Never Forget: The Bolshevik USSR Psyop

Never Forget: The Bolshevik USSR Psyop

The ever increasing chorus by the evil AOC, Katie Couric and PBS’s now fired counsel to reprogram (reeducate) a wide swath of people they label as sympathizers, conspiracy theorists, white supremacists and Nazis works to marginalize and silence activists, independent journalists and truth seekers.

“Nazi” and white supremacist are anti-white slurs used to run interference against people resisting their dispossession. By its very definition, measures to force people into “reprogramming” are a form of dispossession. Massive Big Tech censorship of one’s voice is by definition dispossession. Being locked down in one’s home or having your business closed is dispossession.

Now, the incoming Stasi administration is proposing a massive amnesty for 11 million illegals. By definition, that, too, is dispossession. New caravans of central Americans are making their way to the border, where they will be welcomed with open arms.

Then notice that AOC (aka mental midget) and her ilk throw out a vague term called “sympathizers.” Those are the increasing numbers of pajama people still muttering under their breaths and in various phases of awakening. And now, if you are silent, you are a hater, and hate — whether real or imagined — is redefined as a crime under the New Stasi.

Sympathizers likely also includes those who voted for Trump or what’s left of the hijacked populist movement.

These labels says so much more about the speaker than the target. It’s use should be a wake up call. This labeling is nothing but propaganda, political oppression and marginalization.

Closer to home for most of the readers of OP: By making everyone and their dog a “conspiracy theorist” and “Q-tard,” they are actually boosting us, the so-called original “conspiracy realists,” in the eyes of the millions of newly marginalized people. This will allow them to see without the veil what we have been saying for years. They will start to understand for the first time what the truth was all along.

As part of this truth, it is important that we dispense with the Q psyop. For those unclear about what it is: An unverifiable anonymous poster who makes vague and often inaccurate predictions online, usually portraying Trump and his administration as secret “good guys” tackling corruption in D.C.

Notice how this cointelpro operation coopted and utilized the term “patriots” to describe its followers, who are being spoon fed a narrative from an unverifiable, anonymous, Internet source, believing every word of it, and throwing 100% of their faith behind a Trojan horse political administration. None of that is patriotic.

Back in 2018, Winter Watch wasn’t sure if Trump would serve out his term, but warned that he would likely be taken down in some manufactured political crisis.

And now the ploy assumes our conspiracy realist realm believed QAnon bullshit, when it’s a relatively small sect of hopium smokers that even fell for it in the first place. Even though the Q base now seems disconnected and demoralized (blackpilled), the New Underworld Order will lump together anyone who speaks out about the verifiable issues with Q’tards.

Oh, while they’re at it, you will also be lumped in with the rare if not non-existent believers in the lizard people, aliens and flat earth psyops.

For the record, Winter Watch warned about QAnon back on June 26, 2018, when they penned the article “QAnon Revealed as NeoCon Psyops and Magical Mystery Tour.”

Winter Watch wrote in the piece: “Q cultists are constantly being lead by a carrot on a stick with promises of something big always just around the corner. But that never happens.”

Some who are a bit skeptical of QAnon’s claims defend it by saying, “It gets people thinking.” But about what exactly? It’s framed in partisan Bagelian dialectic.

Another objective of QAnon beyond the manipulation is to make patriotic conspiracy realists look crazy and unbalanced.

QAnon is primarily directed at Trump MAGA supporters to give them the impression and the hope that POTUS is playing supra-natural 4-D chess and is on the job. “Trust the Plan” is the QAnon motto.

Naturally, such a contrived message is going to have greater emotional appeal than Winter Watch’s theory of a Trojan-horse takedown operation of the U.S. similar to that of the Soviet Union. Our painful message will get less clicks for sure.

OP verdict: We are convinced QAnon was started by artificial intelligence and intelligence operatives. I just don’t think an individual or staff of individuals could sniff out the zeitgeist well enough. If so, they have swept through the collective consciousness of a portion conspiratorial-leaning America-First element and are spitting out the formula that works most effectively at controlling the message and dialogue. This is truly Brave New World brainwashing and manipulation of the highest order.

A slight deviation of Q and one Winter Watch also addressed and called out as agitprop in several posts: “A Day in the Life of ‘Karen,’ a Race Industry Caricature for a New American Agenda” and “The Original Karen Agitprop Hoax: An Examination of the Lake Merritt, Oakland, Racial Shitstorm.”

It’s the same concept with the Karen memes. Y’all think it’s cute to poke fun at the menopausal mom who complains to the manager and snaps at the teen to turn his music off speakerphone. Well, guess what. Karen represents the one free thinker who actually SPEAKS UP about a problem, even if the meme originated from that annoying woman we all know.

The idea is to silence all middle-age, white, normie women. Concerned about the vaccine and want to take action? Don’t trust the water or pesticides and hold companies accountable? You’re a fucking Karen for making waves. Ingenious propaganda.

Good faith people vs. bad faith actors

We also need to point out that there are two types of people who are operating right now:

  1. GOOD faith people
  2. BAD faith actors

GOOD faith people like myself, or Scott McKay, Scott Kesterson, etc., are people who are trying our best to get the information right and accurate. We are not always accurate, so even good faith people can possess both good and bad information, at various times, but we tend to have mostly accurate information.

But BAD faith people are deliberately trying to mislead. That is their mission. They may at times possess good information, however, in order to establish credibility so they can achieve a much larger psyop outcome.

Thus, the real challenge in all this is being able to discern who is a good faith person vs. a bad faith actor.

Right now, bad faith actors abound.

The bad faith actors are pushing a modern-day version of “Operation Trust,” which was a Bolshevik psyop run in the 1920s to convince the country that the military was running a secret operation to stop the communists from taking over. As reports:

“Operation Trust” was a Bolshevik counterintelligence operation run from 1921 to 1926 aimed at neutralizing opposition by creating the false impression that a powerful group of military leaders had organized to stop the communists’ takeover.

The one Western historian who had limited access to the Trust files, John Costello, reported that they comprised thirty-seven volumes and were such a bewildering welter of double-agents, changed code names, and interlocking deception operations with “the complexity of a symphonic score”, that Russian historians from the Intelligence Service had difficulty separating fact from fantasy.

There is now no question that we are being run by a similar psyop in America, complete with fake names, mysterious identities, double agents and bold deception operations.

As a result, it appears the deep state has managed to run delays for four years, preventing any real day of reckoning for left-wing traitors, while rigging the elections and stealing the White House, even managing to prevent patriots from rising up by claiming people should “trust the plan.”

The real plan, it seems, was to pacify patriots and overthrow our constitutional republic, and that plan is now mere days from being wrapped up. Importantly, there will never be a legitimate election in America ever again, because the deep state has now corrupted literally everything: The courts, Congress, Big Tech, the media, universities, fact-checkers and so on. Elections will always be rigged from this day forward, and voting is now entirely irrelevant to the “outcome” of any election.

There are still narrow pathways to victory that may yet emerge — and there’s always the possibility of divine intervention if God chooses to save our nation — but those narrow pathways to victory are slamming shut with astonishing speed.

Adding to all this, the DC area is being built up as a kind of military compound, clearly in anticipation of something far more dangerous than few protesters on Inauguration Day.

With an estimated 2.5 million rounds of 5.56 ammo being distributed — along with 500,000 rounds of .50 caliber for the Stryker vehicles — Washington D.C. is being prepared for a nation state-scale attack, which indicates the DoD anticipates an invasion from China or some other foreign aggressor.

Some of the units now being deployed to DC include:

56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team

229th Brigade Engineer Battalion

160th Engineer Company

261st Theater Tactical Signal Brigade

198th Expeditionary Signal Battalion

262nd Component Repair Company

177th Fighter Wing (F-16 fighter jets with air-to-air combat capabilities)

105th Airlift Wing

174th Attack Wing (drones)

166th Security Forces Squadron

The build-up of troops has expanded to 30,000, with DoD’s Chris Miller reportedly calling the governors of every state East of the Mississippi and begging for more troops.

Yet nearly all patriots have already decided to stay away from this event, knowing they are being set up for a massive false flag trap by the FBI, CNN, Antifa and other deep state actors.


They’re creating dangerous dichotomies and label smears, and people are falling for it right and left.

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