Hundreds of Vaccine-Injured Women Fight Back Against Censorship “We Are Real, Not Rare”

Hundreds of Vaccine-Injured Women Fight Back Against Censorship “We Are Real, Not Rare”

A large group of women who had their lives turned upside down after taking an experimental COVID shot recently created a video meant to bring attention to their adverse reactions.

“Hello, Pfizer. Hello, Moderna. Hello, AstraZeneca. Hello, Johnson & Johnson,” the women tell the camera in the video’s intro. “Hello, CDC. Hello, FDA,” they add.

Adverse events caused by the Fauci Virus (COVID-19) “vaccines” are much more common than many people realize. And since the corporate media refuses to tell the truth about it, the website is filling that gap.

Much like the website, allows jab-injured people to tell their stories – or their families to tell their stories if the injuries resulted in death.

One of the latest stories on the site as of this writing is that of Audrey Ince, a woman from Brooklyn who became injured after receiving her first dose of Moderna (Lot #002A21A) on February 24.

“My life before COVID was great,” Ince said. “I was in great shape and a distance runner (two marathons).”

Almost immediately after getting jabbed with Moderna, Ince’s arms started tingling. Later that week, she began to experience intense headaches and dizziness. On March 19, she suffered a transient ischemic attack (TIA) mini-stroke and lost all feeling on her right side and had to be rushed to the emergency room.

“This was just the beginning of my problems,” Ince lamented.

Over time, Ince developed chronic floating vertigo, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, chronic “pins and needles” in her limbs, hands and feet, internal tremors, burning sensations in her legs and several episodes of muscles weakness where she can barely move her limbs and her hands “curl.”

“It has been a nightmare,” she said, noting that doctors have been “very unhelpful” in determining what went wrong.

“The truth is no one knows what happened. I’ve been through an enormous amount of blood tests and MRIs to rule out autoimmune disorders.”

Instagram Censoring the Truth

This is just one small example of the censorship loopholes these women are forced to trek through in order to have their voices heard.

One of the women who appeared in the video posted it to her social media this week, writing, “To the incredible women I’ve met along the way, thank you. Thank you for your strength, your support and your sisterhood. The past six months would have been unbearable without you, so thank you. You each have handled an impossible situation with such grace and I can only hope I’ve done the same. Your resilience and determination despite difficult circumstances and faltering health is truly inspiring.”

She told her followers, “To the audience in attendance – I hope that each of you have kept an open heart and an open mind. Many of us are facing the most challenging health battle of our lives, all while navigating through a heavily debated and highly controversial topic. Our health has been politicized, scrutinized and heavily criticized. And honestly, it’s been a hard place to heal.”

“I understand that many of you may find it hard to believe that this can happen,” she continued. “And I don’t blame you, I’m still in disbelief myself. I also understand that your skepticism likely stems from the fact that this hasn’t happened to you or your loved ones. And I pray it never will. But, this is real and it is happening, to us.”

The vaccine-injured young lady added, “I can only hope that one day answers as to why this happened will surface, that studies are enacted to prevent future complications and that further research is conducted for the enhancement of both health and science. Above all, I truly hope no one will have to endure what we have the past six months. It’s been tough, but so are we.”

Shame on those who are preventing these testimonies from being heard as well as those who quickly dismiss these personal accounts all in the name of politics.

COVID Jabs: When the “Cure” Is Worse Than the Disease

Ince reported her injuries to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), as well as to all of her doctors and even Moderna itself. Moderna, she said, never even responded.

“It’s obvious that they don’t care,” Ince said about Moderna. “My neurologist told me there was nothing he could really do for me except some seizure medication. It has definitely been a long journey full of disappointment.”

“My story is real and people treat it’s like it doesn’t matter because it didn’t happen to them. It’s amazing that I tried to do my part to help the world and the world has turned their backs on me.”

Ince’s story is just one of many on the website. Another comes from someone named Kirill Kandakov, a resident of Pittsburgh, who said he is very slowly improving from his injection-induced illness but not by much.

“I was active – working, exercising and did not have any health issues,” Kandakov said about his pre-injection life. “Exactly 14 days after the vaccine I developed dizziness and my heart rate increased from 60-65 to 90-120.”

“Lights became too bright and I started to have panic attacks/anxiety. It’s been hell for the past six-plus months. For two months I could not even go outside for a little walk or I would get very sick. I could not work, drive car or do anything. I was in my bed praying that I would not die. It’s been horrible.”

For a “life-saving medicine,” COVID injections sure are damaging people’s ability to live and function after getting them. And in almost every case, the recipient of these death jabs was healthy and normal prior to getting poked.

The website has a “Take Action” page where the jab-injured can send a letter to Congress, sign a petition, report an adverse reaction to VAERS, and even help grow the page’s doctor referral program.

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