School Nurse Erin Pein Fired After Admitting Masks Are “Child Abuse”

School Nurse Erin Pein Fired After Admitting Masks Are “Child Abuse”

A New Jersey school nurse was terminated last year for refusing to wear a mask and for criticizing her school district’s onerous mask mandate, calling it “child abuse.”

Erin Pein, a nurse with the Stafford Township School District, has treated numerous children who complained of headaches, stomach aches and shortness of breath because they were forced to wear masks all day.

According to Pein, in several instances, the children were wearing dirty masks that hadn’t been changed for weeks. Sometimes, the masks contained vomit and other stomach-curdling bacteria, she said Wednesday on Fox News’ Fox & Friends.

“I was witnessing children being harmed by these masks on a multi-factorial level,” Pein said. “So I’ve seen kids come in with all kinds of dirty masks, the same mask for weeks, surgical masks that have food and dirt on them.

“And I had a student come to me, he came to the nurse’s office and said he couldn’t breathe.”

Erin Pein told ‘Fox & Friends’ on Wednesday that she was ‘deeply concerned’ that the children in the Strafford Township School District were wearing the masks ‘incorrectly’.

In another instance, Pein said, a boy came to see her after throwing up in his mask. He told her he wasn’t sick and explained that the nausea and vomiting he experienced were caused by his chronic mask usage.

In still another gruesome incident, the nurse said a little girl came to her office crying because she was sick and had thrown up in class but was forced to keep her soiled mask on.

“I had a kid come down to me. She was wearing a mask. She was crying,” Pein recounted. “She had vomited in class… I pulled her mask off. It was full of vomit. Her mask was full of vomit.”

The nurse said she has been a medical professional for 13 years and has three children of her own.

Because she’s a mom herself, Pein said, she’s especially heartbroken at seeing so many children suffer from “severe anxiety” fueled by their schools’ unreasonable mask mandates.

“They shouldn’t have this problem,” Pein told Singh. “It’s harmful, it’s dangerous.”

She said children “learn how to be adults by recognizing faces and facial expressions” and “masks were never supposed to be used this way.”

After witnessing all this, Pein alerted her supervisor about her concerns. She said her boss dismissed them, saying her feedback was not appreciated.

“They just bluntly told me we are going to be following the mandates put in place by Gov. [Phil] Murphy and that includes wearing masks,” she told host Brian Kilmeade. “And I let them know that, as a nurse, I don’t feel comfortable enforcing something that I can see and know that is harming somebody.”

Pein, a nurse for 13 years, has three children of her own who all wear masks to school.

She explained that people should wash their hands before they put on masks and should only touch the ear loops, as the front of the mask can get filled with bacteria.

Masks should also be placed in a sealed bag, she told New Jersey 101.5, and “you want to inspect it when you take it off.”

“Look at it,” she said. “Make sure it doesn’t have any moisture on it, it doesn’t have any dirty spots, doesn’t have any food on it.”

She also questioned the effectiveness of the masks at preventing COVID, and said children should not have to worry about wearing masks, as they are less likely to die from the respiratory virus.

A Facebook page has been set up in support of Pein, pictured, after she was suspended from her job for claiming masks were harmful to children and refusing to wear one herself.

Attention to the situation escalated when New Jersey GOP gubernatorial candidate Hirsh Singh voiced support for Pein and said he will be attending a Board of Education meeting on May 10, according to a statement on his Facebook page. Other supporters are planning a rally before the May 10 meeting demanding Pein’s return to work: “Let’s stop this Child Abuse & Abuse of power!!” a flyer advertising the rally reads.

“I stand with nurse Erin Pein, and all parents, nurses and teachers who refuse to back down and cower before Big Government tyrants like Phil Murphy,” Singh said in a statement to Newsweek. “Millions in New Jersey are now vaccinated and it’s time for Phil Murphy to start following the actual science instead of the political science. It’s time to unmask our children, safely reopen New Jersey, and take back our freedoms.”

Singh also shared a video of Pein telling her story to his campaign’s Facebook page. In the video, Pein, a mother of three, makes numerous claims about the efficacy of masks that contradict official medical guidance on mask-wearing.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy issued an order in 2020 that mandated students who return to in-person learning in school buildings wear a mask at all times. Parents who did not want their children to wear a mask while in school had the option of learning remotely. 

She expressed her concerns to her supervisor, she said, but ‘they just bluntly told me we are going to be following the mandates put in place by Gov. Murphy and that includes wearing masks.’

“I let them know that, as a nurse, I don’t feel comfortable enforcing something that I can see and know that is harming someone.”

So instead, Pein said, she decided to stage her own form of protest – and refused to wear a mask.

She went into her job without one for two days before being told on April 20th that she would be suspended without pay. 

DailyMail reached out to the Stafford Township School District for comment. School board attorney Martin Buckley has previously told The Hill that the school district cannot comment on personnel issues.

“Unfortunately, it is a personnel matter and I do not have the ability to comment or discuss the matter, nor can I discuss any of the information that Ms. Pein has already chosen to make public,” he said in a statement.

The school board was set to determine Pein’s future in the district on May 10, when her supporters had planned a protest of her suspension.

The Strafford Township School District sent out a letter to parents on May 4 informing them about a planned ‘Unmask our Kids’ protest in support of Pein.

Facebook page has been set up in support of Pein, which accepts donations for her, and Stafford Township School District Officials sent a letter out to parents on May 4 to make them aware about the upcoming ‘Unmask Our Kids’ protest.

“In collaboration with the Stafford Township Police Department, we are asking that this protest remains peaceful and organized for the health and safety of our students, staff and community,” George Chidiac, the superintendent, wrote in the letter, noting that the district has set up three designated protest areas.

Anyone who enters one of the buildings, the Stafford Township Performing Arts Center will be expected to wear masks, he said, ‘unless they have a doctor’s note exempting them from such.’

“Our number one priority is everyone’s safety and well-being,” he said. “We are taking every precautionary measure to ensure this is a peaceful protest.”

Replace these criminals folks. Stop letting them destroy your or any one else’s children’s lives.

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