Felicity Jackson: Seizures and Convulsions After Pfizer “Vaccine”

Felicity Jackson: Seizures and Convulsions After Pfizer “Vaccine”

A 29-year-old woman from Manchester, England was hospitalized after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Felicity Jackson, a creative director, got her second shot on August 24th and developed a whole host of symptoms shortly afterward, including – headaches, blurred vision, tremors, and sensitivity to light.

She was hospitalized on August 26th and has been in and out of hospital since then.

Felicity Wrote:

“A lot of you have been following my stories, and will already be aware that I have been suffering with non-epileptic seizures, (as well as a whole host of other symptoms – headaches, blurred vision, tremors, shaking, sensitivity to light etc) since having my 2nd Pfizer vaccine on the 24th August 2021.

Sadly, I do not seem to be getting any better, and I do not feel that I am getting the help that I need. I am being passed from pillar to post and I do not seem to be getting anywhere. This is happening to me daily and I have been in and out of hospital. I am unable to continue with normal life. I cannot go into work, I cannot be alone and I cannot do the every day things I would normally do unassisted.

On the evening of the 24/8 my whole body became paralyzed. I was carried to bed and my body began convulsing. The fits continued into the next day. Paramedics were called out on 26/8. I was taken into hospital for tests. I was back in hospital on 29/8 then referred to another hospital where I was kept in for tests and observation. Having called 111 several times, I had red flags for neurological symptoms. I was then taken to A&E again on 1/9. I was then given an appointment on 9/9 having been referred to an epilepsy centre but I do not have epilepsy.

The fits occur between 2-12 times per day and can last anywhere from a few minutes to two hours.

More recently I have been having terrible chest pains. An ambulance was called on the morning of the 15/9 as I thought I was having a heart attack. The muscles around my heart had gone into spasm and I could not breathe and had pains in my arm.)

Please, if you know of anyone that you think may be able to help, tag them or share this post. This is my story. This is very real and it is happening.

*** this post was not shared to scare or coerce, your body = your choice ***”


“Tomorrow marks 4 weeks since my 2nd vaccine and yesterday was the first full day in 28 days that I didn’t have a seizure. Yes I am still suffering with a constant headache and body pain, tremors, convulsions, blurred vision, chest pains, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, brain fog, confusion, dizziness, low BP, weakness, paralysis, and eyes that are so sensitive to light that I have to wear sunglasses in the house; but I am trying to celebrate the little wins and be as positive as I can be. Up until this day I have been suffering with up to 12 fits per day and would often spend half the day semi-conscious and in agonizing pain. Last week on Tuesday my whole body became paralyzed and my legs gave in on me. On Wednesday

my whole body was in spasm and the muscles around my heart went into spasm. I couldn’t breathe and I had shooting pains down my arm. My family called an ambulance as we thought it was a heart attack and I genuinely thought that was the end for me. I battled through that day as I was determined to get to Halifax for Ozone therapy (which was brilliant). On Thursday I went to a private hospital and spent the whole of my duration there uncontrollably shaking and barely able to communicate. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent resting in bed from sheer exhaustion. I hope from here things only get better.

I am taking CBD and more supplements, as well as Ketotifen (for mast cells) and Clobazam (to relax my muscles). I have reached out to functional medicine doctors and other alternative practices. I will also return for more Ozone therapy and Vitamin shots this week.
My diet is already plant based, but I am going down a more ketogenic/low histamine approach to detox my body, and I have cut out all soy products.

I am so grateful to my amazing loved ones who have been there for me every step of the way, and thank you to everyone for your recommendations, well wishes, healing energy and kindness.

This is very real and seemingly not rare, but I will not let this beat me, and to all those going through the same, we’ve got this. 

Continue to be brave and share what the media will not.”

Follow her account and her journey here.

Video of her seizing, please be advised it may be disturbing:

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