Killing Proven Pedophiles and Rapists Should Be Made Legal

Killing Proven Pedophiles and Rapists Should Be Made Legal

John Couey was arrested for the sexual battery and murder of Jessica Lunsford in February 2005. His criminal record was extensive, included many crimes, but overall and in the majority the molestation of a child occurred. He honestly admitted during the multitude of justice and medical interviews that he participated in that he could not stop. He had previous convictions of molesting children, and was often released early post conviction, because at that time pedophilia was a misunderstood crime.

There is a long list of pedophiles to be reviewed, it is there that one will learn of the quandaries that face the medical profession in determining what makes the twisted mind of this individual work. It is there that one will learn that the majority confess that thoughts of children stimulate their minds and control their normal and daily activities. You can read that in a pedophiles mind the thoughts of the crime itself never reside too far from the central core of their lives. I offer you this reference, while simple in this discovery it gives you reference to a majority of the reading material available online, most of which supports my conclusion that pedophilia cannot be changed. It cannot be rehabilitated, it cannot be loved away, and it cannot be controlled.

Pedophiles are sexual deviates, unable to respond and/or perform in a “normal” sexual relationship where the scales are balanced and both parties choose to participate. Regardless of homosexual or heterosexual preference, the pedophile does not seek the attention of any one but that of a child. He or she will never change. Therefore it is a futile attempt to rehabilitate them, even more futile to house them and pray for change. There is absolutely no evidence to support that a pedophiles behavior can be controlled, nor a case in existence that supports a good and moral attempt.

On average it costs the taxpayers approximately $20,000 annually to house, feed, and clothe an individual inmate. It has been suggested that pedophiles should be locked away for the balance of their natural lives, but truth is, at present there are approximately one million pedophiles registered in the United States, do the math, it would cost the taxpayers billions annually to support an individual that has no promise of rehabilitation. The plight of a criminal that becomes incarcerated is commanded by the promise to the taxpayer for not taking his life to rehabilitate, it is that simple. Pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated. I ask you, if not for just moral reasons, why waste these funds?

How Prisoners Handle Child Rapists

Here are seven stories from former inmates across the country.

1. “I was in HDSP for sometime due to a drug crime.

I ran with the Paisa Car (Hispanic non gang related; cartel members ok)

Upon entering while in the “fish tank” 30 days in your cell with a celly you see a Case worker who asks you if you want to hit GP (General Population) or Protective Custody.

Here you can choose…if your stupid; molested a child and select GP the moment your stay in the fish tank is over you are moved to the Level 3 yard.

Once in Level 3 your Celly will ask you your PSI (Pre Sentence Investigation report) this will have your crime and if you talked to the cops ect. This paperwork will be handed over to the “Key holder” the leader of the car. If your clean no issue if your paperwork is dirty for molesting a child etc. they will tell you it’s ok we all make mistakes etc.

In the background we are planning to take you out. For us it was either pay the Southsiders to clean our mess or we can keep it within the Paisa Car.

HDSP is in the desert and the yard is covered in rocks. We would wait until Chow time. Dinner during winter ,Breakfast during Summer when we had cover of darkness walking to the chow hall we would have preplanted a special rock. Nearing said rock the line would lose its form and the selected person picks up said rock and slams it against the persons head as hard as possible.

Normally person would drop, bleed and we continue as nothing happened, throwing away used rock. If he person would not drop back 1 and 2 would either start beating up the person. (Really depends on how bad they fucked up) If it was a true fuck up a shank would be used. (In 2 years only saw this happen 2 times none by the Paisas but by the Southsiders).”

2. “Usually child molester, sex offenders, child pornographers will have fake paperwork stating that their crimes were different. Each race is supposed to handle their own in this regard. Meaning, if the whites found out that some new black guy was a rapist, we couldn’t hit him for it, the blacks had to. We had guards that would let us know when a sex offender hit the yard, they hated them as much as we did. My best friend on the streets was raped by her dad from the age of 8, so I had a bitter heart for those motherfuckers in prison. Whenever a white SO hit the yard I was on, it was known that I had first dibs on getting him. I probably stabbed at least 8 child molesters in my bid. And I’d do it again.”

3. “Spent 10 months in the Texas prison system for manslaughter. FYI, first offence and it was an accident which is why it was a short sentence.

They were typically berated and yelled at pretty badly. Most of them that stuck around the gen pop dorms were honest and just pervs. She was 16 he was 22. That kind of shit.

We had one guy, raped both his daughters from 4 on up. Finally his then 14 y/o hid her cellphone and recorded it happening to her younger sister. SPOILER this is graphic. One night I woke up to pee and my neighbor (bed at my feet, we were in rows) pulled me back down. Told me not to go to the bathroom. I’m new to this and don’t know any better and brushed it off. Anyways three guys had the chester pinned down raping him. At this point all I really saw well was blood or shit and then his face. It looked like a sock wrapped around a broom stick shoved sideways in his mouth to keep him quiet. The scary part was the sound. There were 56 men in this dorm. There wasn’t enough sound to wake up hardly anyone. All this lasted maybe one second and I went back to bed. I didn’t sleep that night or the next at all. That man spent the rest of the time I had there with his head down or swinging wildly at anyone who even looked at him wrong. The worst part is most everyone acted like it was normal and I didn’t do a damn thing about it. I went with the flow. I lived in the same large (gymnasium sized) room for 5 months with him and could never look at him knowing I didn’t help.

Prison is hell. People act like it’s “what they deserve”. If our governments elects spent one week in a prison we would see reform so fast. I only made it because I was smart. A few well respected people basically said this guys not coming back don’t fuck with him and I would built a tattoo gun or radio, Steal from work (guards never looked twice at me) I still got stabbed, got beaten and had to hurt a few people.”

4. “They check in to PC or they get the business.

Most chesters I encountered in jails and prisons were older, white guys. There were a few there for sexual relations with girls who were ~15 when they were 18 and they are generally left alone as it is a situation many people might find themselves in as an 18 year old kid.

Older dudes do not get that leeway though. They are beaten, extorted, robbed, raped themselves, or killed by the alpha inmates.

They really didn’t like to kill the guys at the camp I was on as they are, like I said, older white guys. They typically have money on their books and go to commissary every week. They are an endless source of hygiene products and snacks. I’ve seen a line of inmates outside of a chesters cell door with a list of items they each want him to order. For his sake, he better hope he’s got the money on his books to satisfy all their wants. If he doesnt, it never ended well for him.

At a county jail I was in in Northern VA ~1997 they would bring food carts up to each block with the appropriate number of trays/drinks for each inmate to receive one meal. It wasn’t exclusive to chesters but if you saw a guy grab two trays back to back through the food slot you knew someone either A) wasn’t going to eat because of their crime or B) they were put “on a diet” because whoever grabbed two trays thought that person was a bitch. Normally though, they would announce to the rest of the block who’s tray they were taking to alleviate any potential confusion in case one of their boys was the guy going without. Funny part is, most people didn’t even eat the food. They waited until everyone had access to their boxes (we were locked out of our cells in the dayroom every morning at 07:30) and made “burritos”(ramen, chips, meat, cheese etc.) for dinner.

COs know what’s going on, they don’t really seem to care though.”

I guess overall they get it the worst. A lot of guys are there to do their time and go home or do their time as drama free as possible. All bets are off though when it comes to chesters.

5. “I was just in a high security felony wing of jail waiting for extradition to another state, not in prison at the time. Well the few that came in were told to go to seg or get their fucking heads busted everyday till they did. The one dude came in and refused to leave was yelled at, spit on, and threatened until everyone had enough. 3 dudes ran up in his cell and threw him the most vicious beating you can imagine. I remember him crawling out of his cell and the dude pulling him back in for more. I could hear the bones breaking from 20ft away. He died on the way to the hospital. All the guys that took part were there on murder beefs anyway so the extra 5 years they got was worth it to them. This was an extreme case as the jail was over populated and they tried to sneak the chomos in gen pop because seg was full. Everywhere else I was incarcerated they keep the touchers far away from us.”

6. “I did 6 months in CFCF, didn’t even make it to gen pop before 2 big ass mother fuckers from the same street found out that some Asian dude was in for touching his niece. This guy, my god, they approached him at lunch and snatched away his tray first. The bigger of the 2 slapped him so fucking hard it almost hurt me while screaming “so you like to hurt little girls?!” Followed up by the man who took the tray hitting this little Asian guy with a straight up sucker punch that laid him out flat. After that I’m pretty sure every inmate on C block stomped his head. COs had pepper spray flying everywhere and when all was said and done the pedo was taken to the hospital and the rest of us didn’t get dinner because we were locked down for 24 hours. That was only quarantine. The whole thing could have been avoided if there wasn’t a giant white board with everyone’s name, inmate number, and charges written all over it.”

7. “My accounts may be anecdotal at best. This is from one specific maximum security federal prison. There are so many different types of jails and prisons with varying levels of security and huge variables in population type. Obviously what I experienced doesn’t mean that every single other jail and prison is like this.

When you first get there, your counselor will ask you if there’s any reason that you can’t “walk the yard” or be in general population. This is usually where you make the decision to do your time in the SHU all alone, or take your chances out with everyone else. You do need to have a good reason though (child molester, gang issues, there’s a hit on you from the last place you stayed, you’re a snitch etc..)

When you get settled in, the shot caller from your race will approach you. You’re told something like this “You have one week to get us your paperwork so we can make sure you’re not a chomo or have no rule 35’s. If you don’t provide this in a week, we’ll kill you. Here’s a toothbrush, some snacks, some soap, let me know if you need anything.”

Chomo = child molestor. Rule 35 = reduced sentence for snitching on someone.

So, you show them your paperwork, and if you’re clean you’re good to go. If you don’t show paperwork, or you’re not clean, you will be killed within the next week.

For some reason, new guys do not take this seriously. They either don’t produce their paperwork, or they actually produce it knowing that there’s less than desirable stuff on there.

What happens to them? Stabbed 27 times all in a matter of seconds. Face/head stomped on so hard until it just cracks open and gunk leaks out. Mouth/jaw shattered with a pool stick or pool ball. Two guys killed in about 60 seconds by a tiny Mexican holding just a bocce ball. Native Americans pretend like it’s all good, 10 of them go into the sweat lodge for religious reasons, only 9 come out. 10th guy had a clean gash in his head from a shovel. Cell mate hung the guy with a bed sheet to make it look like suicide.

Why do these guys take chances with trying to be in general population? Because the SHU sucks. You’re by yourself, no TV, 3 showers a week, no access to things like the prison barber, limited access to phones, video visitations, constant video monitoring to prevent suicide, and every 18 months they ship you to a new prison. If you’re looking at 40 years for child rape, that can be a LONG time to live in those conditions. Sometimes guys will stay in general population knowing that they will get killed simply because they don’t want to be there but can’t commit suicide in the SHU.”

Opinions from the Public

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“It costs tax payers £400 per week to keep 1 pedophile alive? Why not use them as crash test dummys, we would have safer cars and be able to watch them splatter all over the place as this is all they deserve! Think about the children and not them you fools.”

“Yes I won’t lie I have thought of really doing it, hunting them down to terrorize them. To make them suffer how that child or woman suffered. I have educated myself on torture methods and interrogation methods, I’m not evil in my heart or have a twisted mind, I just feel justice should be brought upon those who terrorize the innocent. Call me crazy I don’t care but I have a warrior mentality there is no honor in hurting someone who can’t fight back.”

“Yes they should be killed I am a 17 year old boy and thinking about rape makes me feel so sick that I can’t think straight. The only thing that makes me feel better is imagining torturing and killing one of those horrible people. Rape is a form of torture and rapists are all torturers. It is the most disgusting thing that you can do, forcing a woman to have intercourse or taking advantage of children. Torture is against the Geneva Convention but the killing of people who have thrown away their humanity in these ways should be allowed, unless the offender was convicted when they were likely falsely accused. After all, if an animal attacked a person, it would be put down. Rapists and pedophiles are animals not people; they gave up being human when they raped an innocent.”

“They should 10000% be killed. Very few pedophiles can agree that what they did was wrong. The few pedophiles that regret what they did actually WANT to die because they understand the severity of their actions. Pedophilia is a chain reaction because usually people that were molested grow up to do the same. If we kill all of these people pedophilia will decrease significantly for generations. How can we go to war and kill many people for literally no reason but we feel GUILTY about killing a pedophile. I truly do not understand. At least killing just ends and then it’s over. Pedophilia is the most SICK disgusting thing that scars people for life and makes life not even worth living or they just recreate the cycle all over again and do the same when they get older. Killing the offenders is doing these children a FAVOR. I know that I would rather be killed any day or any way than be molested. When you think about it, anyone can die. A tornado or a disease kills children everyday but you can’t send a tornado or cancer to “jail”. Why is it that murder is taken more seriously than pedophilia? Pedophilia destroys someone’s life then makes them suicidal. I would rather die in 9/11 than be molested. Society is backwards.”


“I hate it when people go too soft on pedos and child molesters…yes not every pedo is a child molester,that is indeed true…but still pedos have the capability of being child molesters…they’re dangerous…

When i hear all those people feeling sympathy for pedos and rapists,i just want to pull my hair out…all that attitude creates victim blaming(instead of support)and eventually the normalization of pedophilia and rape…inexcusable…

And don’t start with the,well we need to rehabilitate them,attraction to children is not a crime etc…they cannot be rehabilitated…sex offenders have the highest recidivism rates…attraction to children is not a crime of course,but what if that person acts on his urges?we cannot trust them,because they’re dangerous,that attitude shifts the focus of the problem and puts the blame on us law abiding citizens to “look ourselves”after those monsters.

I say give mental help to pedos who don’t want offend(but keep them into a mental hospital,till THEY ARE FUCKING FIXED,DON’T LET THEM ROAM AT THE STREETS)..and death to all the child molesters.”


“I think they should. I think they’re the most disgusting people on the world. It makes no sense how one pedophile can get 10-25 years in prison and then when they get out they’re on the watch list. They will just go out and molest more children. Why dont they just get the death penalty.”

“I have been raped two times in my life and I am 23. Both was because I am a kind and trusting person, which they took advantage of. I am a girl and in this world we are seen as sex toys and not as human beings by these people and we dont have the law on our side to try to prevent them violating us and the rape hurts us for years. I wish there was a better solution than killing them, but to weigh up the pain that throbs in my heart there would be nothing more fitting than death or lifelong prison for ALL of the violators without any hesitation. The world must know that this is not okay or this will go on forever. This should be thought of as just a hard crime as killing. I have suffered while they just laughed in my face afterward.”

“They shouldn’t get away with it. I live in Argentina, and I see with horror how the violence increases day by day. There is no respect for policemen, criminals are not afraid of being caught anymore. Because when they do, they find their way out of jail very easily.
Rapists and pedophiles are the worst kind of criminals. The person attacked by them can no longer live a normal life. I’ve only been assaulted once, with no violence at all, the man just took my phone and my money, and I lived in fear for 3 years. I cannot IMAGINE what a physical attack can do to a completely innocent person.
Moreover, the world population is increasing rapidly, the good people deserve the chance to live in peace. Nowadays, criminals show no remorse at all. I think that we should get rid of them. They don’t want to let us live, we should do the same to them.”

“Rape is inexcusable. For the sake of the innocent, I believe in a fair trial. But once guilt is proven rapists should be savagely killed. I dont buy into the idea that they are “sick” or ” born that way” they are fully responsible for what tuey do. Rape one of MY daughtees and I will execute you myself.”

“Why is it even a debate? So many sit behind their computers with a multitude of mind blowing & confusingly pathetic reasons on why these sociopaths deserve a normal life, forgiveness, & that the death penalty is just oh so sinful for those who support it. Makes you wonder what they have hiding in their computer files, huh? The witch hunt comment that is so frequently used against the group of us who demand justice for children, is just ..Laughable. We do not wish to hunt down this pathetic group carrying torches. We simply wish for a grand consequence to be put into play for harming precious INNOCENT children. Because that is exactly what they are..PRECIOUS AND INNOCENT. Very few know the extent of this growing problem. It’s the boogey man in the closet no one wants to hear details about. It’s the news headline that comes on & you quickly reach for the remote to switch channels. A televised pedophile story is rare, not because the crime is rare but because news channels thrive off ratings just like anything else. It’s a topic people like to push to the back of their minds & just protect their children best they can. They’re horror stories. But I urge everyone to educate themselves by just reading a few of the endless cases on these predators, read the court transcripts. Read & re-read the pathetic sentencing. I promise you will be sick with confusion on how this is allowed to happen. Another defense the worthless trash & their supporters argue, are false convictions. In the last 10 years as far as technology has progressed, the amount of wronged convictions for sex crimes are non existent, especially those against children. ACTUALLY, it’s quite the contrary. So many of these scumbags are given the option to plea out for a sickening smaller sentence…Or the absolute morbid chance that they get off on some sort of technicality in the case is also something that is seen far too often. These sociopaths are protected to a incredibly sickening degree. They aren’t “sick” or “insane”. They are pure evil. And when the system starts punishing them for these unforgivable acts, instead of these pathetic 3,4,5, year sentences, hope can maybe be restored for this country….”

“They destroy lives, period. Soul murder. Why should they be allowed to live? I am not a survivor of years of child rape, I am a victim still. That is because it destroyed my invisible self. I’ve been a walking dead with very bad PTSD all my life, and it will never change. I can’t even experience love. Why should they be allowed to live when they destroy lives?”

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