Is Tiffany Dover, the Nurse Who Passed Out on Live TV After Getting COVID Injection Dead?

Is Tiffany Dover, the Nurse Who Passed Out on Live TV After Getting COVID Injection Dead?

As far as Chattanooga-based CHI Memorial Hospital is concerned, Tiffany Pontes Dover, a nurse who used to work there before she collapsed during a live press conference right after getting early “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) no longer exists.

CHI recently deleted all of its tweets about Tiffany Dover, who has since completely disappeared, from its official Twitter account. These tweets were tweeted right after the collapse incident to reassure the public that Tiffany Dover supposedly did not die from her injections and was doing just fine at home “resting.”

Rumors have since circulated that Tiffany Dover’s collapse on live television probably did her in because the public was never given a legitimate follow-up about her health status. On December 18, 19 and 21, just days after Tiffany Dover received her shot, CHI tried to perform damage control by tweeting that Tiffany Dover was okay, but nobody has seen or heard from her directly in nearly a year.

Tiffany Dover’s family was also trotted out to provide a “fact check” claiming that Tiffany Dover was in good health at home, still “resting,” and not dead as would seem to be the case. These statements by Tiffany Dover’s family, along with CHI’s tweets, were further inserted into numerous mainstream media “fact checks” from the likes of Reuters and Snopes.

It was recently discovered, however, that all of CHI’s tweets about Tiffany Dover are now mysteriously missing from Twitter. Suddenly, there is no longer any trace of Tiffany Dover’s existence, or that she ever even worked for the Tennessee hospital in the first place.

Where Is Tiffany Dover?

Prior to collapsing on live television, Tiffany Dover was very active on social media. She had accounts on both Facebook and Instagram that she used religiously, but those went untouched following the incident. Those accounts are now permanently deleted.

Archived screenshots of one of CHI’s now-deleted tweets about Tiffany Dover reveals a trove of questioning people wanting to know why Tiffany Dover has not come out to reveal herself and reassure the world that she is healthy and safe.

After all, her appearance was a publicity stunt designed to show the world that Fauci Flu shots are “safe and effective” – except it went horribly wrong. Tiffany Dover owes it to the world to prove her existence by capturing a video of herself holding up a current newspaper or some other evidence along with some kind of statement.

The fact that Tiffany Dover is nowhere to be found and CHI has “erased” her from existence is highly suspicious, if not flat-out incriminating. What happened to Tiffany Dover and why is the world not being told anything about her? And why the need for this sudden cover-up?

At one point, CHI released a video that supposedly depicted Tiffany Dover surrounded by her coworkers. However, that video is nowhere to be found, not even in an archive. There is no evidence whatsoever, in other words, to prove that Tiffany Dover is still alive.

Someone actually set up a website called that hopes to keep this issue at the forefront. Neither CHI nor the local police department in Chattanooga, both of which still claim that there was “no crime” and “no death” involved with Tiffany Dover’s disappearance, should be let off the hook for this disturbing incident that still does not have a valid explanation.

“All it would take is just a 30-second video of her to put this to rest one way or another,” wrote one commenter at National File. “You know she’s dead, and you know what killed her, too.”

CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tenn., can be reached at (423) 495-2525.

December 17, 2020

On the 17th of December 2020 nurse manager Tiffany Pontes Dover, active at the CHI Memorial Hospital in Tennessee, received a COVID-19 vaccine that was shown on live television.

After taking the vaccine she fainted while addressing the public and then the video is cut off. She then released a statement where she told she fainted due to a “condition” where you faint after feeling pain which.. is plausible.

In the following days no one heard of her which naturally started rumors because you would think someone who is very active on Facebook and Instagram and has a kind heart, wants the best for people would let everybody know she is doing ok.

However, she hasn’t been heard off since December 17 2020. She hasn’t made any appearance on her social media and family members have been acting very suspiciously but also not showing any sign of Tiffany.

The hospital where Tiffany is/was working at, CHI Memorial Hospital, got wind of the increasing rumors that she might have fallen ill or even worse, passed away.

December 21, 2020

On the 21st of December 2020 the hospital released a very awkward video as proof she is alive and well.

Again, it’s plausible however if you look closely to the “Tiffany” in the video, unless she went to a salon and changed a few things, her eyebrows, hairline, hair parting and eyes do not look a 100% similar + she also looks like to have gained about 25lbs in 4 days and then we’re not even talking about the body language from everybody in the video.

It feels very awkward and staged but ok, we cannot prove 100% it’s not real although an unmasked Tiffany saying everything is fine would’ve been far more convincing.

But.. this is also the last time “Tiffany” was seen or heard off.

The Investigation Continues

According to these videos (YouTube removed them), Tiffany Dover was listed as deceased by the officials in her home state not long after the incident, but those records have since been deleted as well. What is going on? Why the cover-up?

Even more interesting, a death records search only fails using Tiffany Dover. Give it a try.

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