Election Fraud Exposed – Woman Offered $5 for Biden Vote

Election Fraud Exposed – Woman Offered $5 for Biden Vote

A  tweet from Mike Roman, the Trump campaign’s director of Election Day operations, claims,

“One of our volunteers in Pontiac MI was outside a polling location when a Democrat operative approached her with a sample D ballot and offered her $5 to vote for Joe Biden.”

Attached to the tweet is a video of a woman who says,

“I was in Pontiac at Baldwin House as a poll observer.” She was most likely referring to the Baldwin Center homeless shelter.

“A man from UAW approached me and gave me this sample ballot to vote for all the Democrats and he gave me $5 and told me to go and vote for Biden,” She states while holding up up a ballot that has been marked up in handwriting that says “sample” on it and a $5 bill.

Jo Lynn Williams, Pontiac’s elections administrator says she was at that polling location three times. She said she did not notice anyone from the UAW outside the polling location. Brian Rothenberg, a spokesperson for the UAW, refuted the claim. “We didn’t have anyone at the polls,” he said.

“Because of COVID we were just doing lit drops because of safety issues and we did phone calling today,” he says.

I wonder if a subpoena would change her memory.

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