“It’s a Trap!” Warns Western Ukraine Foreign Legion Volunteers

“It’s a Trap!” Warns Western Ukraine Foreign Legion Volunteers

Several videos have gone viral showing men who are reportedly volunteers describing the situation in Ukraine. They say it is “a trap”.

In a March 8 tweet, Ukrainian newspaper Kyiv Independent reported 20,000 foreign volunteers had joined the International Legion Of Defense Of Ukraine since March 6. That’s left some Americans wondering if they’re allowed to join Ukraine’s foreign legion.

There may be a reason to doubt volunteering is a good idea.

“For those even remotely thinking about going over to Ukraine to volunteer, watch this shit first before you do. Please spread this around,” a poster on Twitter wrote, linked to the following viral video. 


Full transcript of what he said:

“For anyone who is wondering what is going on, we were part of the Georgia National Legion, a hundred-second Ukrainian territorial defense, ok?  Our base got Fed up, the base next to us got Fed up. Americans, British, tons of people- British dead, alright? They are not saying nothing, they are counting our dead and they’re dead and they are trying to send us to  Kyivwith no Fing weapons, no kit, no find plates.  The people who are lucky enough to get weapons are only getting magazines with like ten Fing rounds, ok?  When they wanted to send us to Kyiv , we said no.  Our whole group, a bunch of Americans, Canadians, British.

So they told us that we had to get the F out or they would shoot us in the back, alright?  So me and this British guy and another American, we Fing hid in the back of an ambulance to get out.

We got to the border and it was a whole other mess. When you get to the border anyone who has kit, anyone who has any military, they are fing pulling you out of the line and sending you back to the front.  We got dropped off about 5 cliffs from the fing border and we walked- and we got to the border, and a bunch of humanitarian groups, with veterans from England, pulls us to the side and say you need to get out- they pulled us out and fing hit us, and were like- you need to dump all your kit.. and they were pulling people out, cutting up passports, sending them back, so we dumped out sh*t  and we got all of our fing red crosses and they had fing humanitarian passes to get us through the Ukrainian border.

People need to stop coming here. It is a trap. and they are not letting your Fing leave.  The best way to leave is like is like in a VIC or a car or something.  People who get on by vehicle, have a better chance of hiding in the back, doing whatever the fu*k they can- but do not come to Ukraine if you are a volunteer.

It is a mess. And it is a trap And I have multiple people who can confirm this story for me. I am getting.”

One British fighter, an ex-Army medic named Jason Haigh, told The Sun newspaper on March 9 that he was detained by Ukrainian authorities that were carrying cable ties.

He said that Ukrainian authorities slammed his head and hit him several times, resulting in a bad concussion and heavy bleeding. Eventually, he and his group were released and joined hundreds of thousands on trains to Lviv, before fleeing to the Polish border and getting a train to Warsaw.

It is also recalled that a Brazilian foreign fighter uploaded to his social media a harrowing account of the Russian strike against the International Peacekeeping and Security Center (IPSC) near Lviv and the Polish border on March 13, saying:

“I don’t even know what to say… there were special forces soldiers from all over the world [US, France, South Korea, Chile]. The information we have is that everyone died, they [Russians] managed to destroy everything… you guys don’t understand what it means when a jet drops a missile on you. Thank God I got out earlier.”


In this way, despite the lionizing of foreign fighters in Ukraine by the Western media, it certainly appears that their experience has been nothing short of terrifying. It also appears that many of the foreign fighters are naïve to the fact that there are clear links between the Foreign Legion and Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.

In addition, the Australian government warned on March 15 that volunteers could end up being “cannon fodder” for Ukraine. This matches up with Matthew Robinson, a British volunteer who stressed that foreigners “can be railroaded into a legion and sent to the front line very quickly. Even though you’ve got the best of intentions to help people, you could basically be cannon fodder.”

It can be suggested that Ukraine is intentionally trying to drive up the body count of foreigners fighting against Russia to create international outrage in the hope of forcing a foreign intervention. However, due to volunteers fighting on an unofficial capacity, there is no correlation between the death of foreigners and activating NATO’s mutual defense policy.

Wayne Dupree Media reported on the video and reacted, talking about the enticement on Americans to enter a Hollywood drama war.

“Liberals have turned “war” and ugliness into a fantasyland.

Nobody wants to see any kind of war, but the reality is this: Ukraine is corrupt and Russia is corrupt. There is no “hero” in all of this, they’re both villains for different reasons. The swamp has used Ukraine for decades for many illicit/scumbag things. Zelensky has been a willing protector of Joe Biden and his son’s corruption.”

“I’m sorry, but he’s not Superman.

It’s just not true. It’s propaganda, designed to tug at your heartstrings and get you emotionally invested. Ukraine knows they can’t win a physical war against Russia, which has one of the biggest armies in the world, so they’re trying to do it another way.

Don’t fall for it.”

Good point Dupree media, they went on:

“Sometimes it’s evil vs evil, or corruption vs corruption, and you just need to sit back and allow it to run its course and support the innocent victims with humanitarian aid and shelter.

This is not our fight, especially when our own borders are wide open, and our people are suffering so badly in this horrific Biden economy.

That should be our only focus, and where the BILLIONS of tax dollars should be going… to help Americans, not to fight a propaganda war thousands of miles away.”

Editor of Human Events, Jack Posobiec posted earlier in week about the same man, who had corroborated reporting on the area, giving some credibility to his story about a lack of weapons for soldiers.

“2 more Americans in Ukraine describe what is going on with the Western volunteers, and corroborate earlier reporting Appears to be various elements of volunteers operating now, not only the one Ukrainian Legion”

“We were about to get sent, but we have no weapons, and the UK were not being issued gear,” the Ukraine volunteer said.

A reporter from CNN reported on the Georgian volunteer, saying that his video showed that morale is high on the frontlines of the war near Kyiv.

More videos:


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