Joe Biden Shit His Pants.. Again

Joe Biden Shit His Pants.. Again

Joe Biden is in the midst of quite possibly one of the most embarrassing presidential rumors ever. Recently there was a historical meeting between Joe Biden and Pope Francis, but a viral report alleges there was a bathroom accident that made their meeting run longer than expected.

On Friday, Joe Biden met with Pope Francis at the Vatican. Mysteriously, the TV feed was abruptly cut off by officials, and video of Biden speaking with the Pope never made it to viewers.

Biden is making waves on social media again but for all the wrong reasons. Many are wondering whether there is any truth to rumors that Biden had a “bathroom incident” during his meeting with the Pope at the Vatican, causing the hashtag #poopypantsbiden to trend on Twitter.

Biden, who is only the second Catholic president in US history, appeared at the Vatican’s San Damaso Stadium at 12 pm local time. He and his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, were greeted by Monseigneur Leonardo Sapienza, who runs the papal household, as well as Gentlemen of His Holiness. However, rumor has it that Biden’s meeting with the Pope was unusually long because he had to use the facilities at the Vatican before he left.

The talks started following a tweet by Amy Tarkanian, former chairwoman of the Nevada Republican Party.

“The word around Rome is that Biden’s meeting with the Pope was unusually long because Biden had a bit of a ‘bathroom accident’ at the Vatican & it had to be addressed prior to him leaving,” conservative strategist Amy Tarkanian tweeted. “I know we joke often about this, but this is the actual rumor going around Rome now.”

The ‘unusually long’ meeting that lasted for 90 minutes had become a topic of discussion on social media. Users raised several questions regarding the reason behind such a long meeting.

A photo from the meeting.
Many people online alleged that this was the moment when Biden had the bathroom accident.

Earlier, the Vatican abruptly canceled the live broadcast of Biden and Pope Francis’ meeting. Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said the revised plan reflected the “normal procedure” established during the coronavirus pandemic for all visiting heads of state or government. Instead, the Vatican will provide edited footage of the recorded event to accredited media, it was reported.

After meeting up with the Pope things got stranger.

Biden then had to participate in a G20 Rome Summit photo shoot and look how awkwardly he stood away from everybody.

The POTUS has now become the subject of mockery on social media, with other hashtags such as #Bidenbathroomaccident and #Bidenshitshispants also trending on Twitter. “Remember when Biden’s dogs were blamed for pooping on the floor in the White House and then they got rid of them? Makes you think,” one critic joked. “I’ll take mean tweets over a senile old bas*** that craps his pants in front of the freaking Pope,” another wrote.

“At the #G20RomeSummit the United States is represented by an infant that shits himself #PoopypantsBiden,” a comment read. “At first the Pope thought Biden wanted to start talking about climate change but then he realized Joe was saying he wanted his diaper changed. At that point the Pope just wanted to know if his butt had been wiped,” another quipped.

This is not the first or second time the leader of the free world has faced such accusations. Many believe that Biden couldn’t help himself during his meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on September 22, and therefore White House staff cut Johnson mid-sentence and asked the news media to leave immediately.

Biden faced similar allegations when he called for multiple bathroom breaks during his first debate with former President Donald J. Trump. Fox News reported at the time how the Democratic presidential nominee asked for breaks every 30 minutes to allow both parties to rest during the meeting, which is only scheduled to last 90 minutes and features no commercial breaks.

President Biden did not confirm following his meeting with the Pope that his “butt’s been wiped.”

There does not appear to be visual confirmation that he had changed his suit, whether before his meeting with Italian Prime Minister Draghi or French President Macron. Nor is there video evidence to confirm or deny what happened at Biden’s meeting with the Pope.

The #PoopyPantsBiden hashtag improbably trended to #1 on Twitter. This is the price the Biden administration has to pay for its lack of transparency. It should be noted that similar accounts have been made about former President Donald Trump, although none of those rumors were proven either.

The problem with cutting off independent media access, as well as running a presidency with extreme secrecy, is that it becomes very difficult to definitively debunk Internet speculation. If the White House were more forthright with the American people, perhaps trends like “Let’s Go Brandon,” “F*ck Joe Biden,” and now, #PoopyPantsBiden, wouldn’t be so likely to explode on the Internet.

So, will we ever be able to definitively prove that President Biden pooped his pants when he met the Pope? Depends, but I doubt this will be the last “incident” before the Diaper-in-chief is finally replaced with someone more useful.

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