‘Hydra Vulgaris’ a Living Parasite Inside the Moderna Vaccine

‘Hydra Vulgaris’ a Living Parasite Inside the Moderna Vaccine

In a breakthrough discovery, Dr. Carrie Madej discusses (with Dr. Larry Palevsky and Dr. Christiane Northrup) what she has found under the microscope in a couple of vials of the Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccines on the Stew Peters Show at Red Voice Media. She reveals the horrifying discovery of a very strange and seemingly self-aware organism which has been identified as possibly Hydra Vulgaris.

She had described seeing what appeared to be a “tentacled organism” in the contents of the Moderna vial that was seemingly alive. Experts have come back with potential candidates for its identification, either Hydra vulgaris or Polypodium hydriforme, both of which are members of the Cnidaria phylum and are the distant freshwater cousins of corals and jellyfish, several species of which have dynamic characteristics of interest to Big Pharma.

Well, to prove that there’s nothing to fear from vaccine boosters, resident White House dementia patient, Administrator Joe Biden publicly received a Pfizer booster shot on Monday, at least – that’s what we’re supposed to believe because that’s what the media showed us on TV. One day later, the White House announced that the president’s trip to Chicago is postponed, supposedly so he can negotiate with lawmakers about the Democrats’ big spending bill. But no, you won’t see him in public in that span. Why do you ask?

The Biden administration is still pursuing its plan to force a vaccine into the arms of every American, regardless of age, health status, or religious conviction. But that dictatorial push isn’t enough, so they’re also expanding their push to booster shots. Of course, those will be mandatory soon as well. Soon everybody will be paying their mandatory tribute to Pfizer every six months for the right to travel, go outside, hold a job, have a life.

And they’re racing forward aggressively. Even the CDC’s own Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted against endorsing booster shots for health care workers and teachers. But last Friday, CDC director Rochelle Wolensky just overruled them. The Biden Administration’s political priorities come first, and that means more vaccines being forced into more arms.

Doctor Carrie Madej says she personally examined multiple vials of the vaccines that are being forced into people’s arms, and she says she was horrified by what she saw. She says she cried harder than she ever has before. She says other American labs have looked at the contents of vaccine vials, only to shut down shortly after.

Photos provided by Doctor Carrie Madej
Photos provided by Doctor Carrie Madej
Photos provided by Doctor Carrie Madej
Photos provided by Doctor Carrie Madej
Photos provided by Doctor Carrie Madej
Photos provided by Doctor Carrie Madej
Photos provided by Doctor Carrie Madej
Photos provided by Doctor Carrie Madej
Photos provided by Doctor Carrie Madej
Photos provided by Doctor Carrie Madej
Photos provided by Doctor Carrie Madej
Photos provided by Doctor Carrie Madej

Hydra are found almost everywhere there is fresh water and they’re easy to experiment with because they require minimal care. They are used extensively in the study of morphyllaxis or tissue regeneration.

When you sever a section off a hydra, it forms into a smaller version of the original hydra, approximately the same size as the severed section. There is an “exchange” or reshuffling of tissue that allows it to quickly grow new legs, etc. It is reported that hydra do not undergo senescence, making them biologically immortal although this has been disputed.

Here’s a short clip showing the fascinating characteristics of the hydra:

Another Cnidaria, the Immortal Jellyfish is the only animal known to be able to reverse its life cycle. It does this through the cell development process of transdifferentiation. Instead of dying, an adult or juvenile under stress can revert back to a polyp and begin the life cycle all over again, which makes it an important target of aging and pharmaceutical research.

It may be the angle of her photograph but I think it looks most like the polypodium, which is 30X smaller than a hydra, so this would be easy to ascertain. The polypodium has unusual lifecycle, a peculiar morphology and high rates of DNA evolution. It’s formed from a binucleated cell, a type of cell most commonly found in cancer cells. It is one of the few animals that live inside the cells of other animals.

Polypodium spends most of its life inside the oocytes (egg cells, i.e., immature eggs) of sturgeons and paddlefish (you can’t get them from caviar) but it goes through many phases, including a non-parasitic free-living stage, when it emerges from the host egg into fresh water and later fragments into multiple medusoid-like organisms that go on to multiply by means of longitudinal fission.

But regardless of which medusoid microbe it is, why is it in the vaxx? Is it to turn us into immortal biological Transformers or for some other transhumanist purpose?

Could this be another reason why anti-parasitic drugs, like ivermectin are effective in the treatment of COVID?

Recall that Dr. Robert Young found a different parasite, T. cruzi in the Johnson & Johnson vials. T. cruzi causes Chagas disease, which is incurable if left untreated within 4 weeks of infection and after which the infection becomes chronic. It can shorten the lifespan by decades if left untreated.

After initial infection, benznidazole and nifurtimox are the anti-parasitic drugs of choice for treating Chagas disease.

If you are facing forced vaccination, it would be a good idea to prepare to be tested and treated for such a parasitic infection, to at least not have to worry about that, on top of the superconducting graphene and SPIONs, to say nothing of the nucleoside-modified mRNA and spike proteins.

If you were force-vaccinated more than a month ago, you may want to be screened for T. cruzi and other parasites.

Of course, the above includes unqualified, non-professional speculation on my part. Better to listen to the opinions of these three brave doctors.

An Injected Parasite Feasting On Your Body

Is this nasty thing eating away at peoples nervous system? The length of a Hydra vulgaris ranges from 10mm to 30mm and width about 1 mm. The hydra have four to twelve tentacles that protrude from just outside the mouth. They feed by extending their tentacles and waiting for food to touch the tentacles. They then bring the food to their mouth, ingest and digest the organism. Anything that cannot be digested is egested. Ingestion and egestion occur through the mouth.

Like other hydras, Hydra vulgaris cling to a base object with a “foot” pad, shaped like a disk. The Hydra moves by releasing its grip on its base and is carried away by the current. H. vulgaris can also move by bending over, grabbing a surface with its tentacles, releasing its grip with its “foot” and flipping over itself.

H. vulgaris is often used, like many hydra, as a model organism for morphallactic regeneration because they are easy to care for, requiring minimal direct care, and reproduce relatively quickly. It is reported that they do not undergo senescence, making them biologically immortal.

This species can reproduce in three ways: sexual reproduction, budding, and indirectly through regeneration. The evidence of intelligent self-assembly of nanotechnology and intelligent filament-movement is an indicator of synthetic biology and nanobioelectronics, as per several scientific papers published in various journals, and points to the stealth inclusion of Graphene Oxide in the Moderna vaccine for electromagnetic manipulation of cells and neurons via the creation of synthetic neural networks in the human body and brain. This is a clear sign of malfeasance and intended transhumanizing and cyborgizing of the human body through the COVID vaccines.

It must be remembered that both Pfizer and Moderna developed the Transhumanist mRNA vaccines for DARPA, on DARPA contracts from 2013. Pfizer and Moderna’s military connections as well as the mRNA connections with DARPA’s Regina Dugan now directing the Wellcome LEAP ventures and DARPA’s Dan Wattendorf now at the Gates Foundation were discussed here earlier. DARPA’s “Pandemic Prevention Platforms” and ADEPT diagnostic and monitoring platforms are based on bioengineering, gene manipulation, and synthetic biology. These human-takeover programs envision an infinite future of mRNA vaccines and external control of the human body and brain, which Graphene Oxide would permit.

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