Is Jeffrey Epstein Actually Dead? Drone Footage Says Not

Is Jeffrey Epstein Actually Dead? Drone Footage Says Not

While the attention of the masses has been directed towards riots, race wars, and terrifying legislation, another development occurred in the Jeffrey Epstein saga. Most of us never even noticed..

Epstein was arrested in July 2019 on a number of charges including trafficking young women and underage girls for sexual gratification between 2002 to 2005. He was found hanging in his Manhattan jail cell in August, 2019. The death of the 66-year-old, who had previously attempted suicide on July 23, was ruled as suicide by hanging.

However, on August 30th, 2019, drone footage taken over Epstein’s Caribbean Island retreat had revealed a man who looked remarkably like Epstein casually chatting with a staff member.

The video summary reads:,

Upped their chase game with the 2nd modified “protector” style boat. Won’t forget that one you slimy dirtbags.

You could literally indict the entire VI government, power company, port authorities, everyone from the cops to the bankers on corruption charges. Sorry, you Should*. Even without human rights violations, they are all involved in corruption, cover ups, drugs, kick backs, blind eyes, everything was and is allowed free reign down here. epstein included. Defrauding the United States & federal government.……

In all factual sense this is now an “entity” maintaining (covering up) a criminal enterprise; re:…

Section 1. (a) All property and interests in property that are in the United States, that hereafter come within the United States, or that are or hereafter come within the possession or control of any United States person of the following persons are blocked and may not be transferred, paid, exported, withdrawn, or otherwise dealt in:

(i) the persons listed in the Annex to this order;

(ii) any foreign person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General:

(A) to be responsible for or complicit in, or to have directly or indirectly engaged in, serious human rights abuse;

(B) to be a current or former government official, or a person acting for or on behalf of such an official, who is responsible for or complicit in, or has directly or indirectly engaged in:

(1) corruption, including the misappropriation of state assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain, corruption related to government contracts or the extraction of natural resources, or bribery; or

(2) the transfer or the facilitation of the transfer of the proceeds of corruption;

(C) to be or have been a leader or official of:

(1) an entity, including any government entity, that has engaged in, or whose members have engaged in, any of the activities described in subsections (ii)(A), (ii)(B)(1), or (ii)(B)(2) of this section relating to the leader’s or official’s tenure; or

(2) an entity whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order as a result of activities related to the leader’s or official’s tenure; or

(D) to have attempted to engage in any of the activities described in subsections (ii)(A), (ii)(B)(1), or (ii)(B)(2) of this section; and (iii) any person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General:

(A) to have materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of:

(1) any activity described in subsections (ii)(A), (ii)(B)(1), or (ii)(B)(2) of this section that is conducted by a foreign person;

(2) any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; or

(3) any entity, including any government entity, that has engaged in, or whose members have engaged in, any of the activities described in subsections (ii)(A), (ii)(B)(1), or (ii)(B)(2) of this section, where the activity is conducted by a foreign person;

(B) to be owned or controlled by, or to have acted or purported to act for or on behalf of, directly or indirectly, any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; or

Sec. 6. For the purposes of this order:

(a) the term “person” means an individual or entity;

(b) the term “entity” means a partnership, association, trust, joint venture, corporation, group, subgroup, or other organization; and

(c) the term “United States person” means any United States citizen, permanent resident alien, entity organized under the laws of the United States or any jurisdiction within the United States (including foreign branches), or any person in the United States. Sec. 7. For those persons whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order who might have a constitutional presence in the United States, I find that because of the ability to transfer funds or other assets instantaneously, prior notice to such persons of measures to be taken pursuant to this order would render those measures ineffectual. I therefore determine that for these measures to be effective in addressing the national emergency declared in this order, there need be no prior notice of a listing or determination made pursuant to this order.

This raises a number of questions. If Epstein is dead, who is paying his staff? What are the odds of a lookalike to be spotted on such a tiny island?

This bombshell follows side by side analysis of pictures of Epstein being wheeled out on a gurney that show a clear distinction in nose and ear shape to other pictures of him, ear shapes are considered to be as distinctive as fingerprints.

Many observers to the saga have raised their doubts about the authenticity of Epstein’s ‘suicide’, believe he was murdered or the suicide faked to shut the whole scandal down and make it go away.

Others have pointed out that a Brownstone Operative such as Epstein would have too much sensitive information to be assassinated without repercussions.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a Brownstone Operative is an agent that gathers compromising evidence of sexual misconduct of influential people in order to use it for blackmail and coercion. The Russians refer to this as ‘Kompromat’.

Epstein didn’t act alone, he’s merely being used as a fall guy for a much larger, more sinister global network. Epstein’s little black book was full of names of highly influential global players from Hollywood to royal family members.

Conspiracies Surrounding Epstein’s Death

Leftist media are reporting this “conspiracy theory” emerged after an Instagram handle Chakabars shared a string of images from an undated drone footage on his page. The images showed construction being carried out on an island with a man, looking like Epstein, interacting with the workers.

The caption on the images read: “Breaking news. Mainstream Media ignored, avoided & covered this up for ten months already. A man that looks like Jeffery Epstein spotted on his island in drone footage. After his ‘death’ with all the hype of this story, isn’t it amazing how they would completely avoid this.”

“Construction still on going at Epstein Island. Even after he was supposedly killed. They faked his death. You can tell if you look at the body. Pedophile don’t kill pedophiles. This is not Epstein,” the captions in the subsequent images read.

Transactions Done From Epstein’s Dormant Bank Account

In February, Daily Mail had reported about transactions being carried out from one of Epstein’s dormant offshore bank accounts in the Virgin Islands in the months following his death.

The documents presented in the court revealed transactions of multi-million dollars from Epstein’s estate to his bank, Southern County International, after his death. Even though the territory had sanctioned the bank in 2014, it remained dormant until the pedophile’s suicide. Months after his death, an amount of $15.5 million from Epstein’s estate was transferred to the bank in December last year. The bank sent back $2.6 million, leaving $12.9 million, reported the outlet.

Before the end of the year, a withdrawal of nearly all funds, leaving $500,000, was done. The payments were made to cater to day to day expenses including payment for cable. Judge Hermon-Purcell, who oversaw the hearing of the court case over Epstein’s remaining assets, had said: ‘There’s no explanation for it.’

Epstein’s Death Questioned on Social Media

Fueled with speculations, the latest conspiracy theory calling Epstein’s death a sham gained momentum on social media with many users debating the claim.

“They reported during his suicide nobody witnessed it and the cameras were off! he’s still alive !” expressed a user on Instagram, as other wrote, “Honestly don’t surprise me. When you powerful with money anything is capable.”

First and foremost, attorney Lin Wood recently came forth on Thursday claiming publicly that Jeffrey Epstein did not die in his prison cell in 2019 as the mainline press reported.

I am fully aware of the onslaught of attacks being made against me based on my revelations about Chief Justice John Roberts. Before attacking me, maybe fair-minded people would first ask Roberts to tell the truth.

Or ask Jeffrey Epstein. He is alive.

— Lin Wood (@LLinWood) December 31, 2020

Secondly, an Intellihub report authored August 11, 2019, reveals that a prison worker who made a post on 4Chan claims that unknown military personnel in an unmarked van showed up at the Metropolitan Correctional Center where accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was being held at the time and “switched him out” with a dead lookalike.

Jeffrey Epstein was handcuffed and wheeled into medical at the Metropolitan Correctional Center at around 4:15 a.m. on the morning of August 10, 2019, just before an unmarked van containing unknown military personnel showed up unannounced to “switch him out”, according to an anonymous post timestamped nearly 10 minutes before the actual mainstream news release of the accused sex trafficker’s death by “suicide” which hit the press that morning around just before 9 a.m.

The ominous message posted to 4Chan at 8:44 a.m. reads:

Not saying anything after this pls do not try to dox me but last night after 0415 they took him [Epstein] [to] medical in a wheelchair front cuffed but not 1 triage nurse says they spoke to him. Next thing we know trip vans show up? We do not do releases on weekends unless a judge orders it. The next thing we know, he’s put in a single man cell and hangs himself? Here’s the thing, the trip van did NOT sign in and we did not record the plate number and a guy with a green dress military outfit was in the back of the van according to the tower guy that let him through the gate. You guys I am shaking right now but I think they switched him out.

To boot, Intellihub founder and editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas analyzed earshots of the purported dead man in mid-August of 2019, and what he uncovered may shock you.

A photograph of Epstein’s so-called dead body reveals that the body is in fact not Epstein at all but rather someone else entirely.

Ambellas Tweeted on 11 Aug:

Dead Epstein on right vs alive on left. Any questions? Case closed. He’s alive. The dead man is not Epstein.

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