The Most Punchable Face On TV

The Most Punchable Face On TV

CNN is no doubt filled from bottom to top with the toxic, acid-ridden waters of the swamp. If you ever visit the building, be sure to steer clear of the pipes. At any minute they could burst from the massive piles of shit spewing from anyone working inside or in-front of a camera.

Amongst all of these creatures employed and paid insane amounts of money to spew their propaganda, lies the belly of the beast (literally and metaphorically). His name is Brian Stelter and even Rachel Maddow often sits back in awe at the deep state, establishment, ass kissing ferocity that is Brian Stelter’s prodigal, almost God-like ability.

Explaining the corruption of his entire career would require an encyclopedia, but I figured today we could go over just some of his attempts at manipulating the American people over the past couple of months.


CNN has spent four years going after Donald Trump nonstop.

With Joe Biden likely to become president, the so-called mainstream media are now going after people who supported Trump.

And one CNN host suggested Trump supporters were un-American for an insane reason.

CNN host Brian Stelter is supposed to serve as the network’s media watchdog, objectively assessing which stories the media got right and wrong.

However, his ironically titled show “Reliable Sources” is nothing more than a hate machine aimed at right-wing media platforms.

The target of Stelter’s latest ire was the app Parler, an alternative to Twitter that’s owned by conservative media personality Dan Bongino.

During a segment on his show, Stelter argued that conservatives and Republicans abandoning platforms like Twitter for Parler was bad for democracy.

The lack of awareness of his own network’s left-wing bias while purporting to be an objective news channel is stunning.

Platforms like Parler wouldn’t even be necessary if Twitter didn’t have such a thick and pervasive left-wing bias.

The most stark example was the Hunter Biden laptop story that was openly suppressed by Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said his platform was slowing the dissemination of the story, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey blocked the spread of the New York Post’s article on the subject.

The Post article wasn’t even allowed to be shared through direct messages.

That’s just one data point of the censorship happening on Twitter.

Videos from Trump have also been blocked because they violated some arcane Twitter policy, but the rules aren’t fairly applied.

Several prominent conservatives have been banned from the platform for arbitrary reasons, and Twitter also controls which stories trend regardless of how popular they are.

Even left-wing feminist Meghan Murphy was banned from Twitter for tweeting, “Men aren’t women tho.”

Dorsey admitted in an interview with Joe Rogan that such a tweet fell afoul of the platform’s misgendering policy.

So stating a biological reality is considered a form of hate speech.

That’s why conservatives are flocking to Parler.

If Twitter can censor the president of the United States and the New York Post, anybody is fair game for the tech overlords.


CNN has been completely exposed as a left-wing hate machine.

For years, the network got away with pretending to be objective, but only a handful of people believe that today.

But one CNN host was left stunned when confronted with the ugly truth about his network.

Brian Stelter, host of the inaptly named “Reliable Sources,” portrays himself as the purported objective media watchdog.

And every week, the so-called mainstream media gets every story right and Fox News gets everything wrong.

This is the game Stelter plays.

Stelter even had the audacity to say there are no left-wing outlets that attack Donald Trump.

Only a liar or someone trapped in an echo chamber could say something so ridiculous.

Studies have shown that CNN’s coverage of Donald Trump is well over 90% negative.

So it’s with great irony that Stelter just released his new book titled, “Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth.”

The lack of self-awareness is astonishing. Meanwhile, CNN and other left-wing networks regurgitate Media Matters and Biden campaign talking points.

But while Stelter was doing press for his book on a C-Span call-in show, one caller wrecked Stelter and his network:

“So my thing here is that you guys, this is how low you’ll go. It’s that you went out and made lies and defamed a child and then you had to settle out of court, pay this child for distorting information about this young individual. I would say that if anything is happening at CNN and anybody who buys your book, it’s really just one of those things that’s dividing our nation. I don’t believe in dividing our nation. It hurts our great nation, so CNN really is the enemy of the truth.”

The caller is exactly right.

CNN and every other arm of the corporate press attacked the Covington Catholic kids mercilessly and never issued a mea culpa.

In his response, Stelter made small concessions about left-wing media bias being a problem of the past, but that it’s essentially been solved today, then explained what he sees as the true problem:

“There’s been a process of a radicalization that’s happening in this country, with media bashing that is absolutely unprecedented.”

If anyone’s been radicalized, it’s been the left.

The New York Times has had to alter several new headlines because they were actually too objective and not vitriolic enough against the right.

The gaslighting from the corporate press has reached levels never seen before.


The Democrats are doing everything they can to trash the Republican National Convention.

Donald Trump is making a pitch to the American people of an optimistic future, and the Democrats can’t stand it.

That’s why a CNN host said something about the RNC that made Republicans hopping mad.

The Democrats and their media allies are in panic mode over the RNC.

The convention is one of the few times Americans get to see messages from Republicans that aren’t filtered through the lens of the left first.

But the so-called mainstream media is still trying to distort the message.

That’s why CNN’s Brian Stelter announced before the RNC that his network would be “fact-checking” the convention in real time and cutting away:

This is the same Stelter who doesn’t believe there are left-wing news networks that slam Trump.

Other left-wing outlets did the same thing, and exposed their bias in doing so.

There was no fact-checking of the DNC by these same networks; it was just exuberant cheerleading.

But regarding the RNC, CNN and the rest of the Democrat Media Complex told a host of lies in their “fact-checking.”

For example, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow interrupted South Dakota governor Kristi Noem’s speech to attack her for claiming Democrat-run cities are beset with violence.

Maddow even brought on Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan to rebut the claim.

This is the height of irony.

In order to prove that Democrat cities aren’t out of control, Maddow brought on the mayor whose own city was overrun by violent communists, so much so that a police precinct was surrendered to the mob.

Durkan herself called out agitators for showing up at her house to protest because she didn’t defund the police.

It’s no secret that violent crime and shootings have skyrocketed in cities like New York, Chicago, Portland, and Seattle – all Democrat-run cities.

The networks also cut away from Planned Parenthood defector Abby Johnson, now a staunch pro-life advocate.

The left-wing fact-checking site Politi-Fact said Johnson’s statements about Margaret Sanger being a racist and a eugenicist were “misleading.”

However, the truth is Sanger’s own writings prove Johnson’s statements are true.

Sanger spoke proudly of being invited to speak to KKK groups, and stated over and over that some segments of the population should not be allowed to procreate.

MSNBC cut away from the RNC for a total of 71 minutes, but aired 90% of the DNC.

This is just a sampling of the lies told by the corporate press about the RNC.

Since Democrats can’t run on policy, they have to resort to falsehoods.


The so-called mainstream media has somehow gotten more corrupt and dishonest.

CNN has been particularly horrendous in their coverage in 2020.

And one CNN host told a lie about Joe Biden that left all Republicans speechless.

CNN has turned into a parody of a news network.

The “most trusted named in news” would be more appropriate with “Yakety Sax” playing over their coverage on instant loop.

Perhaps the most aggravating thing about CNN is they purport to be a straight news network, but all of their anchors are blatantly biased.

That bias is exemplified by Brian Stelter, host of the ironically named “Reliable Sources.”

Stelter is supposed to be the network’s media watchdog, but his show is nothing more than a rebuke of right-wing news sources.

But Stelter had all Republicans tearing out their hair with the most-inane comment possible.

Stelter was peeved by right-wing news outlets questioning Joe Biden’s mental acuity, which is fair considering his several embarrassing gaffes and bouts with mental confusion.

During a panel discussion, Stelter had the gall to utter these words:

“When you see entire media companies essentially exist to tear down Joe Biden, is there an equivalent to that on the left, tearing down Trump?”

Everybody right-of-center in America just collectively dropped their jaws.

All of the networks on the left are dedicated to hammering Trump around the clock, and CNN is one of the worst culprits.

Studies have shown that over 90% of the network’s coverage of Donald Trump is negative.

Stelter’s deluded guests nodded along with his assertion, proving they’re all either incompetent, or lying through their teeth.

Either way, Stelter and his colleagues are terrible at their jobs.

In fact, Stelter once let a panelist on his show say that Trump would kill more people than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.

Stelter let the comment go unchallenged, then later said he did so because of a microphone malfunction.

Stelter also claimed that whispers of Biden not participating in any presidential debates was coming from the right when pundits on his own network had floated the possibility.

Stelter is one of the main problems with the corporate press.

He’s either terrible at his job as an objective journalist, or he’s quite good at his job as a propagandist who never breaks character.

The latter is probably closer to the mark based on leaked video from Project Veritas investigations.

The independent journalist outfit Project Veritas caught CNN chairman Jeff Zucker on audio telling his reporters to focus on anti-Trump stories.

Zucker has a personal vendetta against Trump, so he’s using his power as a media company boss to go after the President relentlessly.

Meanwhile, CNN and Stelter are going to pretend that a host of left-wing news organizations hellbent on destroying Trump don’t even exist.
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