‘Black Goo’: Also Known as Graphene Oxide and Ferrofluid

‘Black Goo’: Also Known as Graphene Oxide and Ferrofluid

What many in the conspiracy theory community often call ‘Black Goo‘ is generally known as Graphene Oxide or Ferrofluid. This poisonous substance has flown under the radar for 160 years. It’s one of the the main ingredients in DARPA Hydrogels (graphene oxide chips that connect with smart devices, the cloud and AI).

Black Goo/Graphene Oxide is secretly added to everyday items including the COVID-19 vaccinations (listed in the patent). The ingredients are kept hidden under the title “trade secret”. 

Black Goo/Graphene Oxide Is a Super Conductor

Graphene Oxide is a superconductor of electricity. It comes from Graphite, a natural form of carbon. It is exfoliated to create Graphene and then oxidized to create Graphene Oxide.

Coal, also known as Graphite.

Graphene oxide causes DNA damage, oxidative stress, inflammatory response, cell death (necrosis) and other effects such as physical destruction. While it can be a useful substance and even provide quite a lot of entertainment, it is not USA FDA approved for consumption.

Black Goo/Graphene Oxide/Ferrofluid

Graphene Oxide (Ferrofluid) contaminates many things such as air, food, water, face masks, and medications, but more importantly, in vaccines and—in particular—all of the COVID vaccines.

Graphene Oxide is a highly conductive, unique genome substance. It is used to power, coordinate or organize various technologies. Some research suggests it can be used to control the human brain/nervous system as well.

Research from La Quinta Columna States Graphene Oxide (Ferrofluid) is Found In Many Products:

  • In addition to saline bag solutions, the COVID vaccines, flu shot, meat, teas, cereals, chamomile, lactose-free milk, cookies, and cocoa contain Graphene Oxide. Some of these products, such as bags of saline solution, have patents on file with graphene oxide listed. Graphene is also used in water purification. These uses are found in patents and scientific papers.
  • Graphene Oxide is also found in rainwater in the Canary Islands, most likely due to chemtrails. It is also found in hydrogels and all cosmetics, creams and moisturizers, sunscreen, tobacco, and electronic cigarettes, PCR tests manufactured by NanoGrafi, masks, and antigen tests. Refer Graphene Flagship. Graphene is the only component of graphite. It has an atom-thick layer of carbon atoms in hexagons which has intrigued many businesses and researchers globally.

Many Companies Produce Graphene-Composite Products.

  • Shanghai’s Power Booster Technology: Graphene pliable touch screens for cell phones. Siren technology security innovative packaging: graphene-composite ink named Vorbeck materials.
  • Graphene oxide is in food packaging. Mixed with biopolymers with a gelatin base, they make packaging that is stable in light and temperature that reduce bacterial growth.      
  • Biosensors enable early cancer detection in the human body.
  • Filtering sieves used to remove salt and mineral substances from salty water contain graphene.
  • Composite materials that are graphene-improved, especially in the sports gear sector.
  • Graphene is used in bicycle wheels, i.e. Vittoria to reduce puncture, accelerate lateral stiffness and help in heat transfer.
  • Bicycle helmets contain Graphene i.e. Catlike and Mixino produce graphene helmets to improve ventilation and safety features and make them lightweights.
  • Tennis rackets; by YouTek produced Graphene Speed Series in 2013.
  • Skis by HEAD launched its new line of Joy, graphene-improved lightweight skis exclusively for women.
  • Fishing rods i.e. UK brand Graphex
  • Graphene is also found in earphones and headphones to improve audio.
  • Rubber shoes can contain graphene to improve comfort.
  • In foods, graphene is found in roasted meat burnt on a barbecue and in-plant charcoal, which is found in the gripe water used to relieve colic and stomach discomforts and ailments in infants.

What Is a Genome?

A genome is all the genetic information of an organism. It consists of nucleotide sequences of DNA (or RNA in RNA viruses). The genome includes both the genes (the coding regions) and the noncoding DNA and mitochondrial DNA and chloroplast DNA. 

Injecting ‘Black Goo’ via Vaccines

The primary method of which Graphene Oxide aka Black Goo is inserted into the body is via injection. To a lesser degree, it can be inhaled, ingested, and absorbed via the skin.

Others get it during their five-year vaccines. Adults get it through flu vaccines, boosters, and allergy shots. The sides effects and symptoms can arise quickly or manifest many years later.

Example: The Travis Scott Astroworld Tour In Houston, Texas

Days after the Astroworld tragedy, conspiracy theories surrounding the death of eight concert goers kept surfacing. One claim suggested that Graphene Oxide present in the COVID-19 vaccinated people controlled and killed the victims was said to be baseless by certain “fact-checkers” like Reuters but here at OP, we like to keep an open mind. Also, I’m not being paid off to push anyone’s agenda so I love diving in to theories, especially when convincing evidence is actually presented.

So eight people died and several others were injured during that fateful Travis Scott concert.

Several posts on multiple social media platforms spoke about graphene oxide as the possible cause of death at the concert. The theory suggested that the victims died when the frequency of the music activated Graphene Oxide in their COVID-19 vaccinated bodies.

The users also posted videos allegedly showing ‘graphene oxide’s reactions to various music frequencies.’

“Get off your phone Zoomer zombie brains are fried by graphene oxide. You should see how non newtonian liquids react to sound waves,” tweeted a user along with a video.

“Graphene Oxide and its reaction to different frequency. Think about that Travis Scott concert,” wrote another user while sharing a video of a black liquid moving in a glass container as loud music is heard in the background.

The vaccine has graphene oxide in it—Cram a bunch of vaccinated kids Together activate the graphene by playing some low vibration AUTO-TUNED frequencies see how many vaccinated kids pass out have seizures or go into cardiac arrest—it’s that simple. #AstroWorld #ASTROWORLDFest https://t.co/DXXuFshKNr

— 0cTiASaltyArmyKEK“Ouris LEGION” (@GEMINiTwin2wist) November 10, 2021

“WHAT HAPPENED AT THE TRAVIS SCOTT CONCERT? They’re practicing!! Once they put graphene oxide in you, all they have to do is TUNE THE FREQUENCY!! […] As others have said this is a test run on the vaxxed,” read a post on Facebook.

PAY ATTENTION—these were vaccine deaths …they were also blood sacrifices —it’s all connected #WakeUp #ASTROWORLDFest #AstroWorld

Still don’t believe me? Research the graphene oxide in MRNA vaccines and check out what happens when low vibration frequencies activate it! https://t.co/p9VrDrtutG

— 0cTViASaltyArmyKEK“Ouris LEGION” (@GEMINiTwin2wist) November 8, 2021

The Truth?

The original theory about COVID-19 vaccine containing 99 percent graphene oxide, a poisonous substance, was reportedly floated by a Spanish professor, Pablo Campra Madrid.

Madrid, a professor of the University of Almería (UAL), said that he analyzed samples out of a Pfizer-BioNTech vial of “unknown origin”, sent to him through a ‘messenger service’. Dissing his theory, the University of Almeria tweeted about the “unofficial report by a university professor about an analysis of a sample of unknown origin with a total lack of traceability.”

“It was a “report that this university neither subscribes to nor shares, as the report itself warns,” it stated. Pfizer’s Senior Associate of Global Media Relations also claimed that graphene oxide is not used in the manufacture of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

Reuters believes they have debunked the theory, saying that ferrofluids is being dubbed as Graphene Oxide in viral posts.

Speaking to the outlet, DAKD Jung, creator of the “ferro audio visualizer,” said that his “visualizer is an electromagnet that moves a ferrofluid”, a magnetic substance.

Ferrofluids Can Be Absorbed by Graphene Oxide

According to a patent filed in 2014 by the Baker Hughes Corporation, magnetic fluids such as ferrofluids can actually be absorbed by Graphene Oxide to give the particles some thermal heating.

It reads:

“Magnetic materials, such as ferrofluids, are known to produce large amounts of heat per unit volume. Other magnetic materials include iron, iron oxide, iron carbide, iron nitride, cobalt-nickel alloy, iron-platinum alloy, cobalt-platinum alloy, iron-molybdenum alloy, iron-palladium alloy, cobalt ferrite, and combinations thereof. These magnetic materials may be absorbed onto a graphene-like component or may be encapsulated by a graphene-like component to give thermal particles. These thermal particles may in turn be suspended in a carrier fluid such as water and/or brine to give a heat transfer fluid that may be used for the dissipation of heat in downhole and subterranean environments, particularly for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) processes, including, but not necessarily limited to, carbon dioxide (CO2) flooding and alternatives to steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD). The magnetic materials may be excited by induction heating.”

Justia Patents

It’s Still Sorta Cool

You can actually make magnetic goo that functions similar to lab-created ferrofluids out of some pretty simple materials.


  • 4 ounces glue
  • ⅓ cup water
  • 2 tablespoons iron oxide
  • ½ cup liquid starch
  • Neodymium magnets


  1. In a large bowl, pour 4 ounces of glue.
  2. Carefully pour ⅓ cup of water into glue container. Place cap onto your glue container and shake. Open container and pour the glue and water mixture into large bowl with glue.
  3. Add 2 tablespoons of iron oxide to mixture and mix all ingredients thoroughly.
  4. Add ½ cup of liquid starch to mixture.
  5. Combine ingredients until the mixture becomes stringy, kneading goo to thoroughly combine the mixture.
  6. Use strong magnets to interact with magnetic goo.
  7. Store in an airtight container and add water to keep moist.

By the way, here’s a cool Ferrofluid/Graphene Oxide/ Black Goo speaker lamp you can pre-order online. Not gonna lie, I want one. Having this stuff in a cool decoration on my desk would nice. Having this incredibly deadly and toxic substance in my body is not..

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