Demented 78-Year-Old Biden Fractures His Foot

Demented 78-Year-Old Biden Fractures His Foot

Presidential candidate Joe Biden fractured his foot while playing with one of his dogs and unfortunately (mwaha) will need to wear a walking boot for several weeks as a result, his doctor said Sunday.

The 78-year-old Democrat slipped while playing with his German Shepherd, Major, on Saturday and visited an orthopedist in Delaware for an examination on Sunday afternoon.

While initial X-rays showed “no obvious fracture,” a subsequent CT scan “confirmed hairline (small) fractures of President-elect Biden’s lateral and intermediate cuneiform bones, which are in the mid-foot,” according to a statement from his doctor Kevin O’Connor.

The presidential candidate could be seen limping as he left the doctor’s office to head to an imaging center for the CT scan, though he walked without a crutch or other help.

“It is anticipated that he will likely require a walking boot for several weeks,” O’Connor said.

President Donald J. Trump sent his get well soon wishes today 😉
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