Famous YouTuber EDP445 Caught Red-Handed Trying to Have Sex With 13-Year-Old Girl

Famous YouTuber EDP445 Caught Red-Handed Trying to Have Sex With 13-Year-Old Girl

Bryant Moreland, a YouTuber known as EDP445, was caught trying to meet a 13-year-old in an online vigilante sting operation. Another YouTuber known for filming these “stings” released the footage, which show Moreland exchanging inappropriate texts with a decoy who was pretending to be 13 years old.

Now Moreland has deleted all of his videos from the platform.

EDP445, which stands for “eat dat pussy,” is a 30-year-old YouTuber with two million subscribers who has been posting since 2010. He gained online fame as a loud Philadelphia Eagles fan, who mostly posts vlogs, mukbangs, and rants at the camera. He has appeared on Comedy Central’s “Tosh.0” multiple times.

On April 18, 2021, the Predator Poachers shared a series of explicit photos and videos on an Instagram reel. The group shared images of the messages sent by EDP445 to Predator Poachers under the impression that he was talking to a 13-year-old girl. The channel is known for similar “stings,” setting up meetings online with men who appear to believe they are interacting with underaged girls. Rosen also has a controversial online presence, posting other videos using racist language.

Rosen said he set up multiple fake Instagram profiles, including one of a 13-year-old girl, and messaged Moreland on his verified account.

Alexandra, a friend of Rosen’s who posed as decoys for other stings, read through the messages she said were shared between Moreland and the fake account. In the two-hour live stream, Alexandra also said Moreland sent explicit videos and photos that could not be shown because of YouTube policies against sexually explicit imagery. 

The conversation started on Instagram in February, with Moreland giving the decoy his private number, according to screenshots shown in the video. Moreland sent several sexual messages, according to the video. The conversation ended with the pair agreeing to meet.


YouTuber EDP445 exposed by online group after trying to meet under-age girl

Predator Poachers is an activist group that aims to raise awareness about online predators and save under-age children that get preyed on. On April 18th, the group shared pictures and videos on Instagram that contained messages sent by EDP445 to a “13-year old.”

They DM’d him:

The content of the messages becomes much more vulgar, sexually explicit, and outright disgusting. There is no defense, there is no lawyer good enough, and there is no way out of this for Bryant. He is going to prison. The real question is for how long?

The group then posted a video on YouTube talking in detail about all the allegations that they were raising against EDP445. The video also contained a confrontation between the group and the YouTuber. It was earlier live streamed on YouTube but has since been taken off.

The group had asked him, “You did double text here, correct? Knowing she was 13?”

The YouTuber, according to reports, replied, “Correct,” after which the group asked him whether he knew that the girl he was texting was 13 years old, again. The YouTuber responded by saying “correct” once more.

When he goes to meet Sophie in person, he finds three men with a camera instead.

In the video, Moreland says he came out to pick up a cupcake from Sophie and was going to go back home right after. “There was nothing that was going to be sexual involved,” he says in the video. “I’m not like that.”

When confronted on why he is attracted to 13-year-olds, Moreland says loneliness and that fantasizing about young girls started happening about seven or eight months ago. The three men interrogate him on all the actions he engaged in with Sophie, which includes sending and asking for graphic photos and showing up to engage in sexual activity. 

California’s child pornography laws prohibit the possession or sending of obscene photos of minors, including acts of “sexual conduct” such as the showing of genitals. It is also a crime to send any material to a minor with the intent to seduce or appeal to them. Adults convicted of committing these offenses are required to register in the sex offender registry. 

When asked by the men what would make him learn his lesson, Moreland responds, “This shit right here” and says there isn’t going to be a next time.

But the men aren’t satisfied with that answer and continue to go over the screenshots of messages from Moreland and tell him about the hundreds of messages they reportedly received from people asking them to look into him.

“You’re not in the position to be saying ‘Oh, I don’t care what you think,” because imagine if we were the brothers,” says one of the men. “Every time a car drove by, you said lower your voice because you don’t want people overhearing.”

The men ask Moreland if he thinks he deserves to go to jail, to which he responds, “If I’m being honest with you, I think so.” 

Moreland asks the men if they think his life is over, and the men tell him that he can choose to get help and hold himself accountable. Moreland says he will get help, but the men question his motives and ask, “If we went to the cops, would you still get help?”

Goldstein ends up calling the police as Moreland pleads, “No no no.” One of the other men responds by saying, “You’re the one who put yourself in this position. You have the audacity to say ‘Please don’t do this.”’

However, even Goldstein has since been embroiled in his own controversy after saying on video, “I provide her with plenty of D, just not the vitamin part” when referring to a 3-year-old. The @Predatorpoacherschet Instagram account has also been removed.

The video of Moreland ends with him telling someone over the phone that he’s going to jail, but he walks back to his car. The men can be seen continuing to call for the police to arrive at the scene. 


Moreland has since deleted all of the videos on his main channel

Rosen’s video has over 1.9 million views since it was posted, with popular content creators like penguinz0PierceTheKid, and Scarce sharing their own videos about it.

Though Moreland has not responded to any of the accusations or claims, he did post an update video on his second channel EDP445 2.0 on Friday saying he was going to delete every video on his main channel, the day before the sting took place. 

Moreland was previously caught talking to underage girls. YouTuber ColdRaven created a series of videos where he exposed Moreland for messaging and following underage women on Instagram, posting what he said were screenshots of their interactions. ColdRaven also pretended to be an underage girl himself and claimed Moreland sent his decoy sexually explicit messages. ColdRaven did not return Insider’s request seeking further comment. 

Moreland did not respond to Insider’s request for comment. 

‘Predator hunting’ is a controversial genre of media that’s existed for years

“Predator hunting” is a fairly popular genre on YouTube, focusing on decoys pretending to be minors asking to meet adults before “catching” those that arrive.

Creators like Mike FoxPOP Squad, and Anxiety War pull in hundreds of thousands of views with their stings, following in the footsteps of Chris Hansen’s “To Catch A Predator.” Like Hansen’s show, these channels have resulted in real arrests – CC Unit stings have led to the court-martial of a Marine in his 30s and the arrest of a teacher in Los Angeles.

“We catch online predators, who go after minors and kids and expose them online. Sometimes it leads to arrests, they get fired from their job,” Ghost told Insider. “Our goal is to change laws and give harsher punishments to these people.”

The genre isn’t universally praised, however. Prosecutors and police have previously warned that stings being conducted by civilians could fail to produce evidence that would stand up in court. Such stings can also go awry. Chris Hansen’s show faced criticism after a man shot himself when confronted by police and a camera crew as part of a sting, according to the New York Times.

YouTube’s Community Guideline policies do not explicitly ban these channels, though suspensions or bans can be given for “harmful or dangerous acts involving minors” and “Content that threatens individuals.”

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