The ‘Kraken’ Is A Department of Defense Cyber Warfare Program

The ‘Kraken’ Is A Department of Defense Cyber Warfare Program

The Marshall Report posted an article revealing incredible information on Nov. 22.

The article uncovered:

The “Kraken” is a Department of Defense-run cyber warfare program that tracks and hacks various other systems to acquire evidence of nefarious actions by the deep state! President Trump and the loyal patriots in the Military and Space Command now have all the evidence of voter fraud and election related treason. This will be used against the enemies of America!

What we are witnessing with the 2020 elections is NOT an election. We are witnessing the attempt of the overthrow of the United States Government. The CIA, FBI and DOJ are full of Treasonous Swamp Rats that are intent on stealing the Presidential seat, and taking over over America for the global order. They are wicked globalist puppets who are boldly pushing their coup to destroy America and implement a global reset and usher in United Nations Agenda 2030 which is the revised version of sustainable development Agenda 21. They are in lockstep throwing all their punches at unsuspecting Americans while nations around the world are doing the very same lockdowns on their citizens. Will they succeed? The answer is NO!

It continued:

“Certain sectors of Special Forces Operations now report directly to Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller. They are aligned with Trump, the Constitution and the defending of America against its enemies, both foreign and domestic. So don’t panic and fear not. President Trump is in control and the battle lines are drawn. The Kraken has been released and it has everything. Special Forces assets are now being deployed to take down America’s domestic enemies and traitors.”

In reply to this article, Sidney Powell tweeted: “Who knew?”

Meanwhile, the website of the US Department of Defense published on Sep. 17 an article about: “DOD Works to Increase Cybersecurity for U.S., Allies”

The article said:

“Adversaries China, Russia, Iran and North Korea are increasingly taking malicious cyber activities in the gray zone, which is below the threshold of armed conflict, to undermine U.S. and allies’ security, she said.

China is using cyber espionage for military and economic advantages, Mortelmans said. In 2018, the Justice Department estimated that more than 90% of economic espionage cases involved China and more than two-thirds of the cases involved in the theft of trade secrets were connected to China; this in spite of their 2015 pledge not to use espionage for their economic benefit.”

In January 2019, the DOJ announced criminal indictments against malicious cyber actors associated with the Chinese Ministry of State Security for conducting a global campaign to compromise service providers to facilitate their cyber theft for economic gain, the Defense Department’s principal director for Cyber Policy said.

Here is the official Department of Defense Presidential Fiscal Budget started in 2013, including the ‘KrakenProgram.

And here is a the 2018 Department of Defense Cyber Strategy Report detailing efforts to prevent cyber crimes such as mass election fraud.

Also, here is the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020 report including a DoD program called “Kraken“.

Here is the original 2010 report from Institute for System Studies and Analysis (I.S.S.A) and Defence Research and Development Organization (D.R.D.O),
Ministry of Defence in India, scientist, and programmer Amit Sharma who was also employed at Microsoft. The organization also worked with the United States Department of Defense to route out future epidemics of electronic voting machines being used as tools to control elections and entire nations.

To think that the deep state has infiltrated so deep it had operatives at every stronghold and to consider let alone to know it is a fact that the deep state was so bold to pull a massive government take down on the scale they are attempting is more than disturbing.

Heads are going to roll soon but only if we continue defending our nation’s election integrity. We must fight back and we must win.

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