Newsmax Completely Sells Out and Forces Staff to Vaccinate or Be Fired

Newsmax Completely Sells Out and Forces Staff to Vaccinate or Be Fired

Conservative news outlet Newsmax, which some of the network’s hosts have been known to be extremely critical of vaccine mandates, is reportedly enforcing the OSHA-led vaccine mandate on all their employees.

News outlet Mediaite had reportedly obtained an internal email distributed to Newsmax employees that informed them that they must comply with the impending vaccine mandate being enforced by OSHA. Newsmax employees were informed that they either need to be fully vaccinated by January 4th or be forced to undergo weekly testing for COVID.

“To ensure that we are in compliance, we require that all vaccinated employees submit a copy of their vaccination card.”

It’s expected that this vaccine mandate at Newsmax isn’t going to roll over too well with some of the staff – particularly some of the network’s hosts. As recently as November 4th, Newsmax host Steve Cortes engaged in a sort of diatribe rallying against vaccine mandates.

“There is zero, and I mean zero, moral or ethical obligation for anyone to be compelled to get vaccinated,” Cortes later added that the soon-to-be OSHA-enforced workplace mandate is “insane workplace discrimination.”

Not only will the move to enforce the vaccine mandate likely rub Newsmax employees the wrong way – it may also wind up sending mixed messages to loyal viewers of the network.

Newsmax has already endured scrutiny over recently taking one of their employees off the air earlier in November, White House correspondent Emerald Robinson, over her tweeting about some purported ingredient contained within COVID vaccines that enabled tracking.

While Newsmax portrays itself as sort of an anti-cancel culture, or rather it’s typically perceived as such, the network confirmed that they took Robinson off the air while they review her Twitter history.

“Newsmax is currently reviewing the posts and during that period Ms. Robinson will not be on air but continue with duties for the network.”

While Newsmax is willing to enforce the Biden administration’s de facto vaccine mandates, news outlet Daily Wire is pushing back – having filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration and openly stating they will enforce no such mandate.

Daily Wire podcast host and author Matt Walsh commented on the matter, calling out those who talk a big game but are still willing to comply with the mandate.

“Biden’s tyrannical vaccine mandate goes into effect on January 4th. We’re fighting back at the Daily Wire. We made a difference in Virginia and we can win here too. Lawsuit was filed this morning. You can talk all you want but it means nothing if you still comply. We won’t.”

Steve Cortes Forced Out of His Position for Refusing Vax

Steve Cortes is reportedly leaving Newsmax after a public spat with the network over its vaccine policy.

Former Trump advisor Steve Cortes has been forced out of his position with the ostensibly conservative television network, Newsmax over his refusal to submit to the COVID-19 jab.

Cortes will do a final broadcast sometime over the next week. He left after Newsmax issued him an ultimatum of sorts: submit to the experimental vaccine or resign. Cortes chose to leave with his dignity intact.

Additionally, Newsmax was reportedly irritated with Cortes over his unwillingness to accept the legitimacy of the Biden regime. In addition to its founder publishing pro-Biden propaganda, Newsmax has repeatedly attacked vote fraud whistleblowers in an attempt to save themselves from lawsuits.

Big League Politics reported on how Newsmax censored MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell when he spoke of the election fraud that occurred in 2020:

Newsmax TV host Bob Sellers censored MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell on Tuesday for supporting investigations into voter fraud.

Lindell appeared on Newsmax TV to discuss being banned from Twitter. Instead of receiving sympathy for being on the receiving end of Big Tech’s Orwellian censorship, Lindell was ambushed by a wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing coward in sell-out Sellers.

After Lindell claimed that he had “100% proof” that election fraud occurred “with the Dominion machines,” Sellers received his orders to go on the attack.

“Mike, thank you very much! Mike! Mike!” Sellers yelled as he attempted to cut Lindell off. They eventually lowered Lindell’s microphone so Sellers could shill for Dominion. Lindell could be heard calling NewsMax “just like Twitter” for censoring him.

Sellers not only cut Lindell off, denying him of his freedom of speech, but also walked off set in protest of Lindell’s patriotic crusade to secure electoral integrity…

Big League Politics exposed Newsmax for reading a Dominion press release verbatim after the network caved to a legal threat, with the network’s establishment backers refusing to stand for the truth in the court of law.

Newsmax had a chance to gain a lot of market share with conservatives just by standing strong after the 2020 election fraud. They have failed miserably and blown their golden opportunity, and are now basically just as bad as globalist Fox News, only without Tucker Carlson to prop them up.

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