Nick Gauthier: Doctor, Father, and Vaccine Victim

Nick Gauthier: Doctor, Father, and Vaccine Victim

In August 2019, Nick Gauthier was a healthy 33 year old doctor (audiologist), former firefighter and father of three, who recently moved to Texas from Michigan with his family. Although Nick and Andrea stopped vaccinating their children after they saw adverse effects, Nick was required to get a Tdap vaccine for his new position at Fort Hood.

Before his injury, he was active and healthy.

Nick got the vaccine on August 19th and was hospitalized on August 23rd with loss of feeling in his legs and right hand. He was diagnosed with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), transverse myelitis, and sensorineural hearing loss.

A team of over 40 doctors was involved in Nick’s care; but none could say if his condition is temporary or permanent. However It has been verified that Nick’s condition was a reaction to the vaccine.

On August 28th, Nick started Plasmapheresis (every other day for two weeks) in an attempt to remove antibodies. On August 29th, Nick’s neurology team gave him a medical exemption from all future vaccines.

This is Nick’s Story in his own words:

“On August 19th 2019, I received a TDAP for in processing to a new position at a hospital. That night I began to feel as though my left foot had fallen asleep. I went to take a shower and the water hitting my left leg felt like fire.

Symptoms continued to progress. Now the left side of my body feels like it is on fire 24/7. It is extremely sensitive to touch and temperature changes. My right leg and right arm are numb and weak. I have severe neck pain, lower back pain and headaches. I’ve lost the ability to feel my penis and can not feel urination. I am constantly lightheaded and dizzy. I lost over 20dB of low frequency hearing in my right ear. I have had multiple falls which has caused severe anxiety.

I have been admitted into the hospital 3 times. I’ve had 3 rounds of IV steroids, 7 rounds of plex, 1 round IV antibiotics, multiple lumbar punctures, MRIs, CTs, XRays and other procedures. My working diagnosis is ADEM and Transverse myelitis from the vaccine.

I went from being a very active dad and healthcare provider to needing a cane to walk and being in constant pain. I may never be able to work again.

Nick was injured on the job working as a doctor of audiology in August of 2019. The injury damaged his brain, brain stem, and spinal cord. Nick was 33 years old at the time of injury. He was 190 lbs, 6ft2, athletic, soccer coaching, soccer playing dad. Nick ate mostly organic, was a non-smoker, former firefighter. Nick was is great shape and was on no medications.

Stay up to date with Nick’s progress through his website BraveLikeNick.

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