Corporal Alicia Gutierrez-Rudde: Mass Military Separation Is Coming

Corporal Alicia Gutierrez-Rudde: Mass Military Separation Is Coming

U.S. Marine Corps, Corporal Alicia Gutierrez Rudde claimed on September 09, 2021 that all active duty were required to get the COVID-19 “vaccine” within 90 days. If not, they had to separate from the military.

Unfortunately, while it took a little longer than 90 days, the separation is finally taking effect.

The U.S. Army last week announced the separations of three soldiers who refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine, the first time it has discharged troops over the mandate.

The Army also said that so far it relieved six Regular Army leaders, two of whom were battalion commanders. It also issued 3,251 reprimands for soldiers who refused the vaccine, according to a March 18 statement.

“As the Army accesses and discharges Soldiers and continues to refine data tracking processes, the vaccination percentages will vary slightly,” the Army said in a statement. The Epoch Times has contacted the Army for comment.

Currently, the Army has 4,397 temporary vaccine exemptions, including pending requests for a permanent medical exemption or a religious accommodation, according to the statement.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Army told American Military News that the three soldiers who were discharged were the first to be separated for refusing the vaccine.

The other military branches began separations for vaccine refusal several weeks ago. The Marines has discharged 1,038, the Navy 544, and the Air Force 212, according to reports.

Service members who don’t want to receive the vaccine can seek a medical, administrative, or religious exemption. So far, thousands of medical and administrative requests have been approved by the branches.

However, religious exemptions have been much more infrequent. The Navy has not granted any of the 4,171 religious exemption requests; the Marines has granted six of 3,653 religious exemption requests; the Air Force has granted 23 of 7,503; and the Army has granted two out of 3,943.

In August 2021, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered all troops to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and argued it is for reasons of maintain military readiness.

Some service members, including Navy SEALs who were denied a religious exemption to the vaccine, have filed lawsuits against the Department of Defense. Three federal judges have blocked the military from punishing members that filed lawsuits in response to the alleged violations in the treatment of religious exemptions.

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