Dr. Darrell Wolfe: We Must Prepare for What Is Coming

Dr. Darrell Wolfe: We Must Prepare for What Is Coming

Last year Canadian Dr. Darrell Wolfe warned to be prepared for what was coming in Fall. Eventually there will be no heat, food or shopping year-round. And that includes work income as well.

“Jesus isn’t going to take care of this…”

“We have to take care of this”

Looks like he wasn’t wrong…

He predicts that without the vax, over the next couple of years Canadian lives will most likely be over, and that’s why he moved to Ixtapa, Mexico. He advises Canadians to get out while the gettin’s good as well.

Dr. Darrell Wolfe Ac. PhD. DNM. DHS. has 40 years of experience in natural medicine as a medical intuitive and is known as the ‘Doc of Detox’. He is a Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM) and Doctor of Humanitarian Services (DHS), certified with the Board of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Wolfe is a professor and the director of the prestigious International Training Institute of Health that offers unique breakthrough training and certification courses to all sectors of the public and professional health community. The International Training Institute of Health is a registered training institution under the World Organization of Natural Medicine.

Dr. Wolfe guest lectures and volunteers community services for the Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine, which is chartered by the Department of Works of Canadian Parliament for post-graduate training and is recognized in 32 countries by United Nations UNESCO. Dr. Wolfe is a renowned speaker in several health summits and documentaries, including the acclaimed ‘The Truth About Cancer’ series and ‘The Truth About Detox’, which have been seen by millions around the world.

Dr. Wolfe is the author of the best-selling book Healthy to 100, which is the ultimate guide to bullet-proofing your body against disease, eliminating pain, burning fat and living longer, stronger. He is the director and creator of The Doc of Detox Show that hosts weekly episodes, interviews, and weekly international radio shows teaching people how to take charge of their own lives, and live life to its fullest.

The Doc of Detox Clinic & Retreat is based in Kelowna, BC, Canada, where he treats, teaches and consults patients, locally and globally.

The World Organization of Natural Medicine has presented Dr. Darrell Wolfe with the ‘Order of Excellence’ Award. His mission is to share with the world his specialized knowledge on how to master your mind to heal your body and awaken your spirit.

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