Sprouts Defends Employee After Being Caught Trying to Have Sex with a 12-Year-Old Boy

Sprouts Defends Employee After Being Caught Trying to Have Sex with a 12-Year-Old Boy

May 6th Update: As of today, Zachary has been fired from Sprouts.

A new vigilante or independent investigative group on YouTube, also known as “pedo hunters” has caught a Sprouts Farmers Market employee attempting to exchange sexual images with what he believed to be a twelve-year-old child.

The organization, which goes by the name Protect the Innocent has already tracked down 23 other predators, some even leading to an immediate arrest of the child predator.

The 20-year-old pedophile, Zachary A. Crockenburg used social media networks such as Grindr and Instagram to repeatedly ask for explicit images from the twelve year-old-boy (actually an undercover member of the team) after sending various nude images, including a video of him masturbating.

A screenshot of his Facebook profile.
A screenshot of his likes on Facebook. He is a fan of CNN. Why am I not surprised?

Video of the incident was posted earlier today on Protect the Innocent’s YouTube channel.

After about 15-20 minutes, law enforcement arrived on the scene to remove the group from the store.

Unfortunately, no arrest was made.

Zach is an employee at the Sprouts in Seminole Florida on 7263 Seminole Blvd. He lives in Seminole at 13380 82nd Avenue.

I attempted to reach out to Sprouts. Upon questioning a store associate at the location who went by the name Hector, I was responded to with sarcasm and no answers.

The number is (727) 655-9055

I then reached out to Sprout’s corporate address at 5455 E. High Street in Phoenix with very little success. They refused to answer any questions regarding the situation but did confirm their knowledge on the matter inadvertently.

They can be contacted at (480) 814-8016

After watching the video, it clearly appears as if the entirety of the management team not only are defending Zach’s actions, but have no intention on implementing repercussions.

Based on the unusually aggressive response from the management team and blatant disregard from the corporate teams, it also appears as if the company itself may actually be in support of child pedophilia.

Sprout’s current CEO is Jack L. Sinclair.

What are they hiding?

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