The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Was Fixed from the Very Beginning

The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Was Fixed from the Very Beginning

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell was clearly rigged before court proceedings ever even commenced. Various attributes of the trial process made it so:

  • The lack of witnesses for the prosecution (just 4 in total).
  • The lack of evidence submitted by the government, including just 40 photos submitted out of a tranche of 39,760. That is only the evidence that was officially brought into court. The presence of FBI evidence tape on items of Epstein’s was never explained by the FBI in court.
  • The lack of a call-in line for the general public to listen to court proceedings. -The prosecution’s request to have the entire flight manifests redacted. Their request was granted by Judge Nathan.
  • The over-redacted evidence submitted to the court.
  • The relatively short length of the prosecution’s case.

Nobody likes a Debbie Downer, but I’m being realistic when I say I was never expecting a ton of bombshell revelations to come from the Ghislaine Maxwell trial (immediately that is). We weren’t going to see Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, or anyone significant taken down as a result of the major revelation.

The cards seem to be stacked against the truth and it will take time for these criminals to pay for their atrocious crimes.

No Coverage

It should have been the biggest story of the day (yes, bigger than Omicron) yet it was barely a blip on mainstream media’s radar. This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. We saw corporate media cover up Jeffrey Epstein for over a decade. Why wouldn’t we expect them to do the same for his main madame’s trial?

There was no live coverage of the trial as it unfolded. The few mentions we saw on the nightly news were approved by the powers-that-be. Much of what was revealed in court was deemed “too sensitive” for the public and therefore the press. It was a media ghost town, but hey, our media certainly covered everything about Omicron, right?

Conveniently Placed Judge

As Jack Posobiec from Human Events noted:

Posobiec again:

Prosecutor with Deep State Ties

Posobiec again:

Few Are Even Trying

There were a few people calling for more coverage and transparency in this trial. Posobiec is clearly one of them. Techno Fog did some of the heavy lifting. But very few are really exposing this debacle ahead of time. Even other conservative sites have barely mentioned it, if at all. What’s going on? Have patriots given up on the truth? Is COVID that big of a distraction? I see more stories on conservative news outlets about Jussie Smollett’s meaningless trial than on the trial of the woman who may have the keys to the takedown of some of the world’s most powerful elites…

…and then it hit me. Of course very few are giving this the coverage it deserves. They really don’t think anything can come from it, and that’s the best-case-scenario. The worst-case-scenario is that some of our fellow “conservative” news outlets are among the compromised with instructions to send their viewers and visitors down different paths. That would be a real shame if true, and to be clear I have no proof that it’s even happening. Perhaps I’m just miffed about not seeing anything about the trial on the front pages of the vast majority of my favorite sites.

Maybe it’ll get better tomorrow. I hope it does. In the meantime, we’ll do everything we can to get the truth out there.

See which “conservatives” were actually talking about the Ghislaine Maxwell case. Those who weren’t should be asked why they think the one trial that could have impacted the most powerful people in the world isn’t newsworthy.

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