Opinion: F*** Dan Bongino

Opinion: F*** Dan Bongino

President Trump appeared on Fox News for an interview with Dan Bongino Sunday night.  Unfortunately, when the interview segment was posted to the Fox News channel, some specific words from President Trump were deleted from the interview segment.

Ironically the name of Dan Bongino’s show is “unfiltered.”  Alas when President Trump’s spokesperson, Liz Harrington, reviewed the tape she discovered the censorship and showed on Twitter [SEE HERE]  In the transcript below the emboldened section was removed:

President Trump said: …“it’s a disgrace what’s happening, and I don’t think the country is going to stand for it much longer; they’re disgusted.  You have a fake election; you have an election with voter abuse and voter fraud, like nobody has ever seen before. And based on that, and based on what happened, they are destroying our country.  Whether it’s at the border. Whether it’s on crime. I can say in plenty of instances including military, you look at the leaders of military, the woke leaders of military, we have to focus on our great military for what it’s supposed to be – to protect us against very powerful countries like Russia, and China, and others who don’t exactly love us.”

The edit, called a “jump edit” takes place at 09:03 of the presented video below:

Obviously the political machinery, media and big tech are intent on removing anything that challenges the results of the 2020 election regardless of how much evidence exists to point out the manipulation.  However, once you see the strings on the marionettes it is impossible to return to that place before when you did not see them.

So I went to post a clip from President Trump’s great interview on @dbongino last night, and lo and behold, Fox News EDITED and CHANGED what President Trump said, censoring out 45 accurately describing the Fake Election.

Here is what President Trump said: pic.twitter.com/oBvqdzOq63

— Liz Harrington (@realLizUSA) August 8, 2021

This is just as bad as Big Tech. They are putting President Trump’s honest statement, and the concerns of tens of millions of Americans, down the Memory Hole.

I guess it’s FILTERED after all, @dbongino.

— Liz Harrington (@realLizUSA) August 8, 2021

Andrew Torba Calls Out Dan for Rumble Censorship

Gab CEO Andrew Torba called out Rumble investor Dan Bongino on his alleged hypocrisy regarding Rumble’s terms of service censoring ‘hate speech’. You can read Torba’s explanation in his email text below.


Today I was flooded with messages about Dan Bongino’s ten minute meltdown on his show calling me a “fraud” and a “clown.” I watched the clip and was amused by Dan’s highly emotional outburst attacking me for simply stating a fact: Rumble, a platform he invested in, claims to support free speech and yet bans “hate speech” with terms of service that are no different than any Big Tech platform. 

I wholeheartedly support the free market and competition. I believe that more platforms supporting free speech and not having any “hate speech” policies is a good thing for the free flow of information online. That being said, when a platform claims to be something that they are not I think it’s important to call it out so that The People are not misled. 

I have regularly expressed support for competing platforms that stand up and fight for free speech, Bitchute and Odysee are among them. I think these guys are doing great work and I’ve spoken with the CEO’s of both platforms. Like Gab, these platforms have been severely punished by the mainstream media, activist organizations, and Big Tech platforms for their stances on free speech. That’s how you know they are the real deal. 

When Parler came along and was being shilled by Establishment “conservatives” I warned against falling for the bait and switch. I was right then, and I’m right now. It’s not about competition for me. It’s about principle. If you’re going to call yourself a “free speech” platform then you better have a terms of service that reflects that claim.

Otherwise: you’re a subversive at worst and a hypocrite at best. 

Dan collects a paycheck from Paul Ryan’s Fox News. The goal of Establishment conservative networks like Fox is to feed conservatives just enough breadcrumbs to string them along and keep them from talking about the real issues in this country. The exception being Tucker Carlson’s show, which regularly addresses many of these issues and is the number one show on television for that reason. 

At the end of Dan’s rant he expressed interest in uniting together against our shared enemies. I’d be happy to do that if Rumble simply changes their terms of service to remove their ban against “hate speech,” which does not exist. Until then Gab and others will continue to be the tip of the spear for free speech on the internet and we will absolutely call out those who claim to be something they are not. 

Andrew Torba
CEO, Gab.com
Jesus is King

The Gab CEO confirmed that the site was also a safe haven for liberals to post without fear of censorship, including those like Greenwald and Gabbard, but that he takes issue with Bongino funding these high-profile liberals and not conservative content creators who may have been canceled by other social media and financial platforms. “There are now [conservative dissidents] who are banned from the financial sector… What are you doing here? You’re not propping up those people who are actually speaking truth to power, you’re propping up liberals,” Torba argued. “The issue is you’re paying these people six figures while our own people on our own side can’t even open a bank account.”

Torba further confirmed that he would happily work together with Bongino and others “against our shared enemies,” if Rumble removed the hate speech clause from their terms of service. “Until then, Gab and others will continue to be the tip of the spear for free speech on the internet and we will absolutely call out those who claim to be something they are not.”

This is not the first time that Torba and Bongino have butted heads. In February, Bongino falsely accused Torba of being behind a National File article which criticized the then CEO of Parler, Mark Meckler, who is tied to the Soros-supported Convention of States project, labeling the reporting as a “hoax” deliberately determined to undermine Parler’s success for Torba’s personal gain. Torba said it was a “shame” that Bongino made the “baseless” claims against him “because a media outlet reported something” Bongino didn’t like. “Bizarre behavior from a grown adult man,” Torba added at the time.

Funny thing, here at OP News, our YouTube and Rumble accounts were both terminated for violating their “community guidelines” a.k.a. spreading the truth about the COVID pandemic hoax.

It is certainly clear to us as well that Rumble is simply controlled opposition.. they are in Canada after all.

Dan Is Just An Opportunist

He claimed to be Rush’s replacement when he in fact was not.

He’s always tried to sit on fences and imply his feet are firmly on the ground.

For him, it isn’t a red team vs. blue team. For him, it’s a league of red teams and he fancies himself a free agent. He’ll do whatever and say whatever to get the check. He started hosting for Alex Jones on info wars but erases that from his resume. Then he bounced around on cable news promoting himself as ex-secret service. He sucked up to the GOP party wing of the party and ran for office in FL.. He cozied up to Hannity and got on Hannity’s exclusive team (ie Jarret, Elder Levin, and a few others which make up Hannity’s only guests). He started a few failed social media platforms then he signed up for a show on fox and put his short and curly hairs right in the palm of their hand.

He doesn’t care if he’s a politician an author, a podcaster Social Media Platform owner/influencer cozy with billionaires, or a Radio/TV host. Dan Bongino is “in it” for Dan Bongino.

There are a lot of people in this world who don’t deserve cancer and deserve to live a long, healthy life.

Dan Bongino is not one of them.. fuck him.

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