Are California “Wildfires” Being Caused by Directed Energy Weapons (Lasers)?

Are California “Wildfires” Being Caused by Directed Energy Weapons (Lasers)?

DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) are no longer the stuff of conspiracy theory. In the last few years in the US, there have been a number of incidents where DEW, laser weapons and perhaps other high-tech energy weapons have reportedly been openly deployed against the American people.

Both the Santa Rosa (2017) and Paradise (2018) so-called “wildfires” in California demonstrate the fingerprints of DEW, with seemingly impossible scenarios of houses, trees, plants and even mailboxes neatly left intact while adjacent houses and fences are completely razed to the ground. Unsurprisingly to those following the crimes of the NWO (New World Order), the deployment of these weapons is tied to the deeply sinister UN Agenda 2030.

Death beams and ray guns may be science fiction staples, but the idea of directed energy weapons (DEWs) was around long before Captain Kirk boldly went anywhere, or anyone named Skywalker ever thought to pick up a lightsaber. Even according to reports from the military and Congress, they are finally becoming a reality.

However, one has to ask themselves? If we are just now being told about these weapons and given the opportunity to invest in them, how long has the technology really been around? We all know the DoD doesn’t generally release patents until a decade or even longer after the technology has been invented.

Well, according to reports, back in September, a Directed Energy Weapon was caught on a live stream going right into a fire in California. Then there was another shown igniting a fire in Oregon. Now, there’s a black censorship line through the beam. What is going on?!

Longtime YouTuber DutchSinse, whose channel looks for anomalies in weather, space weather, earthquakes and natural disasters was livestreaming about the fires raging across the West Coast.

While exploring the satellite imaging on the College of DuPage website, he spotted a faint but perfectly straight line that terminated at one of the fires near Dolan, California. The other end of the line looked like it ended at the Malheur National Forest, of all places. It remained fixed for several hours.

The image in this video was produced by increasing the brightness and saturation, nothing else. This is what the beam looked like in 2D. However, it’s possible that in 3D, it might have been coming from a satellite overhead.

The beam first appeared on September 7th and had reappeared every night for months. On the second night, he said, “Another beam has been detected in a different location coming down from outer space… out above the ocean off the coast of California tonight! The beam going directly into a new fire that just started in Oregon (early Sept. 9, 2020).”

Just after 1AM Central Time September 9th, the beam shut off and a red flash was seen next to it down below. He wondered if maybe the satellite was taken out.

If you have trouble seeing, it at first, adjust the brightness on your device. But it is an incredible find.

The video below is a shorter version and has been brightened so the DEW can be seen better.

After this, Dutchsinse discovered another DEW. That’s at least two nights in a row. This one appeared to come from the ocean and into a fire that had just started in Oregon.

After this was discovered, Dutchsinse noticed that someone decided to “censor” the beam by literally putting a black censorship bar right over the heat signature.

The energy beam which was beaming down has been BLACKED OUT ON PURPOSE— LOOK CLOSE wth????? To try to hide it… they tried to match the black of the background but.. because its a live feed grey black its impossible to perfectly match.. so now we have a black line hiding the original beam HAHAHAHAHAAH 

Look close you’ll see it! the black censorship line over it ! hahahahah epic fail. –Dutchsinse, YouTube Community post

Source: Dutchsinse, YouTube

The website used to discover this can be found here.

Is this just a coincidence this happened two nights in a row? Is this just a coincidence these beams go into the fires? Is it just a coincidence that there was a censorship bar placed over the beams?

How many coincidences do we need?

California Fires and Directed Energy Explained

This video gives better illustrations and explanations of the theory that the NorCal fires were caused by exotic laser- and/or maser-based weapons, located on high-altitude drones or orbiting platforms.

After looking at this footage, I’m persuaded that something anomalous has happened, to say the least.

In what some were calling the “Only forest fires where the trees didn’t burn,” this video shows clips about developments in Directed Energy Weapons alongside even more dramatic scenes than shown previously of the suspiciously uneven devastation in Santa Rosa and in nearby towns of Northern California.

I certainly have some questions to ask.

How do cars melt next to trees that don’t burn?

How do some trees catch fire from the inside?

How does a “forest fire” burn a house and leave the house surrounded by trees in leaf?

Cellphone Video of Giant Laser In NorCal Fires

Dozens of eyewitnesses to the apocalyptic NorCal fires and cellphone have spoken about laser beams associated with these devastating fires.

Alexandra Bruce from ForbiddenKnowledgeTV has posted several videos, in which people suggest that Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) were used to create the NorCal fires.

Setting aside for the moment whether or not these allegations are true, I think what’s important here is that there are thousands of Americans who believe some kind of sneaky genocidal campaign is being waged against them.

When you look at the comments on YouTube, you see many well-wishers sending prayers and thoughts for the safety of the man who posted this video, similar to what we find in the comments on videos posted by witnesses to the Las Vegas shootings.

With the growing number of survivors of the latter who have since been murdered or killed in freak accidents, one can see why such concerns exist.

Sixteen years after 9/11 and countless hyped-up and bizarrely-explained massacres later, many Americans felt and still feel like they’re sitting ducks for totally random, unfathomably perverse violence. Death rays from space become plausible.

One may ask whether fostering this state of mind is intentional. Is this some messed-up way to keep the people in line?

House Sliced In Half During Carr Fire

Scenes of vaporized homes surrounded by relatively unscathed trees were the hallmark of the devastating NorCal fires we saw in the Fall of 2018 and in the Carr Fire that same year.

Again, the same eerie images of this anomaly, where upscale suburban homes were cremated, innumerable cars were “toasted” (requiring temperatures exceeding 2500ºF), yet nearby trees just inches away were left intact.

This video shows a still photograph of one such home that was literally sliced in half, as if by some giant precision saw.

It is disturbing to relate reports from people in the region, who have lost everything and who are convinced that Directed Energy Weapons are being deployed against their communities. One rumor circulating from the Q posts claimed it was the State of California that is the perpetrator. The chronically insolvent State, having defied the Federal Government with its Sanctuary City laws that shelter illegal immigrants is being blamed for torching the Redding-Shasta region so that the State could get access to State of Emergency and FEMA funds.

I’m not here just to argue whether or not this footage is true but I do find it significant that so many Americans have so entirely lost faith in the authorities that they believe their homes have been targeted for destruction. This idea is unfathomable, yet the images give the appearance of illustrating these beliefs. And frankly, after 9/11, decades of wars based on lies, the sheer number of mass shootings and cover-ups – and that Mandalay Bay is actually suing 1,000+ shooting victims… one would have to be an idiot to trust the authorities.

In 2017, YouTuber, APlainTruth.Info posted three instances of large laser beams captured by cellphone cameras around the wildfires and INTruthbyGrace posted a video featuring scientific papers about the use of electrical fields for combustion synthesis in metals, aka “Smartfire Technology.”

The latter explains how these fires were being set by masers, the acronym for “microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. When the coherent radiation of atomic beam masers are applied to metals, the released oxides function as accelerants for the creation of fires. This can be done with all kinds of metals, due to the characteristics of their atomic structure (which is why you shouldn’t put metals in a microwave oven). Masers would help explain the toasted cars…

She goes on to explain that most homes in California have terracotta roof tiles, commonly made from clay that gets its red color from iron oxide. When microwaves are applied to terracotta, the iron oxide releases oxygen, which fuels the fires. Significantly, the same cannot be done with trees because there’s no metal in trees to create the oxidizing agent to stoke a fire.

The Carr Fire still raged in Northern California after several days. It killed 6 people, destroying 1,000 homes and damaging 200 more. Eventually 4,000 firemen, with the help California State Prison inmates managed to get the wildfire under control.

The Hutchison Effect

On-the-ground reports from California are surreal. It’s hard to know what to make of them from 3,000 miles away and especially in light of the undeniable correspondences between images we see here and images seen around Ground Zero in Dr. Judy Wood’s book, ‘Where Did the Towers Go?’ where she outlined her hypothesis that Directed Energy Weapons were involved with the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers. This is also what some people are alleging has occurred to cause the wildfires in California.

A subscriber sent Alexandra this video with the message, “I personally went to Santa Rosa and saw all the devastation and spoke to at least 20 construction workers onsite. I asked them if there were any ‘anomalies’ regarding the fires and several said that they’d never seen steel melt, aluminum engine blocks melting, with molten aluminum running into the gutters and that almost all the trees and landscaping were still there.”

The video is from APlaneTruth.Info, who was on a relentless tear, uploading videos and commentary about the Santa Rosa fires, non-stop. The photos show many anomalies but the ones that really give me pause are of the toasted cars. I’m immediately reminded of the work of Dr. Judy Wood. In fact, “toasted cars” was a term coined by Dr. Wood to describe very similar anomalous phenomena found at the scene of Ground Zero and for which she felt that normal words were inadequate, especially a toasted car, flipped upside down in the blast shadow of the Towers’ collapse, next to the offices of Amex.

This video reports that over one dozen cars were flipped over onto their roofs in one night in Santa Rosa! He asks, “What kind of fire flips 3,000 pound cars?” Likewise, what kind of building collapse toasts cars half a mile away, under the FDR?

As for the melted engine blocks mentioned above, Dr. Wood also noted many engine blocks in flames after the Towers’ collapse and she commented, “Is there something attractive about engine blocks? Why not gasoline fuel tanks?”

And as for asking why the trees and wooden structures in California within 5-10 feet of these wildfires are untouched, Dr. Wood had the same question about the piles of office paper surrounding the burning cars at Ground Zero: “Why doesn’t the paper burn?”

Dr. Wood’s hypothetical answer was that a Directed Energy Weapon of some kind was used to powderize (“dustify”) the primary steel and concrete portions of the WTC buildings, while burning and bending aluminum, yet leaving paper and many other materials unharmed.

The flipped cars are the result of levitating electro-magnetic field effects and energy interference described by Canadian inventor, John Hutchison and known as “The Hutchison Effect”.

In 2007, Dr. Wood sued NIST for fraud in the investigation of 9/11 and John Hutchison filed an affidavit to legally testify to the numerous similarities between The Hutchison Effect and the evidence from the 9/11 attacks.

Unfathomable evil was committed on 9/11, which becomes exponentially more evil if Directed Energy Weapons were used. Are we seeing a replay of this evil in California? Terrorism (regardless of who committed it) is not covered by homeowner’s insurance, so we’re told that nobody wants to talk about the laser beams reported and filmed by some.

The video ends with some very dark humor and I’m reminded of how comedy and humor have all but ceased to exist in recent years, having been thoroughly strangulated by PC culture and late-night Trump-bashing.

California Firemen Find Signatures of Directed Energy Weapons

The Camp Fire in Paradise, California began on November 8th of 2018, destroying over 153,000 acres before finally being put out over a month later on December 14th. Over 13,000 homes and hundreds of businesses were destroyed, with more than half of this damage described as occurring within the first four hours.

The anomalies of the Camp Fire were ignored by the mainstream media and were only reported on a handful of independent websites, including

Fires were observed burning at temperatures at least three times hotter than an average house fire; hot enough to melt aluminum and glass, reducing homes to pure ash yet leaving plastic trash cans beside them untouched.

Most of us are familiar with how microwave ovens heat and interact with foods and how this differs from the effects of thermal or convection ovens. We know that plastics are “microwave safe”, whereas metals explode violently when subjected microwaves. The effects of the NorCal fires of the past couple of years have been widely observed to resemble the effects one might expect to see from directed microwave radiation or masers.

Maser is the acronym for “microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. Likewise, laser is the acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. Both masers and lasers are forms of amplified, coherent, electromagnetic radiation and both frequency ranges are used in various Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs). DEWs are a newer class of weapons that are starting to come into wider use.

The SupposedlyShelly YouTube channel interviewed retired California firemen, John Lord and Matt (last name withheld) about the anomalies they’ve observed and both were left to conclude that DEWs were involved. The firemen reported that plastics attached to metal completely melted while plastics standing alone withstood what must have been extraordinary heat. Other investigators observed how guardrails caught fire at the points where the metal bolts connected to the wood. DEWs could produce these effects.

DEWs can:

  • be invisible and inaudible.
  • be immune to gravity, wind and Coriolis forces.
  • travel at light-speed and have near infinite range and thus be suitable for use in space warfare.
  • be land-based, mounted on planes, drones, satellites or Boeing X-37s.
  • have pinpoint accuracy.

One disturbing effect mentioned by the firemen that I hadn’t seen until I saw this video was the anomalous scarring along large swathes of forest, with the rest untouched.

The question of course is why the innocent populace of Paradise would be the target of a diabolical stealth attack using advanced weapons – and by whom?

Rumors swirled about a high-speed railway and gold reserves discovered in the Paradise area but the most pervasive rumors involved the UN’s Agenda 21 action plan and a Globalist plot to declare designated areas unfit for human habitation; to deny property rights, to undermine US sovereignty and to herd any survivors into megacities, with the goal of subjugating humanity to an “eco-totalitarian” regime.

While crazy-sounding and unbelievable, one cannot deny that mainstream media hosts were heard casually discussing whether people should be allowed to rebuild in Paradise.

The missing persons call center for those who were unaccounted for during the Camp Fire was closed down. Butte County officials were able to locate 3,200 people, with three individuals still considered missing, according to the sheriff’s office. Four victims have not yet been named, deputies said. The Camp Fire was the deadliest fire in California’s history, claiming 86 lives.

The Tubbs Fire

At around 9:45 PM on Sunday October 8th, 2017, the Tubbs Fire began in Northern California. And by the time the sun came up, over 1,000 homes were destroyed.

Videos and photographs show how this so-called forest fire seemed to spare the wild and somehow jumped from house to house. CNN reported that the so-called forest fire jumped to the freeway.

Hundreds of photographs show cars with melted trails of aluminum alloys from what must have been an unprecedented amount of power.

The average forest fire burns at 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Aluminum alloys will melt at temperatures between 1,200 and 2,000 degrees. But many of these cars were nowhere near a forest fire. Some cars were flipped over.

David McNew/Getty Images
Eric Risberg/AP Photo

The heat must have been intense. Not only was it able to melt aluminum alloy, but consistently every home that caught fire was leveled to white powdery ash in less than 12 hours.

By October 31st, the Tubbs Fire had destroyed 5,643 buildings. PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric) was found responsible for 16 of the fires; over $10 billion in damages. All of this while producing $1 billion a year in profits for the Rothschild Investment Group.

PG&E warned the public that the fires would not just continue, but will grow larger every season. They warned their investors that future liability will force PG&E into bankruptcy. In June, utility officials told state lawmakers that they needed protection to survive the coming fire season. On August 31st, California state legislature passed a utility bailout bill to protect PG&E, its shareholders and Rothschild Investment.

At sunrise on Thursday, November 8th, the Camp Fire wildfire began in California. It has all the same anomalies as the Tubbs Fire and is already twice as devastating.

Many people are asking the same question: Was this an attack?

In 2003, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and General Richard Myers admit to the development of directed-energy weapons and microwave technology. In 2017, Lockheed Martin shoots drones out of the sky with an invisible laser beam that burns them from the inside out.

The technology exists. The evidence is there. But the motive?

Perhaps it can be found in the United Nations Agenda 21 where in certain areas of the country are proposed to be off limits to human use. It just so happens that these strange California fires seem to all be within the proposed “no human use” areas.

New regulations of insurance policies are preventing homeowners from rebuilding. Meanwhile, they claim this is the new normal and are now claiming it is a phenomenon of global warming.

One thing is for certain: The governor of California has already assured that the people will pay for all of the damages.

More Evidence

A strange and destructive beam of light destroys buildings in Kenner, Louisiana.

Still from a video: it shows a beam of light apparently setting buildings on fire in Kenner, Louisiana.

Dr. Judy Wood was one of the first people to gain notoriety in talking about DEW, when she put forth her excellent and well-founded theory of the dustification of the twin towers in the 9/11 false flag operation.

Wood pointed out the inexplicable lack of solid matter (concrete, steel, other metal, etc.) that should have been found in abundance on the streets on New York below the WTC but which was nowhere to be found. Where did it go? It was turned to dust.

Researcher Jamie Lee who runs Tabu and has recently had his main YouTube channel censored (surprise, surprise), however he is starting a backup channel.

He had many videos up exposing DEW in relation to the Paradise fires, including a video which revealed existing laser technology which “dustifies” metal and easily removes rust from it (while sparing the wood beneath it).

DEW Fires, Not Wildfires

The giveaway clue that DEW was used in Santa Rosa and Paradise is the way that specific homes were burnt along property lines. Some houses were untouched with fresh produce out front, or orange trees in the backyard, next to houses which were razed to the ground.

These “wildfires” left mailboxes, plants, front yards, back yards, eucalyptus trees and other highly flammable things untouched, while somehow neatly and perfectly targeted particular houses, neighborhoods and areas. Are these the most selective “wildfires” in American history?

How can one house burn to the ground while each house on either side remained completely intact? Wildfires obviously don’t do this. Some people were, horribly, killed in their cars. There were reports that as many as 50,000 went missing or died!

Take a look at the images below:

California Wildfires and UN Agenda 2030 Connection

Agenda 2030 (formerly Agenda 21) is the UN agenda to centralize governing power in a One World Government by taking it away from the autonomous nations states of the world.

In California, city officials are suggesting not to rebuild in burnt areas because the area is too fireprone, all the while prohibiting the people from practicing good forest stewardship.

(Some have suggested that the “wildfires” went right through an area where an Agenda 2030 high-speed rail is planned to be built, although that may or may not be the case.)

Land Grab

This appears to be a massive land grab. The plan is open spaces for the rulers and stack-and-pack micro apartments for the masses. Yes, it’s important to care for the environment, but the green movement has been hijacked.

There is an ulterior motive to granting rights to inanimate objects like rocks and rivers, a trend which is happening worldwide since it is part of the NWO agenda as implemented via the UN.

See it happening in New Zealand, India and Ecuador. By granting human-like rights to non-humans, the NWO conspirators plan to thwart the decentralized sovereignty of the people, kick them off the land and force them into human habitat megalopolises.

High Strangeness in Louisiana and New York

Meanwhile, 2 incidents in Louisiana and New York respectively at the end of December 2018 may lead you to wonder what other kinds of exotic laser weapons the government possesses and deploys against its own people.

In Kenner (a small town in Louisiana), massive beams of blue light shot from the sky to set on fire and destroy buildings below! See the video

These beams looked like they were deliberately aimed.

UFOs can be seen too. Are the UFOs causing the destruction or harvesting energy from it? Was it DEW? “Finger of God” plasma rays? Government or alien op? You decide. It’s out-of-this-world footage and usually something one only sees in science fiction films.

In New York, there was a similar but not quite the same event with blue light. In the district of Queens, something turned the sky a weird blue color which emanated across the entire city.

Officials say it was due to a transformer explosion at an electrical substation, which also caused local outages and grounded flights at LaGuardia Airport.

However, as this footage shows, there is much more to the story. See video proof of at least 1 UFO fleeing the area:

What was really going on here?

Conclusion: DEW Your Homework

As the corrupt J. Edgar Hoover once said, the average person is handicapped when coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.
Although he said that in regard to communism, the idea has a deeper meaning. The ordinary person finds it hard to detect it when DEW are openly used. They just believe it when the MSM says “wildfire.”

However, it is an open fact that the US Government has a long history of experimenting upon its own people, e.g. the 1930s Tuskegee syphilis experiments, the 1940s Guatemalan experiments and the 1960s CIA LSD experiments.

With these recent fires in Paradise, California, the evil has sunk to new depths. There is abundant evidence the government used DEW to decimate the area, selectively destroy targets (while leaving other adjacent buildings and even forests intact) and commit mass murder.

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