Are “Panda Eyes” a Symbol for Pedophilia?

Are “Panda Eyes” a Symbol for Pedophilia?

Editor’s Warning: There is semi-censored pornography in this article.

What are “Panda Eyes” and why are pandas with all-black eyes so interesting to pedophiles?

Apart from pedophile’s symbolism, officially warned on the FBI’s website which includes code words and signs, the rest are to be learned with experience and research over time.

Some symbolism has gone viral and became known to many but some remains obscure as there is not enough evidence to offer an instant and official decipher.

It is crucial to learn the symbolism yet it is more fundamental to recognize the real decoders and not get stuck in guessing games or accusing people as they will immediately be debunked and discredit the messenger.

Here we try to illustrate some symbolism which has been less discussed. Upon encountering these signs in an Instagram profile or a website page, we should immediately be alarmed and look for more indications.

If the case includes other significant known-signs, then the owner of the page or close friends should be watched closely and reported to the FBI.

Check out this reported sexual abuse survivor’s Facebook post about the meaning of Panda Eyes first mentioned on Timothy Charles Holmseth Reports.

You know who else is called Pan? Remember the 2006 movie Pan’s Labyrinth? (Note the spirals in place of eyebrows — spirals seems to be a recurring theme in pedo imagery).

Well, it turns out that in Greek mythology, Pan is “the god of the wild, shepherds, and flocks”.

See Wikipedia article: 

He’s half-goat, half-human.. you know, kind of like Moloch.

Notice the legend under the picture of the sculpture of Pan in that Wikipedia article. It reads:

Pan teaching his eromenos, the shepherd Daphnis, to play the pan flute

When you look up Eromenos on Wikipedia, it sources the article titled Pederasty in ancient Greece, and this is what it says:

The word erômenos, or “beloved” (ἐρώμενος, plural eromenoi), is the masculine form of the present passive participle from erô, viewed by Dover as the passive or subordinate partner. An erômenos can also be called pais, “child.

In Oct 2016, Jimmy Comet A.K.A. James Alefantis’s references to pizza pasta and more broke the internet through Julian Assange’s sacrifice for the better good of humanity.

And this was what qimmyshimmy made at the time as they couldn’t connect the “panda cumhole” written in the comment section above to anything other than sodomizing little toddlers.

So when I found this I was alarmed but couldn’t prove anything unless it is accompanied by other alarming signs which in this case it was not. So we let it pass.

But then I saw these pictures.

She sure loves panda makeup.
She even started her own makeup line so others can imitate her symbolism.
Panda eyes caused as a result of extreme trauma.
Child Protective Services
She was beaten to near death by her mother Sarah Keeling and boyfriend Anthony Mosley . They are out of prison now.
Abuse increases the amount of adrenaline in the blood.
Sahar Gul, a 15-year-old Afghan bride, was tortured for months in a basement dungeon by her family after resisting their efforts to force her into prostitution. (Jawed Basharat/AP)
Daily Mail

And boom.. the veil fell off. These innocent little angels and their eyes were plenty of confirmation. There are people who do this to children and not only that. These kids are first sodomized, beaten, tortured before given black eyes only to form a panda face. The rest of their face is covered with a disgusting white substance.

So I looked in Urban Dictionary and found this:

Then I went back to other posts by Jimmy Comet A.K.A. James Alefantis and this caught my eye.

Now I understand the meaning of this comment section while in 2016, I couldn’t. One of these predators says: “Werking (working) on a male night cheese” (FBI code word for little boys) while the other says “cumming and izzle (used by pimps) this tle (little) like this (the panda face)” which refers to covering the face of the child with semen while giving them black eyes after torture, fist and sodomizing. 

This little girl is called Zhang Peng. It is unknown if that is really her name or not. She is another victim of this evil. It is not clear whether the child is a victim of a gang or her parents/caretakers, but she is clearly in the care of abusers. This is no art and nobody can say the goal of creating this style, atmosphere, and design has been an artistic scene. When the scene is abusive, behind the scene has been abusive too. That’s why all people involved in child pornography, snuff, and abuse movies are prosecuted.

During the filming/photographing process, the child clearly is under mental and physical abuse.

Is she actually pregnant? Vile and disgusting..

This is straight up pedophilia and child abuse masquerading as “art”. The images had to be censored.

This is straight up pedophilia and child abuse masquerading as “art”. The images had to be censored.
And this one.
This one too.

And these are what I found on the same page where these pictures have been taken:

Lourdes Leite’s art
Monica Piloni’s art. (Photos blurred)
Giacomo Carmagnola
The famous Biljana Djurdjevic.

The collection seems to go on forever..

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