Mayor DeBlasio and Wife Signaled Child Predators While Dancing Publicly During “Lockdowns”

Mayor DeBlasio and Wife Signaled Child Predators While Dancing Publicly During “Lockdowns”

Frank Sinatra’s famous song New York, New York played throughout an empty Times Square on Thursday night as de Blasio had one hand placed gently on his wife’s back while they rocked back-and-forth.

The NYC Mayor’s Office tweeted a 21-second video of the couple’s celebration in the early hours of January 1, 2021 – prompting social media backlash.

“Happy #NewYear from the greatest city in the world,” the office wrote to Twitter.

De Blasio and his wife were both wearing masks as they danced on a stage in Manhattan’s major commercial intersection as residents and other commoners were forced to stay home due to the new draconian orders.

What pulled even more attention for many others was the fact that De Blasio’s wife was wearing a mask with one of the most popular and perfectly printed symbols representing an underground sewage of child predators and pedophiles used to determine their age and sexual preference.

According to a declassified F.B.I. document these are the currently known symbols representing a large group of sick and pathetic individuals hiding throughout our nation.

In March, mother Nicole O’Kelly made global headlines after she discovered that a toy she had brought for her daughter bore a secret pedophile symbol.

On the surface, it looks just like any other heart-shaped icon, but unbeknownst to most what the symbol actually means is that when a pedophile sees children with it, a child is ready to be traded for sex.

Although the symbol had not been printed onto the toy intentionally by the company that manufactured it, the discovery raised an awareness for it.

According to an AOL report, the document members of paedophilic organisations use of descriptions such as “boylove”, “girllove,” and “childlove” to indicate the pedophile’s gender preference and have corresponding symbols for each.

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