt by his whole race from Adam down” piled upon him.

That is why pictures of his crumpled face, as he broke down in an apparent PTSD attack while testifying, were gleefully passed around on social media like trophies, often by the same people who say that “toxic masculinity” prevents men from showing their emotions. It is also why so many people on the right have become so invested in the case, correctly perceiving that a conviction for Rittenhouse is a conviction of some greater ideal.

On the witness stand, Kyle Rittenhouse rose to the occasion. By his words, and not his bullets, he has acted in a manner that befit his high adolescent aspirations. His refusal to be crushed by the great weight of societal loathing is an act of heroism greater than any he might have imagined when he set out to guard property in Kenosha, and those who view the case along narrow Second Amendment terms are not giving the young man his proper due.

The “Victims” Exposed

Who were the three shooting “victims”? Let’s give a brief overview of these criminals. Joseph Rosenbaum was a level 3 pedophile for sex offenses against a child. He should not have been on the streets, but such is our “justice” system. Though being a sex offender should be enough to keep him behind bars or put him six feet under for the public’s safety, he also had a criminal record which included drug possession, arson, and assault if you include his attempt to harm Kyle Rittenhouse. Rosenbaum is deceased.

The second man, Anthony Huber, likewise had a criminal record. He was convicted on two domestic abuse and battery cases, which included strangulation and suffocation. He was only sentenced to two years for his violent crimes. He was also a known druggie, apprehended in possession of drug paraphernalia. You can add attempted murder to the list when you consider his attack on Kyle Rittenhouse. He is also deceased.

Finally, Gaige P. Grosskreutz was a felon and house burglar. He also belongs to the Marxist group known as The People’s Revolution, which has rioted for more consecutive days since George Floyd died of a drug overdose while in police custody than any other radical group in the nation. Grosskreutz’s right bicep was nearly totally blown off. As one internet punster said, he will now always be a leftie – referring to the fact that he is a far-left radical and will probably never use his right arm again.

Anthony Huber, it appears, was Jewish. There is speculation that Rosenbaum was also Jewish, though the Jewish Chronicle published a story, which now only shows a 404 error message, claiming he was not from a “practicing Jewish family,” but that there “may be a mix of German and Jewish heritage in the past,” according to his cousin. There has also been a claim that Grosskreutz was a Jew, though I’ve yet to see evidence. I mention this because of how prevalent Jewish ethnicity is among communists. Antifa was founded by radical Marxist Jews. Karl Marx himself was a Jew. Most prominent communist revolutionaries in the Soviet Union, in fact, were Jews. Though this is not the right place to delve into the matter, the Judeo-communist connection is worth noting for context’s sake.

The thug Grosskreutz, who survived Kyle Rittenhouse’s defensive bullet to the arm, said that his only regret was not murdering the young man when he had the chance. Specifically, his revolutionary comrade stated:

“So, the kid shot Gaige as he drew his weapon and Gaige retreated with his gun in his hand. I just talked to [Gaige] too–his only regret was not killing the kid and hesitating to pull the gun before emptying the entire mag into him. Coward.”

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