Opinion: F*** ‘Black Lives Matter’

Opinion: F*** ‘Black Lives Matter’

I spent time going through the Black Lives Matter website and it reads as if they wish only peace and love and prosperity for all black lives in our U.S.A.

But let’s get to the truth:

How many of you proclaiming BLM know that movement and their website was created by the radical white Marxist Left?

A quote on Twitter, link below:

A statement by BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors: “we’re trained Marxists.”

That is frightening. That means they are dedicated to the overthrow of our Government. They are trying to destroy our very Republic.

I challenge her, those in BLM leadership and everyone dedicated to BLM to read up on Marx, on his vicious government, on what happened to the “common people” who did not have enough money to earn themselves positions of importance in that regime.  

Almost from the beginning the BLM promoters were infiltrated by the vicious ANTIFA – paid terrorists inciting the riots and burning, even destroying black neighborhoods. Where are black neighbors going to buy their food or pharmaceuticals once all those businesses have been destroyed? Where are they supposed to live once their homes are burned? Have any of you BLM followers even thought about that?

For those of you who hate what our forebears did to minorities – what your ANTIFA goaded rioters and are doing right now makes you as bad as our ancestors! You are hate mongers who do not give a damn about trying to help any of our U.S. residents. You’d rather shout and destroy,  injure and maim. You prey as a group on individuals – those without weapons and those weaker than you. That marks you cowardly miscreants who can only act when banned together for safety!

I don’t have enough room in this article to address everything listed on that website, so I took two samples.

First: The link to this statement is below. “March 12, 2020, …after the CDC rapid response taskforce was disbanded as a result of the 2017 Trump Tax Cut….”

I’m not promoting Trump here. I’m showing an untruth. The CDC task force was NOT disbanded. It was discovered emergency equipment and respirators were in short supply because funds had been diverted before Trump took office. The CDC was unable to meet demands of pandemic/epidemics. An overlap between different sections of the National Security Council (NSC) also became evident. Trump ordered the NSC/CDC task force reorganized. A partial quote by Tim Morrison, former senior director for counterproliferation and biodefense on the NSC “..the combined directorate was stronger because related expertise could be commingled”. Another partial quote in the same article by John Bolton, “…its expert team was critical to effectively handling the 2018-19 Africa Ebola crisis…..” Link below.

Second: “Trump’s first year in office has been marked by instability and policies reflective of its leader….” and this one: “…fictive opponents….” Excuse me? The Democrats and Leftists were publically criticizing and verbally  attacking him from day one. They were talking about impeachment even then. There was nothing “fictive” about them.

Third: “We deserve and thus we demand clean water, safe schools, and communities conducive to life. We deserve and thus we demand policies that recognize we exist as both individuals who need opportunities and members of beloved communities who need reparations….” Again, I caution you to study Marxism and the inhumanity under that regime. 

Don’t you realize you are believing in propaganda? Instead of being set free you will wind up in chains of poverty and degradation. Don’t believe me? Look up the history of Marxism and Socialism failures. It’s on the internet.

Granted, as a country we have made terrible, horrendous mistakes in the past – our treatment of all minorities, our veterans, the lower income and homeless. 

But our current generations are aware of these atrocities . We want to make improvements, make changes, improve our nation. And destroying our country before we can accomplish that is wrong. As is holding people that are alive today accountable for our ancestors’ mistakes. Apparently BLM is saying that if someone commits brutal crimes or murder in today’s world we are supposed to lock up or order the death penalty on that person’s children, grandchildren, or progeny for generations. Does that really make any sense?

Instead of violently protesting, why don’t you become active in REAL, positive, community efforts to right those wrongs? Join the thousands of us who are trying to make our United States into a more humane and greater Country for everyone who wishes to live here.

If you feel joining us would lower your personal values, then pick up, and leave. Go somewhere else that stresses your ideals. Get out. We don’t want you here undermining our Country.

On a personal level, I have had still have, some very close friends of different races and nationalities. I am proud to call each of them my friend. I have been discriminated against for being in public with them. Together we suffered the indignity of vile name calling, and threats. I did not walk away in shame or apologize for being with them. I once stood next to my friend and called them disgusting specimens of humanity, idiots and lowlifes as we retreated backward to our car because we were vastly outnumbered and they were approaching with closed fists, obviously planning physical abuse.

I have proven I stand for equality. 

So don’t you dare shove your angry face or your literature in my face. Don’t you dare demand I kneel or pay respect or tribute to BLM.

I love my country. I shall continue to proudly stand and cover my heart with my hand and sing when our National Anthem is played.

I shall continue to recite with honor our Pledge of Allegiance. 

Again, either do your best to help improve our nation or leave. But quit trying to destroy it for the majority of us who love it!

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