Did Obama and George Clooney Rape Then Murder This Little Girl?

Did Obama and George Clooney Rape Then Murder This Little Girl?

A picture of former President Barack Obama holding a little girl in his lap has become the subject of various social media claims suggesting the girl was victimized.

A viral version of the claim posted to Facebook on Sept. 13 is a meme of the picture. The president, who has his face turned into the girl’s neck, is described in the meme as a “pedovore.”

The term has origins in QAnon, according to a Twitter hashtag, and is an apparent combination of “pedophile” and “carnivore.”

“Pedovores befriend their prey then restrain them, scare them senseless, hurt them for the release of maximum Adenochrome, then drink the blood from the child while still alive, eventually causing cardiac arrest, after death they consume the child,” the meme says.

The meme is part of another claim posted to Facebook by the same user on the same date. In it, a girl is pictured on a boat with Obama and actor, George Clooney. The caption is simply, “#WWG1WGA.” 

The girl sitting on Obama’s lap in the claim has been reported as niece, Savita Ng, the daughter of Obama’s half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng by leftist “fact-checkers” such as USA Today and Snopes.

Funny thing is, even the left’s fact-checkers have admitted it is not actually known whether the girl on the boat is Obama’s niece.

The picture, dated Dec. 4, 2015, was taken by White House photographer Pete Souza, according to the Obama White House flickr account.

“The President snuggles with his niece Savita Ng after his sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, and her family dropped by the Oval Office,” says the accompanying caption. 

An older picture of Obama with a baby Savita is available on the White House flickr page.

But pictures of the Obama family on a boat ride at Lake Como, Italy with actor George Clooney show a completely different story. Suspended Twitter account @WinstonCovfefe appears to be a source of the theory.

Check out the body language. Who is happy/confident and who is having a “WTF” moment.
Barack Obama looks very annoyed. The young Asian girl doesn’t look good. Just an observation.

There is a little bit of evidence the Ng family joined the Obama’s on the trip. A picture dated June 25, 2019, and geo-tagged “Lake Como, Italy” was posted to the Instagram account of Obama’s brother-in-law, Konrad Ng. It is archived here.

Matteo Bazzi, photographer for Italian news agency ANSA, told AFP News he took the pictures of the Obamas and Clooneys on the boat and said nothing suspicious happened. 

“I was not aware of this gossip,” Bazzi said, according to AFP.

The Little Girl Was Rumored to Have Been Found Raped and Dead

In late 2015, photographs of this little girl tied with duct tape and stuffed into a cardboard box were widely shared on Facebook, causing many people to panic. The person who shared the image said this was a victim of child trafficking..

The photo was shared by a Facebook account named NTH with the following content: “This picture I took from the face of a friend living in Malaysia. Trafficking in children from Malaysia to Thailand! Please be more careful! Now, whoever posts articles that teach me how to find my way home and let me be free, I want to sacrifice a battle! Protecting me is still first, moms!”

From these photos, it can be seen that a girl, only about eight or nine years old, is naked with her hands and feet tied by duct tape. The little girl’s mouth was also covered and blood was still on her face. Around the child is a scene full of garbage and dirt.

According to the information of the person who shared the image, the little girl is a victim of child trafficking. The poor child was drugged by a group of people and tied up then stuffed in a cardboard box with the delivery truck.

“Be careful, moms! Sending children now also reminds mothers often not wrong 1 inch of regret for a lifetime! Looking at this baby will be saved, it will also have a strong psychological shock, I don’t know if it will haunt me later. how?” Facebook NTH warned.

After only one day of being shared on the personal Facebook page of Vietnamese network users, these photos attracted hundreds of likes and special attention from the online community. Most people expressed their displeasure at the barbaric and inhuman act of the person who abused the child. Others with young children were even more confused and scared.

“Oh, looking at it, I can’t help it. My child was born with a heart, but was treated cruelly by these people. Why is it getting worse and worse,” commented one net user. Another facebook with small children also expressed wildness. Mang: “It’s too scary. You have to be careful with the kids, pay attention and warn a lot to be wary of the bad guys”.

The child was reportedly identified as Putri Nur Fauziah.

Through research, it is known that the victim is only 9 years old. Local media reported that the child’s body was found on Friday (October 2, 2015) in the Kalideres district, west of Jakarta, Indonesia. The child was reportedly identified as Putri Nur Fauziah, the third child of the couple Asep Saepuloh and Ida Fitriyani. Putri was kidnapped after school.

When discovered, the child had been dead for about 4 hours. Putri’s body was completely naked, with many cuts and bruises on the body, genitals and anus showing signs of abuse. Police also found in the box some clothes believed to belong to her.

Currently, the whereabouts of the group of people who committed the crime with the baby is still unknown according to local authorities.

The Truth

The truth is that this story has not been fully verified and while there does not appear to be enough evidence (Maybe I just haven’t found it yet) to claim if this theory is true or not, the timing, dates are very suspicious.

Not only that, there is quite a lot of evidence tying Barack Obama to the pro-sex trafficking ideology of the left.

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As far as Clooney goes, he is a highly suspected child predator and was one of the many celebrities whom traveled to Epstein island on multiple occasions.

Ghislaine Maxwell has even boasted about some her sexual conquests with him.

From news outlet Page Six:

“Ghislaine Maxwell was “giddy as a schoolgirl” after performing oral sex on actor George Clooney in a bathroom at a show business event, according to a report Friday.

Maxwell — Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend who now faces sex-trafficking charges — boasted about the sexual conquest to one of their alleged victims, Virginia Giuffre, as the women traveled together in the 2000s, according to the UK Sun, which cited court documents.

“One [time] she came back giddy as a schoolgirl with an explosion of news, with all the build up and excitement in her voice you’d think she was the next crown princess,” Giuffre wrote of Maxwell in her book, which was unsealed by a New York judge last week.

“But she had given George Clooney a b–w j-b in the bathroom at some random event. … She never let that one down.”

In her 139-page manuscript, “The Billionaire’s Playboy Club,” Giuffre writes that Maxwell “loved to brag about her rendezvous with various lovers.”

It wasn’t clear where or when the reported sexual encounter happened, but Maxwell boasted about performing the sex act on the star in a restroom as the pair took a trip in 2001, the paper reported last year.

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