Watch: “Brackets and Jackets” Music Video by Isaac Kappy Exposing the Hollywood Pedophile Ring

Watch: “Brackets and Jackets” Music Video by Isaac Kappy Exposing the Hollywood Pedophile Ring

Isaac Kappy was a Hollywood insider who felt a moral calling to expose ongoing crimes that had become known to him. In 2018, he named some 20 top celebrities, some of them close friends of his, as pedophiles – AKA: child rapists. From the moment he started these streams, he likely knew that his days were numbered…

By the way – none of the accused ever pursued a defamation/libel lawsuit against him. Kappy theorized that this was because too much incriminating evidence would come to light in the discovery process that such a case would entail. In the days and weeks leading to his untimely death, Isaac Kappy was homing in on his target. He sought the fulcrum or keystone of the massive global child trafficking and SRA operation and shared his conclusion in his Periscope post of May 1, 2019. #UnsealEpstein

“Brackets and Jackets” (to my understanding) is a song he wrote to make it easier and more entertaining to drop all of the names and research he had done regarding global evil. The lyrics would change as he assembled more info and insights. “Brackets” refers to the practice in posts by QAnon, of listing the initials of people who would be dying soon.

Tragically, in Isaac Kappy’s final livestream, where he claimed that he had let the darkness of his investigations consume him to the point that he made a critical tactical misstep, he lamented dryly, “The bracket tolls for thee.” Kappy was a loving human being, a person of clarity & conscience and a gifted artist/musician. I personally feel that the work he did qualifies him as a Christed Saint

Despite widely-publicized personality flaws, Isaac Kappy lives on as an inspiration and model to all of us. Courage? Absolutely! As of this posting, researchers are digging to discover if they can pinpoint the slip-up that caused Isaac Kappy to doubt his future existence. This communique and two other important data drops he delivered via song, I believe serve as his real dead man’s switch. He did not have a YouTube channel, preferring to livestream on Periscope, so it was left to others to mirror his videos, and I suggest you go to the original sources or mirrored vids and do the same.

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