Angelia Desselle: Injured By the Pfizer Vaccine and Fighting Back

Angelia Desselle: Injured By the Pfizer Vaccine and Fighting Back

On Tuesday January 5th 2021, Angelia Desselle took her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. She was working in healthcare and as soon as it rolled out in her area, without hesitation, she willingly rolled up her sleeve.

Within 2 hours she started having issues. By Friday night she had lost the use of her left leg. Saturday she had lost the use of both legs. It was followed by full body convulsions. 

She has lost the use of her legs three times since January and the convulsions are still with her today. It has now been 14 months and she is still suffering with these horrible symptoms.

Some of these videos and photos are taken from her son Brant Griner’s FB page.

However, as of January 17th, 2021, Angelia has disabled her Facebook page due to being overwhelmed.

Despite an unpleasant reaction, possibly attributed to the COVID vaccine, Brant Griner’s mother Angelia Gipson Desselle appears to be on the road to recovery. And she is still supportive of the vaccine.

“I chose to take this vaccine because I thought it was the right thing to do. And I am sure it is going to save millions of lives.”

Yeah.. or the exact opposite.

Angelia also appeared with Kirsti Simmonds and Shawn Vidiella on a segment of episode 226 on The Highwire.

Since her traumatic injury, Desselle has been on a campaign to awaken America to the dangers of the experimental COVID biologics. Below is her testimony today in front of the Louisiana State Legislature.

In her testimony, she stated that there is a backlog of 197,000 injured people just like her needing help.

Of course they know this. It is all a show. They are the murderers doing this to us. To have to testify before a committee of traitors and murderers is a joke. The only fear this congressman has is that he will get exposed for what he has done to the people and the country.

Here is another video and statement from Desselle regarding her traumatic experience over at No More Silence.

She says:

“I have been in Health Care for over 20 years until I received my first dose of the Pfizer Vaccine.

Within two hours I got a severe headache, followed by flu like symptoms over the next three days. On the third night, I lost the use of my left leg. When I woke up the next morning both of my legs were gone. I couldn’t move them or control them. Within 30 minutes, seizure like activity started which turned into full body convulsions.

I have lost the use of my legs three times since January. Eleven months later, I am still dealing with tremors, fatigue, muscle weakness, pain, headaches, tingling, numbness, burning sensations all over my body, brain fog and memory loss.

I lost my career in Health Care. I didn’t drive for 7 months after my Vaccine. I do not go out in public much. I am scared of the convulsions starting as it has happened before in public, and it scares everyone around me. I can’t go up and down stairs without my legs shaking to the point I cannot control them. I try to be hopeful but, I am not sure at this point if my life will ever be the way it used to be. I try to remain positive and supportive of others with these adverse reactions but I must be truthful with myself and accept things as they are.

I was hospitalized for 5 days. I have had around 60 doctors office visits and travelled 5200 miles for failed treatments. I’ve spent my life savings on these treatments and visits. I am still undiagnosed.

My Adverse Reactions have been reported to Pfizer, the CDC, FDA, and the NIH Louisiana State Health Department. To date I have received no substantial response from anyone.

If you are unfortunate to end up like us, Vaccine Injured, you are totally alone trying to figure out your treatments. There is no proper healthcare for you. Many doctors completely hide your symptoms and cover them up. They will not admit or address any of your Vaccine Adverse Reactions.”

This series featuring Desselle is named “The Unacknowledged – Victims of the Vaccine,” which is just one component of a national education effort organized by a not-for-profit organization, the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.

The video description reads:

“Angelia Desselle and Shawn Skelton are just two of thousands of victims injured by the COVID – 19 vaccine that want answers and have requested an in-person meeting with President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Biden’s top medical advisor.”

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