Julian Assange Is a Hero and He’s Paying the Ultimate Price for It

Julian Assange Is a Hero and He’s Paying the Ultimate Price for It

In 2011, Jonathan Farley from the Baltimore Sun was invited to speak at a Rally for Information Freedom in New York City. He was invited by Barrett Brown, who was later sentenced to 63 months in prison for aiding hackers and obstructing authorities (he had faced up to 105 years); the media dubbed him “spokesman” for the hacker collective Anonymous. Jonathan spoke in defense of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who helped disseminate secret tapes of atrocities committed by U.S. forces in the Middle East.

He wrote in a 2019 piece,

“The Lord of Flies nestled within America’s intelligence establishment decided Mr. Assange must pay. He fled to the Ecuadorian embassy in London for sanctuary. Seven years later, he was arrested by British police.

A real-life Robin Hood, a Neo from “The Matrix,” Mr. Assange follows the path of Geronimo and H. Rap Brown. He fights for us by revealing in black and white U.S. complicity in the torture and murder of innocents. Saving Mr. Assange is a battle everyone who loves freedom must join.

I have felt for years that the last defenders of our freedom would be the cyber-anarchists. We are not at freedom’s end yet, but cameras capture the average Briton 300 times daily. The Lord of Flies even wishes to invade our minds, to determine when we are lying to him.

There is hope. Mathematical results with practical significance may enable us at least to transmit encrypted messages in such a way that only the intended recipients can decrypt them. This comes from the fact that it seems to be time-consuming to factor the product of two large prime numbers. For this reason, the Lord of Flies seeks to limit in essence the size of the prime numbers one can use for encryption — or provide a key to the back door for the government.

Punishing Mr. Assange is part of this effort to control us, Oceania-style. President Barack Obama’s attorney general said that he wanted to “hold people accountable” — meaning Mr. Assange. Right-wing politicians and pundits have even called for the execution of the people behind WikiLeaks.

The British government, by arresting Mr. Assange, has disgraced itself and proven to the world it is America’s toady. It is also violating European Union conventions, if it extradites a man to a place (America) where he could be executed.

Sweden has also disgraced itself. We know the real motivation of the Swedish government, which has wanted Mr. Assange for “questioning,” is political, but, to smear his name, the actual crime they want to question him about is carnal, albeit not one that is a crime in the United States: A woman who had crawled into bed with Mr. Assange claimed he had relations with her without a prophylacticanother woman claimed she willingly had relations with Assange, but that he had removed the prophylactic. Just imagine a man who got a woman pregnant telling a judge he doesn’t owe child support because he thought the woman was taking birth control!

In truth, one of the women, after the alleged “crime,” tweeted to the world that she was “with the world’s coolest, smartest people!”, referring to Mr. Assange, whom she was photographed with, smiling, also after the alleged “crime.” It was only after one of the women discovered that Mr. Assange had recently had relations with the other woman that she tried to file charges.

Like so many public rape accusations, this is simply a case of a woman scorned (and one more reason he-said-she-said cases must be summarily dismissed, not summarily believed). The news media continue to broadcast the lie that Assange faces “rape” or “assault” charges, because the real goal is to defame Mr. Assange. It is not enough to kill him, because that makes him a martyr.

We must instead push back against those who seek to kill truth-tellers. In that way, perhaps we will succeed in saving the man who kicked the hornets’ nest, and save what’s left of our freedom along with him.”

Julian Assange is a hero, a champion of freedom of speech during an era when journalistic integrity and the rights many of us have taken advantage of for so long are being stripped away. He will be remembered as a hero on the right side of history, but before that occurs, he had to sacrifice the same precious thing that many heroes throughout time were forced to give up.. his freedom.

That is my opinion and here is the majority of the public’s.

“Exposing truth is heroic”

Especially when you expose the powerful and their corruptness, You are in big danger, And he did it anyway. That takes courage not many have. He didn’t even write any consipiracy theory himself, He had just helped reliese the documents that showed the fact by themselves. Most whistleblowers are heroes.

“He lets people know”

Julian Assange is a hero because he allows information to be read by all including those of whom are in the government and those in which who aren’t. And that is why I do consider him a whistle blower. Although yes he might have all this unfiltered information but that’s just factual.

“He exposed government dirty secrets”

Julian is a true journalist who exposes what is true and not what is fabricated like fake news is: the Russian collusion which ironically has been proved to be fake by the waste of time – Muller investigation, So called journalist could learn plenty from Mr. Julian Assange, All freedom loving people should support Julian and be disgusted by the British governments actions.

“America puppet masters”

Once again the U. S. Has covertly collaberated via the media cabal to arrest someone who dare expose their world control. . Well done U. K u only reinforce the fact that the whole world is sick of their (U. S. ) underhanded runbish. They of course date not try and follow through on charges of their own. As it would expose the U. S. Via wiki evidence the extent of their 100 year world wide extensive criminal behaviour. . Don’t worry jukian. Everyone with a brain sees rhrough the bullshit. U shoukd get the congressional medal of honour. .

“Exposing Illegal government activities”

The illegal shootings in Iraq. The Bush administration. The Clinton administration. He is exposing the truth and has been locked up in the UK for it under Ecuadorian protection at the embassy. People deserve to know what their government is doing. Yes he is a hero.

“God speed, Julian Assange!”

Julian Assange has courageously exposed the very real dark, subversive underbelly of the U.S. government’s Deep State operations, as well as the complicity of other corrupt New World Order politicians and billionaires in other nations. They are hiding from the common people a New World Order tyrannical agenda which, if it succeeds, would be extremely bad news for freedom-loving people everywhere. Julian is a truth-teller. He has revealed through Wikileaks the astonishing amount of corruption that has taken control of many powerful government leaders, including royalty, bankers, and celebrities who are on board with a New World Order agenda. Thank you, Julian, for sacrificing your personal safety and freedom to expose corruption in high places, and for warniing us that if we, the people, allow the progression of globalism to continue it will surely result in a worldwide tyranny that will put an end to the freedoms we cherish. Stay safe, Julian, and God speed!

“Revealing truth is always good”

Honestly, Assange is just a very good editor of probably the best journalism website today. If secrets need to be exposed so be it. Wikileaks have exposed so much corruption that it brings fear to the establishment elites. He will go down as a modern day hero that is for sure.

“He definitely is”

He’s a hero because he’s the reason Hiltlery was exposed and lost cuz she’s a faggot and no one likes her and that he helped my boy Donald J. win the election and thus stopped war with Russia and now instead of bombs and Shet, we have Trump partying with Putin in the Trump Towers and it’s lit.

“Yes he is”

Julian is my hero, giving up his own life to inform others about the truth. Half of the peons voting no would never have the balls to do what this man does. Describe him in one word? ICON. He gave up his life for the greater good i am forever grateful.

“Transparency for the people’s good”

If a government is out of control to the measure that has been revealed by WikiLeaks, (by being party to illegal activity with no consequences for those who do such acts), then the people will tend not obey the laws either. Without WikiLeaks and freedom of confidential informants, how would a government be accountable to its citizens. The Snowden case is similar. If the government does not serve the people, the people will end up serving the government. Ask any escaped North Korean if our freedom of speech is something they wish they had.

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